Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The 10 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

There are a lot of weapons to choose from in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and it can be hard at times to decide which is the most powerful weapon for your warriors to wield in battle. This is also complicated by the fact that some classes have dual weapon proficiencies, like the Great Knight getting bonuses from both axes and lances.

Ideally you should pick whichever weapon your classes have a proficiency in, but when it comes to the best weapons in the game there are some clear standouts, with a very surprising winner.

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10 Failnaught

The only bow on this list is the powerful Failnaught. It’s a great ranged weapon with 18 might, 75 hit chance, 20 critical, and 2-3 range. This bow is the weapon of choice for Claude as it enables the perk granted by the Crest of Riegan which can sometimes heal the wielder 30% of the damage dealt when using combat arts.

The reason this doesn’t rank higher is because it’s has a terrible durability of 20 and melee classes are just stronger in this game. If you have Claude, use this weapon, but you definitely need something else for your Fortress Knights.

9 Crusher

The Crusher axe has a great special effect that causes it to deal magic damage instead of physical. This is great for non-magical melee fighters who are likely going up against foes with minimal resistance to magic attacks.

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It’s hit chance at 60 is fairly high and the 18 might is not too shabby. It has an abysmal durability at 20, if this were higher this axe would easily be higher on the list. Instead, you’ll have to account for that low durability when outfitting your characters.

8 Hauteclere

The Hauteclere axe doesn’t have any special effects or perks, but it does have some impressive stats that make it a strong weapon. It has a 19 might stat, which is not the strongest of the axes but is definitely in the running.

Where this weapon really shines is a high hit chance at a whopping 80. The only other axe with that hit rate is the Training axe which you should not be using in battle. The reason it doesn’t rank higher is because of the lack of a special effect and the weight can be annoying, but it’s a great axe nonetheless.

7 Axe Of Ukonvasara

The Axe of Ukonvasara has the special ability to restore health points to its wielder every turn. This healing effect can be boosted by the characters Lysithea and Lorenz who possess the Crest of Gloucester.

With 19 might, 65 hit chance, and a 20 critical this is a strong weapon that can tear chunks out of foes and keep the character alive at the same time. It’s great against armored opponents. It’s one weakness is a 30 durability, which isn’t terrible, but isn’t amazing either.

6 Areadbhar

The first lance on the list is the legendary weapon Areadbhar and for good reason. It has 19 might, a fantastic 75 hit chance and a low weight of 9. If you give this weapon to Dimitri who has the Crest of Bladdyd, this enables his ability to occasionally double the attack and number of weapon uses when using combat arts.

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Unfortunately, this weapon has a rotten durability of 20. With the low weight, you can and should carry another weapon as a backup. If you have Dimitri it’s a no brainer, but anyone else might want to rethink using this weapon.

5 Viskam

The only sword on this list is the Viskam, its special effect is the exact same as the Crusher meaning this sword will deal magic damage instead of physical damage. It has a strong 20 might and a stunning 100 hit chance. Its range varies between one and nine meaning you can get some ranged shots in with this sword’s magic.

The fact that this sword doesn’t rank higher says a lot about the weapons below. If your class has proficiency with swords this is the weapon to give them, no question about it.

4 Lance Of Ruin

This legendary lance is the weapon of choice for Sylvain. Its special effect triggers the Crest of Gautier’s perk which is to raise might when Sylvain is using combat arts.

Even in another character’s hands this a great weapon to have. It has 22 might, 65 hit chance and a critical of 20. Like all lances, it’s light and has low durability. If you have Sylvain, get this weapon as quickly as possible, if you don’t it’s not a bad choice for other fighters.

3 Freikugel

The Freikugel is a good axe with some solid stats. It has 23 might, 65 hit chance and a 10 critical. This weapon really shines when in the hands of Hilda as her Crest of Goneril will trigger a perk that gives her the chance to prevent enemy counterattacks which is a godsend in battle.

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It doesn’t rate as high because the other two weapons are just stronger. That being said, it’s the only axe you should give Hilda and isn’t a bad choice for any other axe wielder in the game.

2 Aymr

The best axe in the game is the Aymr. It has awesome stats like a might of 24, a 60 hit chance, and a critical of 20. But it’s true strength lies in the perk it grants Rhea, Jeralt, and Edelgard. When one of these characters has the Crest of Seiros it triggers the special ability which can occasionally raise might, thus dealing more damage every so often in battle.

Even outside of their hands this is a strong axe with solid stats. If you don’t have one of these characters make sure it finds it’s way into the hands of your strongest Fortress Knight. You won't regret it.

1 Recover

Yep, you read that right, the best weapon in Fire Emblems: Three Houses is a book. Looking at the stats it’s not that surprising, this faith weapon boasts an impressive 30 might and a 100 hit chance. This weapon hits hard and very rarely misses.

Its true strength lies in its special ability to heal allies. Every party should have a Holy Knight or at least a bishop wielding this weapon of the gods into every battle. It has a terrible durability of 5, but it’s strong attack and incredibly useful healing abilities make this worth the short time it’ll be used in battle before it needs repairing.

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