Pokémon: The 10 Hottest Fire Pokémon, Ranked

These are the hottest (or the coolest, which is what we're really trying to say) fire Pokémon in the popular and classic video game.

When it comes to the world of Pokémon, it's hard to find a typing more popular than the animals imbued with fire-related abilities. Every generation it seems that the fire starter gets a lot of love from fans which is a track record dating back to Charizard in Pokémon Red & Blue back in 1998. Measuring actual temperature could be hard, so take this list with the word hottest being used in place of coolest.

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So with that being said let's now look at the 10 hottest fire-type Pokémon and rank them from worst to first.

10 Houndoom

Unlike an entrant later in the list, Houndoom is 100% canine from the tip of its tail to the pointy tops of its horns. In many ways, Houndoom is the type of pokémon you'd most likely see at a metal concert or Hot Topic retail store.

It exudes a certain aesthetic that a large selection of people enjoy. Its massive horns and armor plating also make it look like something out of the pages of The Lord of the Rings novels by J.R.R. Tolkein. Houndoom is easily the most death metal pokémon in existence.

9 Magcargo

Now, it's understandable that snails aren't the first go-to when discussing cool looking animals, but this is where the fire-typing can make all the difference. Magcargo maybe a snail, but it also happens to have a body composed of what looks to be a lava or magma-like structure. It definitely takes the term "slow burn" and puts a twist on it.

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Magcargo also happens to be dual-typed as it sports the fire-typing right next to a solid and sturdy rock-typing as well. Who would have thought a snail could be so cool?

8 Talonflame

When trainers first come across Fletchling in Pokémon X & Y, it seems like nothing more than Generation 6's typical and expected bird pokémon. Upon further review, trainers will quickly realize that this little bird is as blazing as it is fast.

It takes the three evolutionary staged bird customary of early areas in every generation and spices it up with some heat. Once it reaches level 35 and evolves into Talonflame it becomes a great weapon for a solid team. It has the ability flame body which means a pokémon has a 30% chance to get burned if they make contact with it.

7 Ninetales

Ninetales may be one of the most majestic pokémon, but that same majesty leads to a real sense of respect. Despite it coming in both male and female forms it's often thought of as a rather feminine pokémon likely due to its beauty.

The nine-tailed fox plays a big role in Japanese folklore so it should come as no surprise that the pokémon version of the legend is just as majestic and awe-inspiring as the stories it's based on. Ninetales also has the ability to power-up if the enemy foolishly hits it with a fire attack.

6 Volcarona

The combination of bugs and fire don't lead you to a thought process of powerful pokémon, but rather make you think about the kid in your class with a magnifying glass. Volcarona is a giant fiery moth who was introduced in the Pokémon Black & White titles.

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It comes in at well over 5'0" on average and happens to get powered up when hit by fire-type attacks. It is known as the sun pokémon since its fire helped creatures by replacing the sun when volcanic ash darkened the atmosphere.

5 Alolan Marowak

When Alolan forms were first introduced fans were curious as to whether the designs just changed, or if the pokémon's typing did as well. In the case of Marowak, its Alolan form took on both fire and ghost-typing and made the bone keeper pokémon a different threat entirely.

A cool design detail with its Alolan form is that the flames on either end of its bone club glow a blueish-green likely due to it also being a ghost-type. Alola took an underappreciated pokémon and made them awesome.

4 Incineroar

People like to joke about professional wrestling but at its core, it happens to be one of the most entertaining and fun things to watch. It came as a welcome surprise that the fire starter for the 7th generation of Pokémon games would be a bipedal cat heavily inspired by professional wrestling.

It caught on in popularity and was also fortunate enough to be selected as the Pokémon Sun & Moon representative for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that released on the Nintendo Switch in late 2018.

3 Typhlosion

Typhlosion falls in line with the notion that most of the fire-starters happen to have the cooler designs of the bunch. It's such a fiery powerhouse that it's listed as the volcano pokémon and the heat of its flames will build and intensify as it becomes angrier.

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When or if its rage peaks it will be so hot that things will instantly go up in flames if they simply make contact with it. If it carries the blaze ability then its fire-type moves will be boosted by 50% if it drops below a third of its total health.

2 Arcanine

Like most dogs and cats, Arcanine starts as an adorable and cuddly looking creature named Growlithe. As they grow older and are evolved via a fire stone they become large intimidating sidekicks to law enforcement and anyone else who wants to train them. They're so majestic in fact that they were initially planned to be a pseudo-legendary much in the same way that Dragonite is.

People have argued about how much its design resembles that of a cat and/or a dog, but there's no denying how cool it looks.

1 Charizard

Charizard has always had a lot going for it. For starters, it happens to look just like a dragon and happens to be a final starter pokémon evolution from the first generation of games. Outside of Pikachu and maybe Eevee there's an argument to be made that Charizard is among the most popular pocket monsters.

The only flaw about him is that he looks exactly like a dragon yet he's both fire and flying-type with not an ounce of dragon-typing. Also, he's only 6'0" tall, so there's a lot of Tom Cruise trickery going on.

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