25 Awesome Spots In Fortnite That Casual Players Don't Know About

The Fortnite map is filled with hidden locations that every fan should know how to find.

One of the biggest games in the industry right now is without a doubt, Fortnite. People everywhere have flocked to this game and YouTube has been littered with videos of people streaming themselves playing. Fortnite has no doubt become one of the best games out there today because even if you don’t ever get a win, it’s still an adventure every time. Not to mention the fact that every six or seven weeks a new season is released and changes to the maps are made, making it almost like a whole new game. There are so many neat things to be discovered in this game, from hidden rooms to secret supervillain bases. Leave no stone unturned in Fortnite — you never know what you might find!

There are people who play this game all day every day, people who game every single night, and then there are the people who just make sure to get at least one game in whenever they get the chance to. If you are one of those people that can only get one or two games in when they get a little free time on their hands, then you might not be aware of some of the awesome spots hidden on the Fortnite map. That’s why we went ahead and compiled a list of the 25 must-visit places that you casual players have really been missing out on.

25 Bunker In Snobby Shores

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If you are a long time Fortnite player then you probably already know all about this spot, but if you just so happen to pick up a game here and there, then you are in for a neat discovery. Next time you are playing this game you should venture on over to Snobby Shores and make your way to that green flat house. At first, this house might not look like much, but if you go on into the bedroom you will notice a dresser against the wall behind the door, go on ahead and take a swing at this dresser with your pickaxe and you will reveal a bunker! In this bunker, you are usually lucky enough to find two chests, a couple of extra guns, and a ton of ammo.

24 Hidden Basement In The Desert

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The desert is a new addition to the Fortnite map, so it is very possible that even some of the best players still don’t know about this secret spot. Off to the far corner of the desert, close to the edge of the map, you will find a mini-junkyard. Go inside of the building in there and the odds are that you are going to hear a chest. Where is that sound of gold coming from though, you ask? Well, take your pickaxe out and start swinging at the floorboards because there just so happens to be a hidden basement that almost always has one to two chests inside of it.

23 Tomato Tunnel

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When it comes down to dropping in this game, people tend to want to drop into the big cities, where they know there will be a ton of loot. However, this usually ends up total chaos, and makes the numbers drop down fairly fast. With that being said, if you want to play the game smart, then you should probably drop down in a much less populated area. One of these areas just so happens to be the tunnel before Tomato Town. The tomato town tunnel might not look like much at first, but go ahead and find yourself that red car that's leaning up against the wall, and smash the wall that is behind it. This will uncover a secret room that not many people know about, and there are always two chests inside.

22 Anarchy Acres Secret Cave

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Anarchy Acres is another great place on the map to go if you are looking for a ton of loot and material. Look closely while you are roaming around here though because there is a secret cave in this town that very few people know about. It might take a little searching for you to find it, but once you do find it, you will not be disappointed. Anarchy Acres is a well-traveled spot though, so you will have to be careful in doing so.

21 Chest Route In Tilted

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Most people who play Fortnite just love to drop down in Tilted Towers, although we can’t seem to figure out why because this usually leads to the numbers being cut drastically in just the first minute of the game alone. If you can manage to make your way through Tilted Towers without immediately getting eliminated then you are going to want to know all about this wonderful chest route that outlines where all of the chests are typically places, giving you the best way in and out with the best loot.

20 Underground Room In Haunted Hills

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Haunted Hills is a town in Fortnite that really does not seem to get enough credit, and maybe that is because you usually can’t see all of the loot that it holds. If you get to Haunted Hills and you find yourself feeling slightly disappointed because you were only able to find about one to two chests, then have no fear because all you really need to do is start smashing all of the buildings and you will be sure to find a ton of loot.

19 River Cave In Fatal Fields

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For those of you who are passing on through Fatal Fields, you may find yourself pretty focused on all of the buildings, but you might also want to take a look around the river outlining this town because it will eventually lead you to a tiny cave that almost always houses a chest. Very few people notice this little cave, so you should be able to get lucky enough to get to that chest before someone else does, but don’t forget to watch your back, because you are still right next to a major drop spot.

18 Underneath The Mansion

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Another recent addition to the Fortnite map that came about in season 4 was the mansion. You might find yourself a little let down when you first step inside of this mansion though because for as big as it is, it doesn't really seem to house a lot of space or loot, but take a peek underneath the stairs and you will quickly realize why. Underneath this mansion, there is an entire base with at least two or three chests — as well as some other random loot. The surprises don’t stop there though, because if you go ahead and make your way towards the ledge, you will notice more stairs, that takes you down to what looks like a garage overlooking the ocean.

17 Moai Heads

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When walking around the map, as a casual player, you probably don’t really take notice to surroundings such as trees and rocks because you are more focused on getting into the circle and keeping an eye out for enemies. Next time you play though, we recommend taking a look at those giant grey things that you probably assume to be boulders, because they are actually Moai Heads. The Moai Heads were added to the map in the most recent season (season 5) and they can oftentimes have chests on either the top of them, or surrounding them. 

16 Under The Waterfall Of The Viking Village

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With the season five update, there were a lot of map changes, one of the more obvious changes would be the Viking Village, which has a waterfall going from the middle of it all the way down the mountain. With the Fortnite can be with hiding rooms, a lot of people assumed that there would be something hidden behind the waterfall, unfortunately, there is nothing hidden there. Well, unless you count people, because thanks to a little glitch in the system, you can manage to hide behind the mist of the falling water without anyone ever seeing you, unless they too hide behind it.

