31 Weird Details Behind Fortnite: Battle Royale

One of the biggest games of the past decade, Fortnite is Epic's official Battle Royal experience. Although this game began as a survival shooter aimed at a variety of demographics, it now finds itself with a golden crown above its head. Fortnite has divided the gaming community in terms of preference and opinion. Some people adore the Battle Royal game mode, whereas others loathe it.

For some players, they'd rather be playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or H1Z1, for others, there's nothing better than coming home after a hard day's work and unwinding with the squad in Fortnite: Battle Royal. The genre as a whole has become the forefront of the 2018 gaming scene, with wave after wave of Battle Royal-themed game modes becoming available in so many titles. One of the most notable mentions would be Black Ops 4's Blackout game-mode, which has received well-rounded reviews across the globe.

Despite the common sight of this game-mode now on our consoles and computers, it's the success of Fortnite that has driven us to create this list for you all. Whether you're a fan of the game or need convincing, this list will hold some fun facts for you! All these facts are relative to all the seasons, some weird details are no longer available and some stick out like a sore thumb. We'll be looking into some of the best loot stashes, hidden secrets & easter eggs, and a llama full of hints & tips. Prepare the Battle Bus!

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31 The Motel

Via: Fortnite.gamepedia.com

Let's start our list off with a bang, The Motel is an unmarked point of interest that can be found in the D2 coordinate, located northwest of Lazy Links. The Motel isn't the best spot in the game for loot, however, it tends not to be overpopulated with players so it's good for squad looting.

In Season 6, many floating objects could be found around The Motel. 

You can find a shack and some destroyed rooms full of average loot. In Week 1 of Season 4, the Motel sign was struck by a small meteor, in Week 8 of Season 4, the sign vanished into a rift. In Season 5, the sign had returned but hadn't been repaired.

30 Where To Find The Aeroplane!

via: gamespot.com

The coolest thing about Fortnite's newest update has to be the introduction of the X-4 Stormwing, Fortnite's new airplane. This unique new tool to Battle Royal means you have access to the skies to and you can fit your whole squad plus one in there! You can find the plane at Frosty Flights (8A/B), Southeast of Frosty Flights (8B), North of the happy hamlet on the mountain (8/9D), West of Paradise Palms where the grass meets the sand (8G), West of Dusty Divot on top of the mountain (5F), Northeast of Snobby Shores (4/5B/C), Northeast of Pleasent Park (3D), West Of Tomato Temple (3F), West of Lonely Lodge (5I), and Southeast of Lonely Lodge (5/6J).

29 Pistol Inspirati0n

via: ComicBook.com

Just like with the Assault Rifle weapons, the Pistols are also made to resemble their real-life counterparts. For starters, the basic common pistol seems to resemble the infamous M1911, apart from that, the Fortnite variant can carry sixteen bullets as opposed to the real-life counterpart's seven. Another notable example would be the Suppressed Pistol, this weapon is modeled after the FN FNP 45 with a holographic sight. Even the Desert Eagle makes an appearance in the form of the Fortnite Hand Cannon. Finally, players can find the Colt Navy combined with the Python in the form of Fortnite's Revolver.

28  The Prison

Via: Fortnite.gamepedia.com

Ever wondered what happened to The Prison? This unmarked point of interest was available to explore right from Season 1, but you won't find it in the game now. In Season 4, a small meteor crashed into the prison, destroying most of it.

In Season 5, the Prison, alongside Moisty Mire, was replaced by a huge desert area called Paradise Palms. 

It's unknown whether or not the Prison will make a return, however, many players are happy to see the Prison go. This location was a hotspot for ambushes with its closed-in build and layout, leaving many gamer's egos screaming at the TV for weeks.

27 Assault Riffle Inspiration

Via: EpicGames.com

The various weapons in Fortnite are part of the secret recipe that makes the game shine. It's no secret, however, that the Assault Rifles in the game are modeled after real-life counterparts. There are several guns that the community has matched up. For example, the common through to rare Assault Rifle is based on the M16 Rifle. The Epic through to Legendary Assault Rifle seems to be modeled after the Scar-L. Whereas the burst variant of the Epic to Legendary Assault Rifle is molded in the shape of the iconic FAMAS.  There's a wide variety of Assault Rifles in the game modeled after real-life counterparts, but these were some of my favorites.

