10 Grand Theft Auto V Streamers You Need To Follow

Grand Theft Auto V has made about $6 billion since its release. The cash cow that is GTA V has been hugely successful from microtransactions and game sales. Due to the popularity of the game, there is an abundance of GTA V streamers to follow. Some may enhance your game, be entertaining, or both.

Most of the top streamers who stream Grand Theft Auto V choose PC for their platform. For those who don't already know, playing Grand Theft Auto V on PC and console is totally different. One allows you to integrate mods and the latter does not. Mods are but one of the reasons to watch and enjoy a GTA V stream. These are 10 Grand Theft Auto V streamers you need to follow.

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MOONMOON_OW happens to have a high-grade computer, which is part of the reason why his streams are so successful. Watching a Twitch stream gives viewers a glimpse into another player's gaming life, which includes their PC specs.

When MOONMOON_OW streams, it always seems to be a party since he plays music when he's not role-playing with other players. According to naibuzz.com MOONMOON_OW has an estimated net worth of $1.7 million. MOONMOON_OW proves that he doesn't have to show his face on-stream to gain over 20,000 viewers with just his personality.

9 Ashlynn

Ashlynn is a streamer who has added so many mods that the game is almost beyond recognition. She can be found streaming every other day. Watching her stream is like watching performance art. She and her friends immerse themselves in roles to bring laughter and praise from their stream audience members. She has over 100,000 followers on the platform. Her mods and role-playing are possibly the best for a 'grill' streamer. Her role as Brenda "Hot Mess" receptionist is maybe one of her best personalities. You'll find it hard to believe what comes out of her mouth when she's live.

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8 Vader

Vader (real name Mitch) is the most popular Grand Theft Auto V streamer on Twitch. The situations that Vader finds himself make the stream entertaining. He usually uses the same elderly character who wears a pink sweater. In the photo above, Vader is taking part in a church ceremony. Totally random, but not that arbitrary for the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Vader's color commentary is outrageous, and it is why his Twitch stream has almost 300,000 followers. His popularity is due to his rambunctious personality.

7 Ziggy

Being a streamer who plays with mods can increase your popularity. Many people play on console, which limits their ability to add mods. For the most part, it is only PC gamers who can use mods on Grand Theft Auto V. One example of a mod that Ziggy uses is a vehicle mod that allows him to drive a Ford F-150. Ziggy is an entertainer, and Grand Theft Auto V is his outlet. To be successful as a Grand Theft Auto V streamer, you need to have crazy mods or have a personality; Ziggy has both of these things.

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6 Buddha

Role-playing is more popular than ever in Grand Theft Auto V. Twitch streamer Buddha takes role-playing to a whole other level, and because of this, his followers love his stream. In terms of quality entertainment, Buddha is one of the best. Like most Grand Theft Auto V streamers, Buddha uses mods such as an inventory mod (among many others). It is noteworthy that Buddha plays with other leading Twitch streamers such as Vader. Buddha's fan base is rapidly growing, and it will continue to do so as long as GTA V remains popular.

5 Timmac

Most of the time, Timmac is busy playing role-playing games. However lately, Timmac has been streaming Grand Theft Auto V. Timmac doesn't stream as much as other top streamers, but the quality of his stream is above average.

Although Grand Theft Auto V is not part of the role-playing genre, you can see Timmac playing the part of his character with great detail. Timmac immerses himself in his Grand Theft Auto V character's personality and will act like an ignorant construction worker for the sake of entertainment.

4 HoneyMad

HoneyMad is a Russian streamer, but he is undoubtedly someone you need to follow. His crew rolls deep, sometimes consisting of near 100 people. His stream feels lively because he almost always plays with a large group of people. Although he speaks Russian, you can still follow along and enjoy the gameplay. As a streamer, HoneyMad has more than 400,000 followers. Without a doubt, HoneyMad is the most famous Grand Theft Auto V Russian streamer.

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LIRK is known for playing various games, but lately, LIRIK has shifted his focus to Grand Theft Auto V. Like most other Grand Theft Auto V streamers, LIRIK engages in role-playing. Recently, LIRIK was role-playing a hospital scene in which he pretended to be a patient. Lying down on a hospital bed, a doctor pretended to assist him. LIRIK'S streams are rarely boring. Watch LIRIK even if you don't plan to see him playing Grand Theft Auto V. Following him on Twitter will give you exclusive discounts towards gaming gear and other cool stuff.

2 Summit1g

As someone who has more than 3.8 million followers, his streams can be quite packed. According to dexerto.com, "Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar became irate with a donating viewer after the ‘fan’ sent their donations with Avengers: Endgame spoilers attached." This is not a negative reflection on summit1g because there was nothing he could do to prevent the spoiler. Putting aside this tragic moment for his viewers, summit1g has one of the most exciting Grand Theft Auto V streams.

1 Lord_Kebun

If you're bored with Netflix and want to see live entertainment, head to Lord_Kebun's channel—you won't be disappointed. Lord_Kebun is, most of the time, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. His stream is often filled with more than 40,000 people. To see some of the most interesting mods and to see some of the finest Grand Theft Auto V role-playing, head to Lord_Kebun's stream. His Asian accent and other personas are too funny and must be seen by Grand Theft Auto V fans.

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