Fortnite Finally Adds Honking

Fortnite's latest update has arrived and there's a lot to get excited about including the ability to honk your horn in the ATK.

Fortnite's developers are all about giving its players what they want. That's why the battle royale version of the game has become so popular despite being available to download for less than a year. In fact, the mobile version has already been downloaded an incredible 100 million times even though it is currently only available on iOS and not Android.


Fortnite players wanted vehicles, they got them. Yes, it wasn't exactly what we imagined to begin with via the first vehicle, a shopping cart, but the ATK's the game now has was exactly what we had envisioned. As soon as gamers get something though they instantly want more. People have been requesting that the ATK has a horn, and now it does thanks to the new update.

Why exactly a litany of Fortnite players want a horn to honk on their ATKs is a little confusing, but now they have that option. The sound of the engine alerts nearby enemies to your position as it is, now if you're feeling extra cocky you can give them a beep to attract more gunfire. An ATK horn obviously isn't the only thing that has come with this week's update.

via epicgames.com

There is also a brand new weapon, and it may very well change the way Fortnite players battle when in close combat. A double barrel shotgun. Epic has laid out on its website that the weapon is only at its most effective when you're very close to an opponent, even more so than the other shotguns already in the game. There's also a brand new Limited Time Mode, Steady Storm, during which the storm never stops and there are no safe zones. You just have to keep on moving towards where you think the middle of the storm will end up.

All of the above adds up to the most popular game of the moment getting even better. Epic is clearly not happy with how popular the game already is and works tirelessly to keep improving it to attract more players and also keep the ones it already has. On top of that, the game will be coming to Android this summer, and Epic is expecting as many as 250 million players to join the fight via the mobile platform. That's a lot of new players to keep happy.


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