15Persona 4 Golden

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We're starting off our list with a pretty long entry, Persona 4 Golden is seen by many as the height of the series. Releasing in February of 2013, P4G was an enhanced remake of the game, adding in more social links, difficulty levels, music, voices, and more. Porting over to

the PSVita, P4G improved on what Persona 3 Portable did when they ported over Persona 3 to the PSP.

With over 60 hours of gameplay, you might see this as a long commitment, allowing for multiple playing sessions. Thankfully there are plenty of save points in the real world, with items to leave floors of its dungeons for later returns. You can pick it up, talk to some friends and do some shopping, save and quit, or even put it into lower power mode to start up later in your day.

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