For Honor Adds Lightsabers For May The Fourth Be With You, Fans Want Them To Become Permanent

Today is May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, or as some Star Wars fans prefer to call it, May The Fourth Be With You. It’s the closest thing to an official holiday that the Disney owned franchise has ever had. On this day, it’s typical that various tributes to the iconic film series pop up all over the place, and this year it looks like a popular Ubisoft game is getting in on the action.

Without any real announcement, For Honor added in lightsabers for its various characters to wield in battle. Now whenever you engage in a fight to the death with other players, instead of a boring old axe or spear, you can unsheathe your glowing Star Wars sanctioned laser sword instead, complete with officially licensed sound effects.

This isn’t the first time that the For Honor team has added something into their game to celebrate a special holiday. Back in April, the fighting game inserted the beloved/despised Ubisoft mascots the Rabbids in place of the normal cannon fodder troops for April Fools Day. On one hand, hearing the irritating “WAHS” of the Rabbids in place of normal battle sounds was infuriating, but on the other hand, getting to slaughter Rabbids by the handful was immensely satisfying.

The Star Wars celebration in For Honor is being received very positively by the game’s fans. In fact, it’s being received so well that many fans are actually calling on the developer to leave the lightsabers in as a permanent feature.

Many people on the For Honor subreddit are begging Ubisoft to not take away their lightsabers after Star Wars Day concludes. There have been several posts with players declaring their love for this special event, and many are even going as far as to say that if the option was available they’d even be willing to pay for the lightsabers as a microtransaction.

It seems like now that For Honor fans have seen how fun it is to do battle with lightsabers, they’re absolutely hooked. Ubisoft potentially has a money making opportunity on its hands here. Sure, giving lightsabers to vikings and knights is incredibly anachronistic, but there’s honestly nothing cooler than slicing someone up with a giant laser sword, and people are always going to want that. Plus, it seems like fans have been wishing for more ways to customize their weapons, and this could be the start of even more wacky weapons and weapon skins in the game.

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Ubisoft thus far hasn’t responded to the fan outpouring of love for the event, but you have to assume they’re listening to the response. Regardless of whether or not they stick around, right now if you ever wanted to have an one on one samurai fight with lightsabers, For Honor is the place to be.

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