The Officers Academy From Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is Just Hogwarts In Disguise

The best Harry Potter RPG is finally out - but it's actually in the form of a Fire Emblem game. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been out for over a month now, and fans can't help but notice the similarities between the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery and a certain famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's no secret that the Harry Potter franchise has never figured out how to best translate their beloved magical universe to video game screens; but thanks to Three Houses, fans finally have the chance to explore a school that's basically Hogwarts, complete with color-coded houses, romance at the ball, and a massive school all for specialized fantasy training.

Wait, Where's Slytherin? 

First off - the houses. Each of the three houses in the Officers Academy is unique, with a name, a signature color, house characteristics, and their own student leader. Given what makes each house special, there are some clear parallels to the houses at Hogwarts. The Golden Deer house is definitely Hufflepuff: it's yellow, the students value hard work and loyalty (especially regarding Lysithea's dedication and Raphael's love for his sister) and Claude's easygoing yet fair nature totally gives off Cedric Diggory vibes. The Blue Lions house is Ravenclaw: they're blue, the students are incredibly smart and witty (especially regarding Annette's work ethic and Sylvain's flirting skills), and Dimitri's dedication to sharing his skills by teaching sword-fighting to children is wholly in line with Ravenclaw's emphasis on knowledge. Which means the Black Eagles House is Gryffindor: they're red, the students are brave and chivalrous (especially regarding Petra's fearlessness and Ferdinand's obsession with nobility), and Edelgard is not unlike a certain lightning-scarred boy who has the potential to use their immense amount of power to save the world or destroy it.

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Romance in the House

Harry Potter first introduces us to the romantic desires of its characters in The Goblet of Fire, when everyone's preparing for the Yule Ball. In Three Houses, you, playing as protagonist Byleth, have the option to achieve an S-class romance with one of the characters; and the first time you start thinking about that special someone it happens on the night of the - you guessed it - the Officers Academy's annual ball. The ball features many parallels between its wizarding counterpart, particularly in the emphasis both schools place on dancing - in The Goblet of Fire, the students are required to take dance lessons in preparation, while in Three Houses a special competition is held to determine which house has the best dancer. And, of course, the dates - while preparing for the annual ball, other characters can be heard talking about how excited they are and who they plan on dancing with.

That Castle is Definitely Hogwarts

Hogwarts is a massive and mysterious castle, complete with an elegant dining hall, knowledge-filled libraries, a greenhouse to harvest magical plants, classrooms with chalkboards and wooden desks, training grounds where students can practice their magic and special skills, cats and owls freely roaming around, and an authority figure who definitely knows a ton more about the protagonist than they'll let on. The Officers Academy... has all of that too. Just look at these photos!

While we have yet to get that dream Harry Potter RPG we've always wanted, Fire Emblem: Three Houses fills nearly all the boxes when it comes to providing a virtual Hogwarts. Now that the Officers Academy has received so much praise for its execution, perhaps there's a chance we'll see a proper game set in the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

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