The Forbidden Arts: How To Beat The Dragon Boss

The dragon is a puzzle boss that requires the player to perform certain moves in order to harm it.

The dragon is the third boss in The Forbidden Arts and it's one of the trickier creatures in the game, as it can be hard to determine if your attacks are actually damaging it or not.

The dragon is a puzzle boss that requires the player to perform certain moves in order to harm it.

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When the battle starts, the dragon will rush across the field. It will do this at the end of every part of the first phase. Just jump over it, but make sure you're on the ground when it starts to ascend. Be careful not to get too close to the dragon on the ground, as it will swipe you with its claw and shave off a third of your health.

Once the dragon ascends, run as close to its as possible while staying on the ground. The dragon will cause a powerful gust of wind to blow. You have to move in the direction of the wind in order to resist it, otherwise, you will be pushed into a pit of spikes. Don't jump in the air, or you will be pushed back quicker.

Once the dragon lands, hit it with a fireball to make it enter a weakened state. You will have a brief window of opportunity to strike it with your sword and deal damage, causing it to repeat the wind-blowing phase.

If you run out of mana to use fireballs, you can get some back by draining the torches at either side of the arena.

The dragon will then enter the next phase of the battle. It will stay in one spot and use its breath weapon. The first attack will cause three balls of blue fire to come out of its mouth and fly at you. These can either be dodged or blocked with the fire shield spell.

Once the three fireballs have been blocked, it will shoot a single ball of fire at you. The player needs to reflect this back at the dragon by striking it with the sword. Once struck, the dragon then needs to be hit with a fireball and then with the sword.

The dragon will move across the stage and will repeat the last phase, except it will shoot five tracking fireballs this time. Repeat the same motion as the last phase and victory will be yours.

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