Fortnite Fans Are Playing Apex Solos Out Of Protest

Gamers are boycotting Fortnite and playing Apex Legends' new Iron Crown event to send a message to Epic Games.

Gamers are boycotting Fortnite and playing Apex Legends' new Iron Crown event to send a message to Epic Games.

Fortnite and Epic being showered with hate for making changes to the game and not listening to fans is nothing new. With every new season comes new complaints, as does Epic acting as if they are listening and making the appropriate changes. It seems as if this season is going to be different, though.

The introduction of Fortnite's BRUTEs has caused the complaining to be louder than ever before. The overpowered mechs have made the game unplayable for some. If you come face-to-face with one, it's highly likely that your round will come to an end. The BRUTE's missiles and 1000 HP will make sure of that. Player requests that Epic nerf the mechanical beast have been ignored.

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Enter Apex Legends, the game that was once thought to be Fortnite's successor. Well, it might well have a second chance. On August 13, Apex launched its Iron Crown event. It's the first time Apex players have been able to play solo. In an attempt to send Epic a message, Fortnite players have been flocking to Apex in droves to play the Iron Crown event, including some of the former's top personalities.

TimTheTatMan and DrDisrespect are just two of Fortnite's heavy hitters that have been streaming their progress on Apex in the past 24 hours. The Fortnite competitive subreddit also has a greeting visitors telling them to play Apex as a way of telling Epic that it needs to listen to its players. FortniteIntel reports that at one point, 172k people were watching Apex on Twitch compared to the 104k watching Fortnite.

It should be noted that some believe Epic has done this on purpose. The developer is delaying any real nerfing of its BRUTEs in order to find out how big a threat Apex really is. If Epic believes the shift in activity and viewership to be significant enough, it might well start paying more attention to its consumers' complaints. So, if you're an avid but angry Fortnite player, perhaps give Apex a try, even if it's just for today.

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