Fire Emblem: Three Houses: How To Hack Same-Sex Marriages Into Your Game

When Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Three Houses was released this past summer, fans were overjoyed to see the inclusion of queer romance options in the game. However, while these same-sex romances existed, they were still limited, with the majority of the characters only able to pursue a romantic relationship with partners of the opposite sex. Luckily, one clever fan has figured out a way to hack the system, giving Three Houses players everywhere a chance to gay marry their faves.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players can choose to marry another character by achieving an S-Rank Support with them, a level that's gained by earning enough support points with said character; however, depending on their avatar's gender, certain characters are unavailable for romance. Currently, the game only features a few characters with same-sex romance options. Female Byleth can only achieve an S-Rank Support with fellow female characters Edelgard, Dorothea, Mercedes, Rhea, and Sothis; while Male Byleth can only achieve an S-Rank Support with fellow male characters Alois and Linhardt. All other characters are only romanceable if the player is using an avatar that is the opposite of the gender of the character they hope to end up with.

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Luckily, that no longer needs to be the case. GPAtemp forum user Ningyoplug recently posted to the "Fire Emblem: Three Houses General Hacking" thread detailing how they were able to get their Male Byleth avatar to marry Claude, a character who only Female Byleth can achieve an S-Rank Support with. Along with instructions, Ningyoplug also posted several videos, illustrating what the final hacked result would look like, as well as assurance that the hack had been tested on a handful of other characters.

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Essentially, Ningyoplug's hack utilizes the save editor to trick the game into thinking the player is using the Byleth avatar of a different gender, allowing them to marry whomever they want. It's not a perfect hack, but it does result in a beautiful scene with your chosen avatar and same-sex lover proposing to you, ring and all.

[How to Hack Same-Sex Marriages]

1. Save before the final choice of who to S-support, then open that save in the save editor.

2. Export your Male Byleth's character file

3. Open the file in HxD, go to 0x24 and change that byte from 00 (Male Byleth) to 01 (Female Byleth).

4. Import the file back into your save, overwriting Male Byleth. Now, you have Female Byleth.

5. Open the game and choose who you want to gay marry, then save again.

6. In the save editor, import your male Byleth back into the new save, overwriting female Byleth.

Now continue playing normally, and go marry your fave after the war regardless of gender!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: GBAtemp

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