Former Hearthstone Devs Create New Studio, Partner With Marvel On Their First Game

Second Dinner's first game will be in partnership with Marvel.

Second Dinner - the small game studio founded by former Hearthstone director, Ben Brode, and four other former members of Blizzard Entertainment - has only existed for less than a year, but the studio is currently working on a major project that should excite plenty of gamers and comic book fans.

It was announced earlier this week, that the ambitious new studio’s first game will be in partnership with Marvel. The project is also fully-funded, with Second Dinner receiving financial backing from the Chinese internet group, NetEase.

The announcement came via a video put together by the Second Dinner crew, expressing excitement with the progress of the yet-to-be-announced game, while noting that the NetEase investment will not only allow them to hire additional team members, but should be able to take the game’s development all the way through the end of the project without having to secure additional funding.

Interestingly enough, NetEase is no stranger to the members of Second Dinner, having been a part of Blizzard’s Team 5 during the group’s Hearthstone days. The company also partnered with Blizzard on the mobile game Diablo Immortal, though that project has been less enthusiastically received by fans.

Other than the fact that it will be set within the Marvel Universe, it is still unknown what kind of game we’ll actually be getting. However, Second Dinner’s announcement does mention that the characters of “Hellcow the vampiric cow and Throg, the Mighty Frog of Thunder” will be involved in some capacity, along with other characters such as Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men.

There is also a possibility that the game will be coming to mobile platforms, given the statement on Second Dinner’s careers page that says, “We think there’s a huge opportunity to make deep, satisfying games that are optimized for mobile, and we’re currently working on a game that we’re really excited about.”

While a lot of gamers may roll their eyes at the mention of a mobile game, it is probably best to withhold judgement until more details are released.

Second Dinner is planning on growing the team to roughly 10-15 people over the next few years. The studio is currently looking for a Client Engineer and Technical Artist to join the team. Check out the careers page on Second Dinner’s website for more information.

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