A Flappy Bird Battle Royale Is Available On Mobile Devices, Because Of Course

We're well past the point now where battle royale is the new thing. You can tell because everyone's doing it. You might argue that we reached that point months ago, but there's a noticeable difference between the first few games that came out after Fortnite became a household name. Games like Apex Legends or Tetris 99 would have succeed even without being a part of the battle royale fad. Apex is simply a well-made game by a great developer, and Tetris 99 is just versus Tetris but bigger.

Then came the battle royales that were high on production values but still an obvious cash-in. Battlefield Firestorm just oozes the feeling that DICE was ordered to make a battle royale, just as Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter is a clear attempt to spruce up a troubled game. The thing is, these games still have their merits.

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Now, however, we're in the era where battle royale can easily be an act of satire. It is, in fact, thanks to DMCA Royale, a battle royale based on Mario. That game didn't survive Nintendo's lawyers, but it did show us that literally anything can and will have a battle royale. That's why we shouldn't be surprised that there's now a Flappy Bird battle royale.

via: flappyroyale.io

It's called Flappy Royale, and it's pretty much exactly what you think it is. Well, to expect something, you'd have to remember the original Flappy Bird. It came out in 2013 if you can believe it. It immediately took the world by storm, becoming so ubiquitous that the developer eventually removed it from all app stores. It became a thing that you could buy phones on eBay that still had the game installed.

Flappy Royale exists thanks to new developers who hopefully won't remove their game, and combines the essential elements of both parts of the title. Just like in Flappy Bird, you tap the screen to flap and hope you don't flap too much or too little so you can pass through gaps between a series of never-ending pipes. Just like in battle royales, you do this against 99 other players until only one remains. There's also cosmetic items and a bus that drops you into the game.

via: flappyroyale.io

It's actually pretty fun, and just silly enough to ease the frustrations of battle royale competition. That being said, other new battle royales are on thin ice. This genre probably doesn't have much time left before it's run into the ground, so developers better flap with all they have if they want their games to survive.

(Source: Kotaku)

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