Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Have Bisexual Romance Options

File this one under: "long overdue, but still great news."

After a leak in June, Nintendo has confirmed to USGamer that its upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses will offer same-sex romance options for players. While they remain tight-lipped on who these characters are, the news undoubtedly comes as a great relief to many players.

The initial leak purported that female protagonists could romance Edelgard, Mercedes, Dorothea, Sothis, and Rhea. Meanwhile, male protagonists would only be given the option of Linhardt, as far as same-sex options go. While this is definitely a step in the right direction, it's far from equal, and gamers craving a bit more representation will undoubtedly be left wanting more.

Via youtube.com - Nintendo

Still, it's worth mentioning that those specific characters are part of a leak, and not officially confirmed by Nintendo. There's a possibility that more options will be available for male characters upon release, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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Some fans aren't content with just waiting, however, and have taken matters into their own hands - such as the mod effort, Fire Emblem Gay Fates & Awakening. Headed up by Twitter user MerillLianneE, the mod seeks to give players more diversity of choices when it comes to their potential romantic conquests in the hit Nintendo 3DS titles. The project is updated regularly and is well worth checking out for fans left wanting a little more from the beloved SRPG titles.

Hopefully, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will give players enough choices that they don't have to go through the extensive modding process. Initial impressions of the game seem to be positive so far, and if Intelligent Systems can nail down some solid representation, the franchise's return to home consoles will be a true watershed moment for the franchise.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses hits the Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

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