The Top 10 Areas No Longer Included On The Fortnite Map

The way Fortnite constantly updates its map, weapons, and vehicles is surely revolutionary to online gaming. The Season 9 Fortnite map is almost unrecognizable in comparison to the map gamers fell in love with in earlier seasons. There are still some familiar areas that mostly look the same, such as Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, and Snobby Shores in the northwest corner of the map.

There are also areas of the map that have remained the same but have been entirely transformed. For instance, Tilted Towers has become Neo Tilted, and Retail Row has become Mega Mall. In this article, I want to only focus on the areas that have been scrapped, without a trace of them left behind. Here are the top 10 areas no longer included in the Fortnite map.

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10 Prison

The Prison was a tough area to lose, especially since it had been apart of the original Fortnite map and remained until Season 5. The area was replaced by Paradise Palms and the desert landscape that now makes up the southeast portion of the map. Paradise Palms along with the surrounding villages could be thought of as an upgrade, and a way for Fortnite to add variety to its scenery.

Nonetheless, it was still sad to lose the Prison because it represented a quality second stop after landing in what used to be Moisty Mire. It also had plenty of chests with abundant loot spread throughout its buildings. The area was also mildly contested and was an easy way to collect lots of stone and metal.

9 Tomato Town

Tomato Town wasn't necessarily a popular place to drop at whatsoever, but its position near the center of the northeast corner of the map made it a frequent stopping point. The area was also apart of the original Season 1 map and was altered in the middle of Season 5, then ultimately cut in Season 8.

Tomato Town was far from a great area for loot but the surrounding unmarked houses would make up for it. If you were looking for a covert starting point, you would most likely land in the northeast corner and eventually be able to peacefully collect loot in this area. In addition, the figurine of Tomato Head and the pizza slice roof that sat on top of the pizza pit was one of the most memorable structures in the game.

8 Moisty Mire

Moisty Mire was a solid low-key spot to land with the Prison nearby to serve as a second stop. The area had pretty scarce loot and it was difficult to travel through because of the swampy landscape. Then, the Season 4 update added a movie set to the area and it became loaded with loot.

Moisty Mire and the Prison are on the higher end of the list because the area that it was replaced with is high quality. There is certainly more loot in the southeast corner of the map than there ever has been before, as a result of Paradies Palms and its surrounding villages being added. Nonetheless, I'm sure many of the earlier Fortnite fans caught a lump in their throat when the area was scrapped in Season 5.

7 Anarchy Acres

Although Anarchy Acres is almost identical to Fatal Fields, the loss of the area was mourned by many Fortnite gamers. The large area was home to a lot of chests, and its position near the center of the map made for a great strategic position against the circle and storm.

A positive aspect of Anarchy Acres being cut is that it was replaced with another fantastic area, Lazy Links. Another reason Fortnite gamers may be less bothered by the absence of Anarchy Acres is that Fatal Fields is still present in the Season 9 map. Thus, the nostalgia fans feel towards Anarchy Acres can still be recaptured in the southern part of the map. However, we understand, it's just not the same.

6 Flush Factory

Flush Factory was certainly a strong place for loot and it had another similar factory nearby that was also loaded with loot. Although the second factory remains, the loss of Flush Factory to the snowy climate that was imposed in Season 7 is surely disappointing. Another sad aspect of Flush Factory being cut is that it was a part of the original Season 1 map.

Sure, Flush Factory was located in a terrible position on the map because it frequently created a long journey to the circle. However, despite its position far south on the map, the area had iconic scenery that will be sorely missed. Similar to Tomato Town, most fans will miss Flush Factory's wacky toilet theme.

5 Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods and its surrounding material-made structures were great for a stealthy drop point. Another pro of Wailing Woods, is when the shield mushrooms and apples were added to the game in the middle of Season 4, the area was absolutely covered in them and served as an easy way to gain health. In addition, all of the trees and bushes that formed the middle area of Wailing Woods made for efficient wood collection.

The middle area also had decent loot and was rarely contested. Currently, the area that once made up Wailing Woods is now profoundly hilly, contains streams of lava and two new locations, Pressure Plant and Skinny Steps. What once was an easy way to travel to or from Lonely Lodge and Dusty Depot, is now more complicated and contested. However, it certainly holds more loot.

4 Lazy Links

Lazy Links made a very brief appearance on the Fortnite map when it replaced Anarchy Acres in Season 5. It was scrapped from the map in Season 8 in favor of Lazy Lagoon. It included a golf course, tennis courts, country club, a swimming pool and an abundant supply of ATK vehicles. The area's pleasant scenery along with its high volume of loot made Lazy Links a top area.

Not too many people would land there so it wasn't very contested, and it's position at the center of the map was ideal against the storm. The ATKs also provided an easy way for long distance travel, which has since been replaced by wind transport, zip-lines, the ability to carry parachutes and volcanic craters. However, there was something special about driving the ATK while your partner stood on the back and shot. Whether Fortnite has added too many complicated elements to the game, or not, is controversial.

3 Dusty Depot and Nearby Factories

Dusty Depot was apart of the original Season 1 Fortnite map but was scrapped for Dusty Divot at the launch of Season 4. Although two of the buildings from Dusty Depot were kept with the update, the area was entirely changed. Another consequence of Dusty Depot no longer being included, is that the popular unnamed factories next to the area were lost.

These factories and Dusty Depot are sorely missed by high-level Fortnite gamers because of their location in the center of the map, which meant more flexibility against the storm. The loot in the area was also solid, and players could travel locked and loaded to surrounding areas with high traffic. Dusty Depot is also a staple area of the early seasons of Fortnite, and its destruction was a major moment for the franchise.

2 Greasy Grove

Along with Flush Factory, Greasy Grove was scrapped in Season 7 when Fortnite covered the southwest corner of the map in snow. Greasy Grove was a large town-area that served as a fantastic spot for loot. The sports store, the burger joint and surrounding residential houses were bound to be full of chests.

One factor that makes the loss of Greasy Grove so detrimental to fans is the lack of a quality location to replace it. Fortnite has made the southwest portion of the map so broad and desolate that players should be reluctant to visit. Unlike most areas on this list, the Fortnite map is worse off after the loss of Greasy Grove.

1 Motel

The Motel is an unnamed location that was apart of the map from Season 2 all the way to Season 8. The area had a good supply of loot and had a central location on the map. It also served as either a good second spot or place to start in relation to Anarchy Acres, and Lazy Links later on. The area was also a lightly-contested and beneficial second stop for players landing at Junk Junction.

Something that boggled fans when the Motel was scrapped, is that Fortnite decided to keep the unnamed mine-area that sat near it. Surely, fans would have rather kept the Motel instead. It has been replaced by an area named, Callum5tewart's Block, which is similarly lightly contested and has more loot. However, there is something heartbreaking about the end of the Motel's long-run, especially because it was never given an official title.

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