For Honor: 15 Things That Are Completely TERRIBLE About The Game

It's been nearly two months since Ubisoft released For Honor and while it's a good game overall, there are a ton of negatives about it. What's worse is, since it's been released, Ubisoft has done a few software updates, but none of them have had a noticeable impact on the in-game experience.

Yours truly has spent a grand total of 172 hours and 32 minutes with For Honor and, in that time, I've noticed one major thing: it's both the best and the worst game that I've ever played. When it's good, it's great. But when it's bad, it's infuriatingly bad.

The following list will feature some major and some minor issues with the game. Also, this is based on my personal experience -- yours may be much different than mine, so please keep that in mind while you're going through this list.

So, let me go ahead and end this intro, and let's get to the 15 worst things about For Honor.

15 Campaign

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The For Honor campaign had the potential to really be something special, but, unfortunately, it just wasn't. It was plagued with a nonsensical story and absolutely horrible voice acting.

The promotion of the game was centered around the fact that three factions -- Knights, Vikings, and Samurai -- are at war, so you'd think that we'd get some explanation as to why in the campaign, but we didn't. Everything about the campaign was lackluster, especially the ending.

To be fair though, the campaign wasn't the game's big selling point. In fact, it's quite clear that the developers treated the campaign as an afterthought because it's listed below multiplayer in the main menu. So, that's why it's at the bottom of this list. But, it could've been something special.

14 Random Gear

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During your time with For Honor, you'll spend a ton of the in-game currency on gear packs. As you can see in the photo above, there are four different types of gear packs that you can purchase: basic pack, armor pack, weapon pack, and premium pack. All of them will get you different types of gear, but it's not a guarantee that the gear you receive will suit your play style.

Unless you do the daily orders, it takes FOREVER to earn enough in-game currency to purchase any upgrades, gear, or executions, which is why it's frustrating that you don't know what type of gear you're going to get after you purchase one of the packs. Also, say you purchase two weapon packs in a row, you might get the exact same gear a second time. So, you essentially just wasted a good chunk of currency, unless it ends up being gear that suits you.

Basically, you just have to get lucky with these packs. Prepare to be disappointed more often than not, though.

13 Boosts

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You can find boosts in For Honor's Deathmatch modes, which includes Skirmish and Elimination. Boosts that are available on the map include a health increase, an increase in the amount of damage you can take, an increase in the amount of damage you can deal, a speed increase, and a boost that unlocks your final two feats.

Everybody who's spent any amount of time playing For Honor since its release has used the boosts to their advantage, which is fine. The thing that is most problematic is when you begin an Elimination match and your opponent immediately flees in an attempt to capture every boost on the map. It's annoying and it makes the game's Deathmatch modes a lot less fun than they would be otherwise.

12 Lack of Executions

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There are few things in life that are as gratifying as lopping off your opponents head after a long, hard fought battle in For Honor. However, there aren't a ton of executions in the game, as each character has only four. Also, you can only have two equipped at a time, so you'll see the same finishing moves over, and over, and over again.

The biggest complaint about the executions in For Honor is how expensive they are to purchase. When you recruit a new hero in the game, you'll start off with him or her having two of their four executions unlocked. If you want to unlock the remaining two, it'll cost you 5,000 and 7,000 steel (the in-game currency), which is, as previously mentioned, quite expensive, as you typically get less than 100 steel after each match.

Some characters, like the Shugoki for example, have some pretty lame executions. It'd be nice to see Ubisoft add a few more for each character, but that probably won't happen.

11 Shugoki Backbreaker

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The Shugoki is probably the most hard-hitting and powerful character in For Honor. He also has what could be the corniest move in the game: the backbreaker. Why is it so corny? Well, it's simple really -- let's say that you're fighting a Shugoki who is one hit away from dying, if he hits you with his backbreaker move, which is hard to see coming at times, he'll kill you, even if you have full health. Essentially, the power of his backbreaker is decided by how low this character's health is.

Of course, each character has their own thing that's cheesy, but this one is the most frustrating of them all. If Ubisoft decides to nerf one of For Honor's characters in their next update, the Shugoki is one of the two characters that should be on their list. We'll get to the other one a bit later.

