Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Ranking Every Master Class From Worst To Best

Master Classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses represent the pinnacle potential for students and professors to obtain in combat. It takes quite a bit of grinding, planning, and preparation for any recruit to reach these endgame classes and it pays to know which ones are the best to shoot for.

Being a tactical game that relies upon individuals cooperating to take down the enemy the best classes to use depend on who your recruits are and what strategies you like to utilize. But here is a ranking of the master classes based on how much fans like to use them and overall strength and versatility.

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9 Falcon Knight

While Falcon Knights are one of the coolest classes on the list (who doesn’t like a knight on a flying horse) it’s arguably one of the least versatile and useful classes. Falcon Knight specialize in avoiding damage thanks to their high speed and perks to avoidance in combat.

But when it comes to dishing out damage, they’re a bit lacking. Falcon Knights are great for hit and run tactics, quickly responding to threats, or simply keeping the enemy occupied while a heavy hitter takes their time to arrive. Yet when it comes to actually putting the opponent on the ground Falcon Knights need some help.

8 Holy Knight

Holy Knights are essentially highly skilled white magic users who got sick of walking. The horse provides them great maneuverability so they can react to situations quickly and provide healing and support. This makes them very useful in a team, but on their own they’re a little exposed.

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The Holy Knight’s main objective is to revitalize allies and then beat a hasty retreat before the enemy takes an interest. They have a few offensive spells, but they are by no means offensive characters. You should absolutely have a Holy Knight among your ranks, but an army of only Holy Knights wouldn’t be very effective.

7 Dark Knight

Surprisingly the forces of darkness are a bit stronger than that of light. The Dark Knight is a black magic user who uses a horse to move around the battlefield. Their main goal is to cast destructive and debilitating spells and the horse enables them to dart in, cast the spell, and then dart out.

Another reason they rank a bit higher than their holy counterpart is because of their Master Ability Seal Resistance, which causes enemies that suffer damage by their hands to lose resistance, making them more susceptible to further black magic assaults. They’re not very durable on their own, but you can do some serious damage with these shadowy riders.

6 War Master

War Masters are damage dealers plain and simple. These brutes wade onto the battlefield swinging weapons and dealing impressive damage with high critical hit chance boosts, axe and brawl attack boosts, and a brutal Combat Art that smacks any enemy with lethal efficiency.

The only reason they don’t rank higher is because they suffer from being glass cannons, which is typically bad for melee fighters. Their goal is to take down the enemy as quickly as possible before they can retaliate, which isn’t always a great strategy. If they have a healer next to them then they’re ferocious, but alone they're a bit vulnerable if the enemy survives their initial assault.

5 Bow Knight

For some players Bow Knights are the pinnacle fighters in any army and wreak horrific destruction from afar. These mighty archers sit astride fast horses that enable them to dart in and out of range or quickly chase down flying foes or distant mages.

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But for some reason their speed stat suffers a little as they grow into this class and i the primary reason they don’t rank higher. They also don’t have nearly as many bonuses, combat arts, or perks that the other classes have. The fact that they rank this high based solely on their stats and usefulness alone is impressive, but they definitely feel like standard warriors compared to the epic heroes higher on this list.

4 Great Knight

Great Knight are essentially Fortress Knights who swapped some of their armor for a horse. These tanks can respond much faster to threats which makes them a highly mobile wall on the battlefield. On top of the high levels of defense and deep health pool are bonuses to attack when using lances or axes which allow them to be dangerous on offense as well.

Generally speaking these are the warriors you want front and center to protect your archers and magic users. But even without those units providing backup Great Knights can hold their own for a long time on the battlefield.

3 Mortal Savant

Mortal Savants are one of the most versatile classes in the game. Experts in both swords and magic they have a good balance of stats and can be dangerous up close and personal with their sword or cause mischief from afar with their magic.

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When compared directly to a sword fighter or a magic user they honestly don’t hold a candle and are less valuable in a team setting. But given their versatility and adaptiveness in combat they can handle many situations a more straight forward class might not on their own. Not to mention their Master Ability Warding Blow gives them a resistance boost when initiating combat which makes them great mage killers.

2 Wyvern Lord

Wyvern Lords are the undisputed champions of the sky. They are experts at avoiding damage, but unlike the Falcon Knight can dish it out with a bonus to axe damage and solid stats. Think of this class as a War Master on the back of a dragon and you have some idea of what they’re capable of.

They don’t have a lot going for them in terms of defense, but their mobility and high speed will get them out of any dangerous situations. These are definitely hit and run fighters and can be extremely annoying for your foes when they’re trying to land a hit.

1 Gremory

Gremories are the experts in all forms of magic, all other classes bow down to the Gremory’s incredible understanding of the arcane, divine, and occult. They have the staggering ability to double the number of uses when wielding black, dark, and white magic.

This means they can deliver twice the amount of meteors over the course of battle when compared to any other magic user and Double Warp is immensely helpful for logistics. When it comes to straight magical force, the Gremory is supreme and the versatility and power of their spells will lay waste to any foe they face.

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