15 The Unnamed Town In The Desert

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The desert was a huge addition to the map, there is no doubt about that, seeing as how it takes up almost half of the map now. In the center of the desert, you will notice a new town that was added on, Paradise Springs. If you want to be able to explore the desert without having to worry about being eliminated, then you will notice that there are other smaller towns scattered throughout the desert. There is one in particular that you are going to want to visit, and that would be the one to closest to the edge with no name. This is a spot that is often times forgotten about by other players and it just so happens to house a ton of loot.

14 The Wailing Woods Hatch

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This next one is really just a neat little find that not a lot of people have noticed, and as of right now it serves no purpose, although we are hoping that this changes with the next upcoming season. The Wailing Woods is a great source for building material, and it can be hard for other enemies to spot you unless you are knocking down all of the trees. So the next time you find yourself over there, keep an eye out for the hatch on the ground. When looking into the window of the hatch, you can clearly see that there is a room down there, but there is no way to open it. This is starting to sound like an episode from the TV series LOST, no doubt, but we have hopes that there is something planned for this hatch in the future.

13 The Supervillain Base

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One of the coolest and most hidden places on the map ever seems to be the Supervillain Base, and if you find yourself asking what on earth we are talking about, then you clearly aren't playing enough because this spot is awesome. In order to access it the easiest way possible, you are going to want to find which mountain it resides in and land on top of it. The opening of the mountain is the only way in. Once inside, you might be taken back by just how cool this place is, but don’t forget to collect your loot, because there will be plenty of it.

12 Salty Springs Blue House

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The creators of Fortnite seem to love their bunkers, seeing as how they seem to be putting one in every major town on the map. Salty Springs is one of the more major towns, but it is not one of the heavily traveled ones, so you should be able to go check this spot out on your own without any issues at all. When you get there look around for the blue house and smash your way right through the floorboards and you will find yourself yet again, another bunker!

11 Tilted Towers Underground

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As we have already discussed, Tilted Towers is a huge part of the map that everyone loves to go to, so unless you have a squad backing you up discovering this one might be a little difficult to find. If you do happen to have the run of the town then start smashing away at the concrete below you and you will eventually find all sorts of underground rooms loaded with loot. Of course, it might take quite a bit of looking around, but at least you will be upping your material count in the process.

10 The Golf Course

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The golf course was another major addition to the map that came with season 5. Moreover, it came with a golf course! This place can be a ton of fun to visit when you are with a squad, but there is also a little hidden treasure nearby. If you head on to over to the little house that has the tractor in the garage, you might find yourself hearing that wonderful sound of a chest, go ahead and whack that floorboard out and you will find yourself falling below the house directly in front of a chest. Score!

9 The Race Track

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Most of the entries on this list have been focused around hidden rooms — places loaded with loot (and how to find them), but this next one is purely just for fun. Another little addition made to the map with the latest season was the race track. If you are a casual player you might not have had the chance to race here yet, but we highly suggest that you get on over there, find yourself a cart, and take it for a spin.

8 The Water Tower

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If you find yourself dropping down anywhere near retail row, then you might went to plan your drop very precisely. If you land on top of the water tower there, then the odds are that you will land directly on top of a chest. This is a quick and easy way to get your hands on a weapon so that you can fight your way through the rest of retail row and get your hands on some even better loot.

7 The Dinosaurs In The Desert

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As some of you might recall, back in season 4 a big old dinosaur footprint was dropped onto the edge of the map, and we now realize that this was a hint as to what was coming in season 5. We say this because another cool thing that was added into the desert with the latest season was dinosaurs. There are three or four of them in the desert and they are all located in the same spot. They aren't invaluable, but you can harvest them for some material.

6 The Motel West Of Anarchy

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With as big as it is, you might think that the hotel (located just west of Anarchy Acres) has a name of its own on the map, but you would be wrong. The motel is one of those places in the game that not a lot of people pay very much attention to, but it usually houses at least four chests among many other things. So if you are looking for a safe place to drop down —with a ton of stuff for you to pick up— then this might just be the spot for you.

5 Half House Half Fort

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This next place does not have a name, and it might be a little difficult for you to find. On the Northeast edge of the map, there is a building that is half fort and half house. Literally, no one ever goes here and it always has a ton of loot, and if you are in need of material, then go ahead and knock it down because there is plenty of wood to get here.

4 The Giant Llama

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Who doesn't love llamas? If you know anything about Fortnite, then you know just how special llamas are in this game. For instance, those colorful pinata looking ones giving you the best loot that you could ask for. So next time you are dropping down on the map, open up your parachute and look around for the giant wooden llama. You will find it along the edge of the map, and you can actually go inside of it where you will find ammo and a chest.

3 Next To Snobby Shores

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Snobby Shores is a great place to go, but have you ever noticed the houses just east of them? You probably haven't, and that is because not many people pay attention to these houses when the Snobby Shore houses have so much loot. This is why it is such an awesome place to go. There are two houses and they both contain crates, ammo, and extra guns. This is also a great place to hide out if the need be because no one will go looking for you here.

2 The Football Field

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Yet another new addition to the map would be the the football stadium. This seems to be something that a lot of people have forgotten about since the addition of the desert, but it is still a fun place to go, especially now that the creators have added toys like beach balls, golf balls, and soccer balls to the lockers. Not to mention the random loot spread throughout the stadium. This is a truly neat place to go, and you should definitely check it out the next time that you get over that way.

1 The Giant Chair

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There are all kinds of neat things built with wood throughout the map and the giant chair s no exception. This is another good spot to land because there is always a chest on top of it, and after you are done with the chair you can go right across from it to the house sitting in front of it, where you will find ever more loot for your backpack. Sure it's not the craziest thing on the Fornite map, but it still is something worth checking out the next time that you get the chance to play.

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