A 15 Year Old Quit School To Play Fortnite, And His Mom Encourages It

Until gaming becomes a subject in school, there might not be a need to keep going there if you want to be a pro gamer when you grow up, and 15-year-old British Fortnite player Benjy Fish realized this early, as he already ditched the institution so he could focus on his gaming career.

Benjy (known as Benjyfishy) has already experienced a fair bit of success as a Fortnite pro and his decision to quit school comes with his mother's blessing. His mom, who also serves as his manager, encouraged the teen to switch to a homeschooling program so he could place most of his focus on Fortnite, so he isn't quite done with education; there's still some learning to be done. He's just not going to continue to do it like your average 15-year-old kid.

As a member of the NRG eSports organization, Benjy has qualified for both the Solo and Duos Fortnite World Cup finals and has already raked in over $31,000 playing the game as a professional. He's currently ranked as one of the best players in the world and stands to win millions if he's successful in the aforementioned tournament.

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A few years ago, a kid quitting school to play video games would have probably prompted the involvement of some form of child/family services. Some may still frown upon it today, but Benjy's move isn't a bad one at all. Professional gaming brings in some real revenue nowadays and it has been claimed that gamers could soon earn more money than professional athletes.

Quitting school for gaming is hardly any different from someone leaving school to join a pro sports league. Also, when you consider that Benjy isn't very far from the age that would allow him to grant military service, it puts this in an even better light.

There's money to be had from other gaming disciplines such as streaming on YouTube or Twitch and you don't have to be Ninja or Dr. Disrespect to earn a respectable amount by spending all day playing games.

In any case, Benjy's still pursuing his education and hasn't given up on it entirely. We don't imagine this backfiring unless he suddenly loses his streak.

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