Fortnite Is The First Game To Feature Characters From Both Marvel And DC

Characters from Marvel and DC have never been in the same video game... until now. Fortnite is now home to characters from both franchises.

Although Marvel and DC have sat at the top of comic books for decades now, characters from each franchise have never been in the same video game - at least not until now. With the new Batman event, Fortnite has officially become the very first title to include characters from both the Marvel and DC universes. Although each company collaborated with Fortnite separately, DC and Marvel skins are both currently present in the game.

Fortnite's Batman event is shaping up to be one of the game's biggest yet, giving players Batman and Catwoman skins, batarangs and grapnel guns, Batman-related challenges, and the dark knight's signature black cape as a new glider. On top of that, Gotham City has also appeared in the game, as Tilted Towers has been redesigned to resemble the infamous home of the caped crusader. Players who enter the zone can find Gotham City landmarks, including the Gotham City Police Department HQ, the Wayne Industries Tower, and the Monarch Theatre.

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via Kotaku.com

Fortnite hasn't seen an event that excited comic book fans like this since its previous Marvel's Avengers crossovers, which were used to promote the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. They served as the first of many big-name Fortnite collaborations, which set the stage for later events based on John Wick and Borderlands.

Although many comic book fans have been calling for a Marvel vs DC game for quite some time now, Fortnite was able to bring the two brands together before anyone else. Though Fortnite isn't a licensed game based on the comic book characters, and these events are only limited time collaborations, there is only one place where you can have a face off between DC's Batman and Marvel's Black Widow, and that's within the popular battle royale.

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