Following Layoffs And Reports Of Financial Trouble, GOG Ends Its Fair Price Package Program

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The woes of GOG are mounting. Earlier this week, they confirmed that they’ve had to bring an end to their Fair Price Package Program, or risk selling games at a loss.

Ah, GOG. Ever since it first began in August 2008 (as Good Old Games), these guys have been doing some righteous work. If you’re a gamer with an inclination towards all things retro, you’ve probably used their store before. When it comes to more obscure PC titles, in particular, GOG can often get the job done.

Now, we live in the age of lickety-split technological advancement. You can buy a new TV online, and before it’s even been delivered, the company has brought out three new versions of the model. We’re constantly upgrading our cell phones, tablets, e-readers andother gadgetry, but where does this leave the older stuff? Somewhere totally obsolete, that’s where.

This is a real problem in gaming, especially where new models of consoles lose backwards compatibility (which won’t be a problem in the upcoming PS5’s case, as patents seem to confirm it’ll be compatible with PS4 games at least). For PC players, too, it can be a nightmare to get old games running on modern systems. Which is exactly where the GOG store comes in.

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GOG’s Fair Price Package is one element of the store that fans all over the world have greatly appreciated. It’s a way of compensating for price differences between countries. In the case of titles with regional pricing, GOG would give the buyer the difference back in Wallet funds. While this is fantastic for consumers, of course, it’s also really taken a toll on the store (which had been struggling enough as things were). As a result, the team have had to make the unfortunate decision of scrapping the Fair Price Package system.

“In actual numbers, on average, we give users back 12% of the game price from our own pocket. In some cases, this number can reach as high as 37%.

In the past, we were able to cover these extra costs from our cut and still turn a small profit. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. With an increasing share paid to developers, our cut gets smaller. However, we look at it, at the end of the day we are a store and need to make sure we sell games without a loss.”

It's a real blow for users of the service, but the team has at least given us fair warning. GOG users who took advantage of the fair Price Package will have until March 31st of this year to nab those funds they’re entitled to. After doing so, they’ll last the usual year from the date they were granted. Take advantage while you still can, PC gamers.

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