26 Container Yard

Via: Redbull.com

This shipping yard is full of metal containers and is a mildly contested area in the game. This point of interest has been around since Season 1 and even had its own Soccer goal pitch added in Season 4! You'll find the Container Yard southeast of Tomato Temple and north of Retail Row in the coordinates I4/I5. There's some rare loot to be found here but the real treasure is the abundance of the Steel building material up for grabs. Pay close attention to what's inside the containers, some of them have golden chests, healing items and weapons available.

25 How To Ride Rockets?

via: Twitter.com

Have you seen those super-awesome videos on YouTube and Daily Motion where players ride rocket projectiles? Either to save a teammate who needs reviving or to get a surprise jump on the enemy. ever wanted to know how to do it? Fear not, I have answers.

First thing's first, make sure the rider is standing in front of the person firing the rocket.

The rider should jump just as the rocket is fired, if timed correctly, buckle up, you're in for one heck of a ride! But what if you're trying to save a downed teammate? Make sure the downed teammate is dangling off a ledge, then sweep the rocket under them to whisk them off their feet. It's worth noting the Guided Missile was "Vaulted" in Season 6, so you'll only be able to pull off that later maneuver with special events.

24 Fortnite's NBA Cameo

Via: MP1st.com

Fortnite has appeared on accessories worldwide and is something of a fashion statement for some people. No example shines as strong as the shoes owned by Josh Hart. The Los Angeles Lakers guard decided to pay tribute to one of his favorite games in one of his matches by wearing some custom made Fortnite sneakers. These specially made sneakers featured his in-game avatar and text that reads "Eliminated by JoshHartNova." Created by legendary shoe designer, Salvador Amezcua, these shoes must have cost a small fortune. 

23 Why Were Crossbows Removed?

Via: Inverse.com

The Crossbow was a weapon added into the game with Season 2 but was "Vaulted" in Season 4 by popular demand. Many players complained that this weapon was too overpowered and the sheer amount of complaints forced Epic to take action by removing it. However, the Crossbow makes a comeback every now and again in special events. During the valentine event, the Crossbow was skinned to match the event theme and the community nicknamed the weapon Cupid's Crossbow.

22 How Epic Deals With Cheaters

Via: TheVerge.com

Cheating has existed in games since the dawn of games themselves. Be it fiddling the cash register on a board game, keeping track of specific cards in a game of Poker, or using cheat codes in the virtual world, cheaters do sometimes prosper.

Epic Games have banned people from playing their games and even taken some gamers to court! 

Recently in the news, there was a massive uproar after one of the hackers that Epic took to court turned out to be a fourteen-year-old kid!

21 Haunted Hills

Via: GameRant.com

Haunted Hills is a fairly-popular location located northwest of B2 on the grid. This area was added with Season 2 and has been a popular spot for players due to the high amount of loot that can be recovered from it. This spooky area usually has around eleven chests and has a decent amount of stone available for people to mine. It's a better place for solo or duo play rather than squads because there might not be enough loot for everyone, however, the Haunted Castle is nearby so it may be worth checking that out too if your squad is nearby.

20 How To Find The Best Weapons?

via: FutureGameReleases.com

Guns are usually looted from chests. These chests are mainly found in buildings, so target and prioritize buildings over other places. Tread with caution, however, other players will have a similar idea to you. Usually, the areas with more buildings are the most populated areas, so you need to decide what best suits you. The areas with more loot and more players? Or the areas with less loot and fewer players? Pick a strategy and run with it! Take into consideration your skill and bravery when dropping into these areas!

19 How To Get Far Whilst Gliding?

via: Forbes.com

When you deploy from the Battle Bus, there's a number of directions you could go and places you could harvest. It's catch twenty-two when you're deploying. On one hand, if you decide to zip straight down to the ground, you'll have first picks of the loot.

If you spam the glider deploy button whilst moving, you'll move further than if you just leave the glider deployed. 

On the other hand, if you wait in the sky a while you can see where people are going and guarantee a safe drop. Play to your strengths and bravery.

18 Planning Your Routes!

via: Fortnitenut.com

You can plan your route effectively by simply opening the map whilst in the game's lobby area. This pre-determined route can be a very useful tool for planning your potential options. You can also calculate roughly where others will land, however, it's all theoretical, you'll never actually know until these players deploy from the battle bus what's going to happen. Luckily, if you've taken some tips on from this list you should be able to foresee the outcome of the battle better.