10 Non-Stop Sprinting

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Each strike or move in For Honor will reduce your stamina, with only one exception: sprinting. Why is this frustrating? Because, more often than not, you'll run into a player who will never fight you one on one. Instead, they'll see you, run away, and try to lead you to one or two of their teammates. Sure, it's a great strategy, but it's so annoying, especially if you're using one of the slower characters in the game.

Here's another reason why the non-stop sprinting in For Honor is so infuriating: let's say you're playing a 4 vs. 4 elimination match, and your team successfully defeats 3 of the other team's four players. Then, imagine you and your entire team chasing your last remaining opponent around the map until the time limit is reached, which could take several minutes. Furthermore, if you're one of the players who has already been eliminated, you'll be forced to watch your teammate run around the map until the time limit is reached, which, needless to say, can be quite boring.

9 Revenge in One on One Fights

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Revenge was likely added to For Honor to even the odds for a player who is outnumbered. It gives you a temporary boost in the amount of damage you can take and the amount of damage you can deal. While it's great when you're outnumbered, you do have the ability to get it in a one on one fight, which is completely ridiculous.

Imagine that you're in a one on one fight and you're not only winning, but you're completely destroying your opponent. Then, when you're one strike away from winning, they get their revenge, knock you over, and kill you in one hit. Annoying, right? Yeah. It is.

Ubisoft should add some kind of hardcore team-based mode where you don't have access to boosts, feats, or revenge, just so players don't have to deal with any of that nonsense if they don't want to.

8 Blocking Everything (Warlord, Conqueror)

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One of the more annoying abilities in For Honor comes via the Knights' Conqueror and the Vikings' Warlord, as both characters can block any strike from any direction if they just hold down on the right stick. Now, it does drain your stamina, but if a player can get good at timing it and just holding the right stick down, they can use it without reducing their stamina all that much. Basically, if someone gets good at it, you're pretty much screwed.

Your revenge meter fills up when you successfully block attacks and with the "block everything" ability that these two characters possess, they'll be able to get their revenge a lot quicker than most other players, which is a bad thing. Why? Because they're two of the hardest hitters in the game and, more often than not, one heavy strike from either character while they're in revenge mode will almost always result in an instantaneous death for their opponents.

Being able to successfully block your opponent's attacks requires you to pay attention to which side the strike is coming from, adjust your guard, and time everything right. But, if you play as the Conqueror or the Warlord, you don't have to worry about doing any of those things, as you can just tap down on the right stick, and you'll block every strike that comes your way. It gives players who aren't very good at defense an out, because if they choose one of those two characters, they can basically block everything with one button.

7 Unblockable Strikes

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To be fair, every single character in the game has at least one unblockable move. Most have several of them. So, it's something that everyone, including the lovely boy who wrote this article, takes advantage of. But, that doesn't mean that it's necessarily a good thing.

The damage for each character's unblockable move[s] varies. Some do a ton of damage, some do almost none, and some characters, like the Knights' Warden, have unblockable moves that do no damage, which is the biggest reason why this isn't a good thing.

Back at entry 11, we went over the Shugoki and his ridiculous backbreaker. Now, we're going to talk about him again, but this time, we're going to talk about his unblockable move, which, if landed, will probably take away about 80% of your health, depending on both yours and their equipped gear. So yeah, the fact that the Shugoki can do that with his unblockable while the Warden's does no damage is a gigantic problem.

6 Getting Tossed/Environment Kills

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Arguably the most aggravating thing about For Honor's combat is environmental kills, where someone can just toss you into a fire pit, spikes, or any other horrible thing that might be laying around on the map. Sure, it's not impossible to stop this from happening, and in some cases, it's fine. But, in most cases, it's not.

When you're playing a duel [1 vs. 1] or a brawl [2 vs. 2], you'll surely find yourself battling your opponent on a bridge during one of the possible five rounds. These fights usually end in two seconds, because one person just throws the other person off. Luckily, you will find certain players who actually have honor and won't toss you. But it's rare.

Much like with revenge in one on one fights, the most frustrating thing about this is when you're on the good side of a mismatch, someone just stops trying to hit you and they successfully toss you, thus winning the round. It's annoying, as it's just another way to give players with absolutely no skill a chance against people who play the game the right way.

5 Matchmaking Issues

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For Honor's matchmaking is, at best, nonsensical, as it often matches inexperienced and lower ranked players up with more experienced, higher ranked players. Obviously it's nice when you're one of the high ranked players in the lobby, because who doesn't like going on a 15 kill streak?! But, as you can imagine, it's extremely frustrating to be on the losing end. Even if you back out of the lobby after the match, there's no guarantee that you won't be matched up with someone who's ranked even higher next time.

