Fortnite To Skip Play Store On Android To Avoid Sharing Revenue With Google

Fortnite will eventually be available on Android, however, players won't be able to download it via the Google Play store.

Fortnite is just about everywhere you turn right now. The phenomenon's developers, Epic Games, have ensured that the game is accessible to pretty much everyone by gradually making it available across as many platforms as possible. If you have a PlayStation 4, an Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, a PC, or even just an iPhone, you can be a part of Fortnite.

There's a glaring omission from that list though, especially since Fortnite has been available to download via iOS for the past five months. We're talking about Android of course. It's about the only modern day gaming platform where you can't currently download and play Fortnite, whether it be for free or otherwise. After already surpassing 100 million downloads on iOS, you'd think Epic would be eager to get the Android version up and running.


Well, for those of you eagerly awaiting Fortnite's android arrival, it is coming, but there's a catch. Epic has announced that when it's ridiculously popular, battle royale style game does drop for Android, it will not be available via the Google Play store. Google takes a 30% cut of the money made from apps in its Android store, and Epic has labeled that number "disproportionate" to Google's part in getting Fortnite on Android up and running, as reported by The Verge.

How will Android users be able to download Fortnite when it becomes available then we hear you ask? Well, unlike iOS, on Android phones you are able to download apps that haven't been reviewed by Google. This means that Epic can distribute the game itself via its website. The company has done something similar with the PC version of the game, not using Steam as a sales platform like most PC games do.

Although Apple also takes a 30% cut for distributing Fortnite via its app store, with iOS Epic really had no choice. Due to Apple's more stringent rules and regulations when it comes to app use, the only way to get Fortnite to iPhone users was via Apple's app store. On Android though, that is not the case. Some may see it as a risk on Epic's part but clearly, the company believes it is one worth taking.


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Fortnite To Skip Play Store On Android To Avoid Sharing Revenue With Google