17 How To Race The Storm...

Via: Inverse.com

Anyone who's played Battle Royales for a while has no doubt been on the receiving end of the Storm. This ever-consuming devil will close in on the play area, forcing players to come closer and closer to one another. Getting caught in this purple demon will drain your health to the point of a game over. However, did you know that depending on where you are in relation to the storm, you can actually race it? Players who are on the shorter area of the storm will find they can outrun the storm. On the other hand, players caught on the long side of the storm will find it moves a lot faster than they can run. Where's that shopping cart, guys?!

16 Why Should We Gather Wood?

via: Youtube.com

Wood is the weakest building material, but to some players, it is the go-to resource for quick builds. Why? Well for a start, wood is the quickest resource to mine, meaning you can get lots of it, quickly.

Great for spur of the moment decisions!

Not only is it the quickest material to mine, but it's also the quickest material to build with, meaning you can set up constructs a lot quicker! Of course, on the flip side, don't make a permanent structure out of it as you'll find yourself quickly rebuilding what you built. And watch out for those explosives!

15 Perfect Mining!

Via: GameSkinny.com

You may find mining and building to be the best part of playing Battle Royal. We don't blame you, it's great fun! But one thing you should be aware of at all times is how to mine the resources perfectly! There will be a small blue circle every time you aim at the object and start swinging, try hit this circle every time as it will ensure you mine that resource quicker. Meaning you can spend more time watching your back and preparing for the storm.

14 Building Basics 101

Via: Polygon.com

There are a few professional bits of information that will separate you from your fellow survivors. For a start, you can only edit your constructs. So for instance, you could turn this to your advantage. If an enemy is in one of their structures or just a structure in general, then you can create walls that the enemy can't edit, they'd have to take the wall down themselves, leaving them vulnerable for attack.  Learning the construction layout will help ensure you can build as quickly as possible with ease. Ramps and walls are also good choices for make-shift shields and getting height advantages.

13 Reloading Like A Pro!

via: Elecspo.com

Some of those weapons out there are fun and can really help you get an advantage in combat. That been said, isn't that reload time a pain sometimes? Especially when you're pinned down by hungry scavengers wanting all that sweet wood you collected.

You should try to carry two of the same weapons to get twice as much ammo for your reloads!

Okay, so that idea has a few problems, but is a go-to method for all the seasoned survivors out there. It not only ensures you can keep firing long after your clip runs dry, but you can also pack that extra fire on your enemies. On the downside, you'll have difficulty finding that perfect weapon twice so sometimes a weaker version will have to suffice.

12 Consider Your Bullet Drop!

via: gamingfortheweekend.com

This rule is something to be taken on board by the snipers out there. Unlike other weapons, the Snipers in Fortnite suffer from Bullet Drop. What is Bullet Drop? When the bullet reaches a certain distance, gravity begins to pull it down towards the ground. This mechanic is not new to many FPS gamers but is something people should store in their memory banks. To make it easier to understand, the greater the distance between you and your target, the higher you should aim using the crosshair's hash marks below the center reticle.

11 The Story Behind The Meteor?

via: IGN.com

Cast your mind back to the month of April for Fortnite. This object served as a bit of an April Fools trick. Many people were led to believe that the meteor was going to take out Tilted Towers. However, this turned out to be just speculation. The meteor eventually hit the Dusty Depot, forming the Dusty Divot. After appearing in the sky on April 18th, 2018, the Meteor eventually landed at the end of Season 3 on April 30th, 2018. Speaking of speculation, some people even thought that the meteor was a spaceship!

10 The Hidden Evil Lair!

Via: Fortnite.gamepedia.com

The hidden evil lair was added to Fortnite in Season 4, revolving around the season's storyline.  Players can still find this lair in Season 7, but it is now abandoned and has decayed completely! This is the unnamed point of interest from wherein the Rocket Launched kickstarted the rifts opening up across the game world. Players can still find chests in the area, and it's not regularly contested. Find it in the B4/B5 area, east of Snobby Shores.

9 The Story Behind The Rocket?

Via: KnowTechie.com

As mentioned in the above entry, the whole mess with the rocket stemmed from the Evil Lair! Thousands of players watched with anticipation and wonder as the Rocket fired high-up into the sky.

