Fire Emblem: Three House's Death Knight is Hot And Twitter is Freaking Out

Fire Emblem: Three House's Death Knight is Hot And Twitter is Freaking Out.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Wave 3 DLC update dropped last week, bringing new content to the popular and beloved RPG. While some were disappointed by some discrepancies in what functions people believed would be added and what was eventually implemented, one new addition to the game has people...conflictingly excited, to say the least.


The latest free DLC update saw the addition of a new playable unit, Jeritza - a character who had previously been in the game as an NPC. Though he's first introduced as a mysterious new faculty member at the Officers Academy, he's later revealed to be both the ominous and violent Death Knight as well as student Mercedes' younger half-brother.

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As he's now a playable character, Byleth can interact with him just like other characters, such as by inviting him to tea or cooking with him. He can also perform as a unit on the battlefield, but only in the Crimson Flower route. Jeritza even has support conversations with Byleth and Mercedes that reveal key details about his past.

Rumors that Jertiza would be added as a playable character leaked in a Famitsu article back in September, so perceptive fans weren't surprised by his addition to the game. However, what no one could have anticipated is the stunning revelation that Jertiza, the Death Knight himself, is actually...pretty hot?

Almost immediately after the DLC dropped, Twitter exploded with Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans sharing photos of the character without his signature mask. Tweets flooded in with users expressing their shock over the attractiveness of the character, as well as declaring their newfound love for him.

Fans were also shocked to discover that the usually stoic and intimidating figure was secretly a huge softie, with a fondness for cats, sweets, and his big sister.

Additionally exciting was the discovery that Jertiza could reach an S-rank support romance with both Female and Male Byleth avatars, making Jertiza only the third male character (after Lindhart and Alois) to achieve an S-rank support ending. Given fans' previously voiced disappointment over the lack of same-sex marriage endings for the Male Byleth avatar, many were thrilled to see that Jeritza could end up with both Byleth avatars.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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