Fortnite: Every Birthday Cake Location Revealed

It has been a whole year since Fortnite first entered our lives, and you can celebrate its birthday in the game.

Fortnite is one of those things that is in so many places and so well known it feels as if it has been a part of our lives forever. Shockingly, Fortnite has only been a thing for one year, and the Battle Royale mode has been around for even less time than that. This week marks the addictive video game's first birthday and if you play, you can celebrate in style.

That's because Fortnite's developers, Epic, have introduced a number of birthday updates to the game, most notably three celebratory challenges. One is to simply play fourteen matches, the second is to deal out 1000 points worth of damage, and the third and final one is a little more interesting. There are ten birthday cakes dotted around the Fortnite map, and you need to dance in front of all of them to complete the challenge.


The trouble is, Fortnite naturally hasn't told you where these celebratory cakes are situated. Aimlessly wandering around the map looking for them could prove to be pretty tricky, especially with 99 other players wandering around with guns. Luckily we have you covered via a birthday cate locator map that was put together by Gamespot, and you can check it out below.

via gamespot.com

As you can see, they are pretty scattered. If you do find them before anyone else during a game, though, they are surrounded by individual slices of cake which power up your shield. You have until August 7, 2018, to find all ten cakes and if and when you do, you'll receive a special birthday spray. Complete all three birthday challenges before the time limit and you'll get yourself a special birthday-themed backpack.

There have been a number of other birthday updates to go along with the fresh challenges. You can now find a brand new weapon, the compact SMG, which deals an awful lot of damage from close range. Plus regular players have likely already noticed that the party bus is adorned with ribbons and balloons and playing a rather upbeat version of happy birthday.


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