15Luigi's Mansion Wasn't His Starring Debut

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Luigi has always lived in the shadow of his popular brother, but in 2011 he finally saw the center stage. At least, that's what everyone thinks. As amazing as Luigi's Mansion was, it wasn't the first time we'd seen Luigi in a starring role. Back in 1993, Nintendo released an

educational game titled Mario is Missing!, which featured the green-shirted brother as the main protagonist.

This particular release wasn't met with much enthusiasm. Critics and gamers alike trashed Mario is Missing! for its boring gameplay and lack of difficulty. Players would finally get the opportunity to play as Luigi but the fun factor would suffer as a result. There was no fear of defeat, no sense of urgency, and Luigi was incapable of taking damage. It's important to note that this game was ported to MS-DOS, MAC, SNES, and NES as an educational title but that doesn't excuse the lack of entertainment value.

The storyline itself is rather comical, albeit a bit drab, and most of the sprites you encounter appear to be re-used characters from Super Mario World. This certainly wasn't the debut Nintendo intended for Luigi, so it's probably best that most gamers view Luigi's Mansion as his first big solo release.

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