The 10 Best Fortnite Items, Ranked

When it comes to battle royale games, the first question players ask tends to be, which guns are the most useful? They forget that while a gun may allow them to damage other players, it does not protect their own hide from bullets. Items are arguably as important as any gun, because when you need a way to escape or to shield yourself from damage, you turn to your items.

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Fornite is the same way, giving you a multitude of items to choose from in order to survive until the end of the game. Knowing which items to use is a big step in becoming a better player, which is why we have ranked some of the very best for you.

10 The Mounted Turret

The Mounted Turret is at the bottom of the list for its inaccuracy (it also increases the probability of being sniped). It is not considered a gun because, while it does shoot, it is permanently placed in building mode and does not require the use of your ammo.

The Mounted Turret is inaccurate and does require a cooldown period, but it also allows you to blast down enemy forts in the absence of a Minigun. It can be useful in the right situations, but shooting for too long can and will result in death.

9 The Bush

Players might argue this item doesn't belong in this list at all, but if used in the right situation,  it can win you a match. Players have been observed putting on this object at the endgame and waiting out the final fights, casually avoiding detection in their shrubbery state. It does not always work, and several times players catch on to the hidden enemy, but if you are desperate enough it is worth a shot.

It can also be used to sneakily pick up downed team-mates in the middle of a fight, using it as cover to prevent enemy teams from realizing what's actually happening.

8 The Stink Bomb

This item creates a toxic gas that can hurt enemy players (and the user). It does ten damage for each of the nine seconds it stays active, and it works wonderfully as a way to gas players out of hiding.

It is rare to actually kill an enemy with this, but it does happen on occasion when they have low health or have accidentally trapped themselves within a fortress. You can carry six of these at a time, so if you have an empty slot it's not a bad idea to carry a few.

7 The Damage Trap

These are usually only successful in skilled builder's hands, as they are best used amidst a fight. Players will quickly place these on their walls during a fight without the enemy's knowledge, usually ending in their quick demise.

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They do 150 damage to players, and can also be used at the entrances to buildings to deter other players from testing their luck. Every once in a while, a blind squirrel does find a nut, so randomly placing these around the map may also earn you a few free kills if you lack the skill to use it during a fight.

6 The Launch Pad

Launch Pads have a multitude of uses, as they give you maneuverability across the map. You place these on a platform, but placing it at the top of a ramp can allow you to cover more ground. They work by launching you into the air, allowing you to redeploy your glider once again, but the process can be risky.

If built on a ramp, it can be shot out beneath you, leaving you to free fall to your death. They are useful when attempting to outrun the storm but also serve a purpose during fights, as they can give you a bird's eye view of where the other players are located.

5 The Balloons

These can be slightly loud, making your journey across the map more than noticeable, but it does serve as an easy way to speed up your travels. You have the choice of using between one and three balloons, but while you are airborne they can be popped by gunfire.

It also allows you to acquire the high ground, as you casually float to the top of the tallest mountains. It is a versatile tool that many choose to keep in their inventory, especially at the beginning of the game, when poor loot leads to you needing a speedy escape.

4 The Cozy Campfire

Fortnite has recently added stationary campfires across the map, but it doesn't diminish the usefulness of the Cozy Campfire in your inventory. It can be placed on a floor and allows you to regain 50 hp, which can be a useful tool especially at the end of the game.

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It is an easy healing item to use, so you don't waste your other transportable healing supplies in your inventory. It does give off smoke into the air, which other players can see, but if you conceal yourself behind a mountain or building it shouldn't cause you any problems.

3 Slurp Juice

A Slurp Juice can be a quick way to heal on the go, as it is faster than taking a Med Kit. It only takes two seconds, in fact,  compared to a Med Kit's ten. The juice restores 75 health or shield, depending upon which one needs to be refilled, making it a more versatile option to carry.

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Your inventory is limited, and holding onto this item grants you the ability to correct two possible damage issues compared to one. It also allows you to fill up in the middle of a fight, as it slowly refills your bars over the span of 37.5 seconds.

2 Rift-To-Go

This portable rift is extremely helpful when escaping enemies (or the damaging effects of the storm). It can be loud and noticeable, as it creates light and sound in the sky as it drops you back into the world of Fortnite, but usually, the danger is worth it.

It gives you a way out of fights if you happen to be outnumbered or outgunned, but other players do have the option of jumping into the rift and following you. It can also allow you to escape the storm in a variety of bad situations.

1 Chug Jug

The Chug Jug is the item that beats them all, because your player's health and shield are the most important things in the game. This beast of an item refills both bars to 100% making the battle you just won totally worth the damage you received.

It can be a lifesaver, but it does take 15 seconds to pop it, so using it at the end of the game can prove difficult at times. This doesn't mean it can't be done, but it does depend on the situation and how much your teammates need you in their current battle.

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