10 Hilarious Fire Emblem: Three Houses Memes Only True Fans Understand

Fire Emblem: Three Houses just released last month and so far, everyone seems to be loving it. Of course, with everything that people love, the fans are going to make memes about it to share amongst each other for a good chuckle. The game is extremely character-oriented and as such, many of the memes that the fans create are about character’s personalities, how they react to things, and how they interact with each other.

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It should be said though that many of these memes have major spoilers for the story, so read at your peril! Without further ado, here are ten great Fire Emblem: Three Houses memes for your enjoyment!

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10 Here’s Edelgard!

At first glance, the reference being made here is clear. This scene is a rather nice re-drawing of the iconic scene from Stephen King’s The Shining movie adaptation starring Jack Nicholson as Jack and Shelly Duvall as his wife Wendy.

Jack has gone insane and is trying to kill Wendy, who is locked in the bathroom. He plunges his ax through the door, peeks through and screams, “Here’s Johnny!”

It fits perfectly with the traitorous Edelgard, as she hunts down those with the crest. She even wields a halberd with an ax blade! Between the art and the parallels, it is a grade-A image.

9 School Is In Session

In this meme, we see Byleth, the stand-in for you, the player. Chosen as a teacher, you get to decide what to teach your students as they study under your tutelage. In the background we see Edelgard looking quite disappointed, while her fellow Black Eagle House member Caspar looks on with glowing admiration as Byleth declares that the day’s lesson will be about punching dragons.

Carrying a skateboard, sporting sunglasses, and having a foot propped up on a backward chair, Byleth has the classic, “cool guy/teacher” look. Given how the teaching mechanic works in the game, you can imagine this Byleth has raised his class’s enthusiasm through the roof.

8 My Fire Emblem Academia

Fire Emblem is a series loved by many. As with any beloved series, there are some high expectations coming along with any new release. However, sometimes those expectations don’t always match up with reality. With the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, everyone was worried that they'd get more of Fire Emblem Fates which heavily featured the hero swooning over cute anime girls (or waifus, as they’re referred to in the vernacular).

Instead, they were pleasantly surprised with a high school simulator where you train a class of young hopefuls to be strong heroes, much like My Hero Academia, a rather popular anime.

7 An Aristocrat of What...?

Here we see an adorable drawing of Byleth and Edelgard, the leader of the Black Eagle house, engaged in conversation. Byleth is questioning Edelgard about her occupation, which she announces herself to be an aristocrat. When Byleth tries to dig deeper, Edelgard holds up her trusty ax with what can only be described as an adorable murder face.

Anyone who has seen her in action understands that Edelgard certainly knows how to wield her weapon. Never discount a cute girl in a fantasy world, she just might hack you to bits!

6 What Would You Do?

Everyone has different personalities and those differences make us react to situations in different ways. In this meme, the situation is a child crying on the bus. Then we have many of the game's characters and what they would do in that scenario. Marianne, who is completely like Eeyore, rolls her eyes.

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Claude and Raphael are both good people and try to make faces to stop the child from crying. Leonie is a squire who has an unbreakable focus and determination, thus she just turns her headphones up and ignores the kid. Ignatz and Lysithea have their own things going on and don’t notice or care. Lorenz, with his rude uptightness, caused this issue, all while Hilda, enjoys the crying in silence, like the murder princess she is.

5 What Would You Do? Part 2

We have another scenario and another chart predicting the characters' reactions to a situation. The scenario is being stuck in a car with kids chanting for McDonald’s. At the top point of the triangular chart is a section labeled, “We have food at home.” Camped here are Hubert, Dimitri, Petra, Raphael, and Linhardt. The bottom right point is chanting right along with the kids as they head to the drive-thru. Placed here we have Dorothea, Caspar, Sylvain, Ashe, and Leonie.

The bottom left has only Felix, Ingrid, and Lysithea with them pulling to the drive-thru, ordering a black coffee, and leaving. Clearly, whoever made this chart knows the characters super well.

4 Awkward...

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you play as Byleth, a teacher. You’re responsible for teaching your class all of the skills and expertise they’ll need to be heroes and warriors. Every month that passes in the game, you and the class go on a mission together.

However, these aren’t exactly field trips to the museum; these are dangerous outings and there's a possibility your students can die. Combine that with the permanent death system and well, it's a good thing that there aren't any parent-teacher conferences in the game. That would be a seriously awkward and hard conversation.

3 Ouch!

This epic shutdown has been kicking around the Internet for a long time. While it may make somebody cringe, a small edit is enough to bring out the humor. On the side of the grey text (the one trying to be sweet) is Sylvain. The classic portrayal of the super flirty guy that hits on all the girls.

Usually, this sort of character is often rejected in hilarious ways and this time is no different. On the side of the green text is Ingrid, the epitome of the hyper-focused character who refuses to make time for anything besides her studies. This makes her blunt, no-nonsense, and as seen here, a little mean.

2 Get On The Fridge!

This is an odd one. Here is a small comic, only two panels, that depicts the female version of Byleth (like the player’s character, you can choose between a male and a female) growing irritated and demanding that Dimitri climb on top of the fridge. Dimitri does as he is told all while screaming his protests.

The characters are depicted as they were after the five-year time skip that occurs after the first chapter. It’s just weird and that's kinda why it's so funny! Why is Byleth telling Dimitri to get on a fridge? What did he do to deserve such a punishment? We’ll never know, but at least we’ll have a good laugh about it.

1 Triggered!

This one is simple, and in its simplicity is the laugh factor. The pun helps as well. While Edelgard does not react to the Colgate logo, she is absolutely triggered by Crest, complete with lens-flare eyes and a red filter.

This, of course, is a reference to her near-fanatical mission to rid the world of crests (the gifts people possess that help them in battle, not the toothpaste) as she’s convinced that they’re curses rather than blessings. Either way, it is safe to say that while nine out of ten dentists recommend Crest toothpaste, Edelgard prefers Colgate.

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