Fellow Streamer Estimates Ninja Got $6 Million And 3-Year Contract With Mixer

Whether you're a rabid fan of Twitch streamers or are sick of hearing about them every day, you've probably heard the news about Ninja. The man was one of Twitch's top streamers until just a few days ago, when he suddenly announced that he was leaving the platform to stream exclusively on Microsoft's Mixer. A hard story to ignore, even if you don't follow streamers, simply because it raises the idea that Twitch may have a competitor. It also shows how serious Microsoft is about Mixer. After all, how much money would the company have needed to offer Ninja to leave the biggest streaming platform around?

Around $6 million, suggests Forsen, a top streamer himself. According to his knowledge of both streaming and esports contracts, Forsen estimated that Ninja was offered something close to $6 million and a three-year exclusive contract to stream with Mixer.

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"I'd say that he probably gets between six and eight million a year from Mixer, with a three year contract, at least. You wouldn't sign anything less than three years," Forsen told his viewers while chatting during a recent stream. It's worth noting that he means $6-to-$8 million a year, for three years. Meaning this hypothetical contract is worth $18-to-$24 million.

However, he noted that Mixer would probably be hesitant to offer anything more than three years, as the esports world changes so quickly. Even someone as famous as Ninja might not have the draw to be a flagship streamer in three year's time.

Forsen also makes it a point to say that this is his "educated guess" meaning that he isn't privy to the details of the contract. His opinion definitely holds weight, however. He's been streaming on Twitch since 2011. At the time of this writing, he's the 19th biggest streamer in terms of subscribers. He's also won several Hearthstone tournaments and headed the winning team in the Twitch Rivals 2018 PUBG Invitational, so he also has extensive esports experience. If he says Ninja has a $6 million, three-year contract, the truth is likely not far off.

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