A Fire Emblem: Three Houses Voice Actor Is Serving Up Memes In Character

When a Fire Emblem: Three Houses voice actor found out his character was being meme'd, he decided to make it canon.

You can't have gaming in this day and age without memes. Really you can't have anything without memes, which has lead to companies and public figures trying to leverage meme culture into some sort of free advertising. The results are mixed, with many corporate meme attempts feeling like terrible dad jokes. Sometimes, however, it comes across perfectly. Such as when a voice actor for a major Nintendo game decides to voice memes in character.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been out for over a week now, giving fans some time to digest the setting and its characters. One of the more notable characters is Seteth, a higher-up in the Church of Seiros. Seteth has risen to meme status because of two defining aspects of his personality– his uptight attitude and overprotective doting on his sister Flayn. He also happens to be a frequent quest giver, giving way to a meme template based on his out-of-touch father vibe.

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The Seteth memes all follow this general premise, that he misunderstands some new trend the students are caught up on. Often it's some sort of internet reference, terminology he mistakes for its literal meaning like the whip above. These have caught on all over social media, to the point that a certain voice actor took notice and decided to participate.

That's Mark Whitten, who voices Seteth in the English version of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. After discovering the meme, Whitten took to Twitter to give his in-character readings of some of his favorite Seteth meme quests. The one above is particularly great because it references yet another Three Houses meme where Claude started a secret Minecraft server using the school's equipment. If he wanted to impress the Fire Emblem community, he picked the right meme to do it with.

Equally great is this one, where Seteth becomes trapped at a McDonald's PlayPlace.

In case you need a visual for this dire situation, a fan gave their rendering of the poor, trapped Seteth and Flayn.

Hopefully their fries didn't get cold while they were trapped. That would truly be the worst.

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