One of the biggest problems with higher level players going against lower level players is that the veterans will always have significantly higher ranked gear than the newcomers, so unless the newbie is extremely skilled, the vet will beat them every single time. It makes starting from scratch with a completely new character a lot less fun than it should be.

4 Season Pass

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Did you spend $100 on the gold edition of For Honor [which includes the season pass]? Yes? I'm sorry. Generally games give you some intensive to spend extra money on their season pass, but not For Honor.

So, what do you get with the season pass? Well, you get champion status, which gives you a slight XP boost after every match, and you get early access to all the DLC when it's released, which sounds good, right? Wrong. Why? Because you'll only get the new stuff one week before everyone else.

Maybe Ubisoft will announce something cool for season pass holders at some point down the road, but for now, if you buy the season pass, you're wasting your money. You'd probably get more satisfaction if you just lit $39.99 [the price of the season pass] on fire in your back yard.

3 Sprinting When Almost Dead

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You may be wondering why the picture above doesn't show someone running away from a fight when they're almost dead. Well, my explanation is simple: the character above [Nobushi] specializes in running away. No, really. Each character has two main strengths and one of the Nobushi's two strengths is a "versatile retreat."

Unfortunately, retreating is something that you see quite often in For Honor, especially when you're about to finish your opponent off, because a lot of people will sprint away from fights when they're about to have their head lopped off.

You see, in For Honor, every character is able to sprint away from a fight when they're almost dead, which is annoying enough. Combine that with the fact that sprinting doesn't drain your stamina and, oh man, you'll want to throw your controller through your TV. It's so annoying. And what's worse is that, more often than not, it'll save someone's life because they'll lead you right to one of their teammates, who will then bail them out.

2 The Peacekeeper

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Earlier I mentioned that the Shugoki is one of two characters that Ubisoft needs to nerf and I also mentioned that we'd to the other one later. Well, we're finally here.

First off, I need to be completely honest: in the closed alpha, and the closed beta, I played as the Conqueror. But, for whatever reason, in the open beta I decided to give the Peacekeeper a try, and up until recently, I never looked back. In fact, as of this writing, my Peacekeeper is nearly at rep 10. So, I've spent the majority of my 170+ hours with her.

This character is, by far, the most corny character in the game. She's significantly faster than everyone else. Let's use a sports analogy to put her speed vs. all the other character's speed in perspective: trying to fight a Peacekeeper with any other character is like if Dwight Howard tried to guard Russell Westbrook one on one. Sure, maybe Dwight will get lucky every now and then, but more often than not, Russ would just blow right by him with little effort.

There's no one in the game that's even close to being as fast as the Peacekeeper. For example: the Orochi is probably the second fastest/quickest character in the game, but he's also significantly slower than the Peacekeeper.

In my opinion, the Peacekeeper makes players who use her believe that they're better at the game than they actually are. Her speed is an incredible difference maker, especially if you just spam the light attack button during fights.

1 Errors, Errors, and Errors!

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This is, BY FAR, the absolute worst thing about For Honor.

Never in my life have I encountered so many connection issues and errors while playing online. This game has been out for only two months and already I've had more issues with playing this game online than I've had with every other game combined. It's ridiculous.

Instead of having a dedicated server, Ubisoft decided that this game should run off of a peer to peer connection, which is awful for many reasons, with the main one being that it leads to players getting booted on a regular basis. Also, at times, you'll die and when you respawn, you'll do so in a completely different match. Essentially, you got kicked from your current game and get moved to a completely new game without being notified.

Do you like playing online with friends? Well, For Honor will make that quite difficult for you. In the game, you can play with up to three of your friends, but good luck trying to get everyone in a group immediately. Sure, you can navigate to your group by simply pressing one button, but more often than not, your friends will fail to join your group after you send them an invite and then you'll fail to join theirs when you're invited. I've been forced to close out my application and, at times I even have to restart my console for these group invites to work.

All the things on this list need to be fixed, however, if Ubisoft only chooses to fix one of these 15 issues, this one should be their top priority. Constant connection issues in an online-based game isn't going to encourage players to stick around and, if something doesn't change, this game's community will likely be dead by the end of the year.

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