The Rocket took several days to reach its destination. 

On August 28th, after the rocket penetrated the map's atmosphere, a crack began to spout lightning, and the eventual effects can be seen in Battle Royal today. The crack left behind took a full season to react, so if you want to immerse yourself in the Battle Royal story, now's the best time to do so!

8 Shifty Shafts

Via: Fortnite.Gamepedia.com

Found just south of Tilted Towers, in the D7 Coordinates, Shifty Shafts sits ready to be looted. Shifty Shafts is Fortnite's answer to the mineshaft. Here you'll find a couple of buildings, underground tunnels and lots of loot. Each of the two houses contains two chests and there are even more chests hiding in the mines! Now, Shifty Shafts is covered with snow, this is the first map change since Season 4 when the houses were redesigned.

7 Using All-Terrain Karts Effectively!

via: Forbes.com

The ATK is basically a souped-up golf-kart and a massive improvement on the Shopping Cart. Not the best idea for a stealth approach, the ATK is one heck of a noise maker! Boasting enough seats for your entire squad.

This vehicle is only let down by the fact it can only take four-hundred points of damage.

Here's a tip for drifting, when you have blue sparks, you'll receive a small speed boost. Likewise, yellow will give you a medium boost and red will give you the longest boost. Is this a reference to Mario Kart 8?

6 The Floating Island

Via: RockPaperShotgun.com

The Floating Island was brought into Fortnite's Battle Royal map at the start of Season 6. The Island floated around the map, moving from place to place - usually gravitating towards the purple rune cubes - until it did a full circuit back to Leaky Lake. On November 4th, the Island exploded into smaller fragments and rained down onto Leaky Lake, where they wait for players to venture out to them. Now, Leaky Lake isn't as wide open as it was before, so you've no need to worry about snipers! Famous last words.

5  Do You Remember Tomato Town? Before It Was A Temple?

via: Blendernation.com

Located in G3/4, Tomato Temple is a replacement for the old Tomato Town location. Critics have praised this area as welcoming and effective. Although previously, the town held very little value or treasure worth, now a temple, with plenty more gold loot to grab than ever before! The temple came about in Season 5, where it appeared in-place of Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit. Talk about wiping out the competition! However, a Pizza Pit truck was added to the area in Season 6.

4 The Lonely Lodge Lowdown!

via: redbull.com

Lonely Lodge has been around since the very first season of Battle Royal. Many weird and wonderful things have happened here. Most notably, the sign was removed in Season 4 and replaced by a rift.

Head for the tower, there's a ton of chests and loot inside!

Furthermore, one of the beds in the lodge was spotted floating in Season 6, however, it no longer does, so this was most likely a reference to the Halloween season.

3 All About The Dusty Divot


Yes, at first this area was great for treasure, but as of recently, the loot drops have been significantly decreased! Originally referred to as Dusty Depot, it wasn't until Season 4 that the Depot became the Dusty Divot. In Season 5, the Divot was abandoned, however, and a picture of the divot was added to the maze under the Wailing Woods, hinting at the Divot's relocation. Not much has changed for the Divot, but now in Season 7, several zip lines will carry you into the center.

2 Flush Factory Facts!

via: Fortnite.gamepedia.com

Having been around since Season 1, the Flush Factory didn't receive any upgrades to its appearance until Season 4! To the northeast of the area, a nightclub can be found with deep, rhythmic bass sounds. In the fourth season, a soccer goal pitch was added to the parking lot. In Season 6, the highest chimney of the Flush Factory was covered by a parachute with a logo exactly like the one on the A.I.M Robot. Finally, in Season 7, the Factory has been covered in snow and is no longer named on the map, though you can still spot the parachute alluding to the locations buried presence.

1 Calling Shotgun, Your Close-Quarters Guide!

Via: Dexerto.com

Commonplace in gaming culture, the Shotgun is a favored companion of many gamers. I shouldn't have to tell you this monstrosity was designed for close-quarters combat.

Hitting very hard with terrible range is what the Shotgun shines at.

Many professional players recommend focusing your aim on the center reticle, this will save you only landing a partial shot. Interestingly, the Pump-Action Shotgun is clearly based on a Remington 870 Express, the Tactical Shotgun would appear to be a Sawed-Off 870 Express, and the Heavy Shotgun could be a UTAS UTS-15

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