Fortnite Adds The Out Of Time Event To Extend Season X By One Week

Players are always eager to see what a new season of Fortnite will bring in terms of map changes and game mechanics, and now they will need to wait a while longer than expected as Epic Games extends the duration of Season X by a full week. While such delays are not altogether unanticipated in order to prepare for what lies ahead, Epic seems to have had this planned in advance, since they have also announced a special event called Out of Time that will begin on October 8.

The new patch 10.40.1 will add the Out of Time event, which will bring a mission titled Overtime that is available for a period of five days. Completing each objective in the Overtime challenge tab will unlock several rewards like cosmetics and a loading screen, as well as XP to help snag those last few levels in a Battle Pass. The extended season also means that the Batman event will be around until the new end date, both in the game itself and as a purchasable skin in the shop.

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Other important points in today’s patch are the unvaulting of the Flint-Lock Pistol, and the amalgamation of the Zone Wars Desert, Vortex, Colosseum, and Downhill River LTM into two LTM playlists. Queuing into either of these will place players into one of the four Zone Wars maps at random.

Creative mode has also had some additions made, such as the Meteor Prop Gallery to add some dramatic flair to your games, along with new prefabs. The Meteor Prefab provides players with every rock and particle from the Meteor Galleries grouped into a large package.

Theories about what will happen in the next season are running wild, especially as Epic Games breaks from their usual routine of unleashing some massive event that affects the map in some way to prepare for the theme of the following season. The biggest clue we have so far comes in the form of this last-minute event, Out of Time.

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One idea we have explored here at TheGamer is that a new map is incoming, or a blast from the past. The map may reset with players going back to the first version of map, which would allow Epic to reform the map season by season once again.

Alternatively, leaks of this image below, which has now popped up in various places, indicates that we may be getting an entirely new map altogether. Here the players wave goodbye to the bus driver who may be searching for a new spot entirely.

Via: eurogamer.net

This is all speculation for now, but given how Epic Games has departed from their usual end of season behavior, and now we have this unexpected, but well organized extension of the season with an extra event, there is clearly something in the works for the next few weeks.

Source: epicgames.com

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