10 Tips For Fortnite Beginners To Dominate

Winning Fortnite is no easy task – especially when you take into account the fact that you’re competing alongside almost 100 other players who want to come out on top as badly as you do. While being No. 1 can be daunting for anyone, it’s especially overwhelming for newbies who find themselves competing against master players.

Don’t stress just yet, though. We have a few tricks to get you started.

Bust a dance move because in just a little time, you'll be the one dominating the game instead.

10 Jump To A Remote Location

At the start of a Battle Royale match, players jump out of the Battle Bus in the sky and head to a location. If you follow the crowd though, chances are, you’re going to get gunned down at the start.

The best strategy for a beginner is to head to a more remote location on the island. Try waiting to jump until the end and heading out as far to the edge as you can. This will minimize the likelihood of others following. Or, rather than heading to a major point of interest, consider searching out items in smaller houses and lesser known locations.

9 Loot By The Color

While the best weapon in Fortnite is subjective, a rule of thumb for beginners is to pay attention to the color of the guns they come in contact with them. From worst to best: Grey weapons are common, green are uncommon, blue are rare, purple are epic, and gold are legendary. This means that in most cases, if you have a green weapon and see a gold one up ahead, you’re going to want to trade it out.

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This rule generally applies to shields potions, healing items, and traps as well.

8 Seek Out Chests

If you hear some bright, glowing sound and see an arrow pointing in the direction of a golden chest, you should probably follow it. While you can find all sorts of gear just lying around in buildings, there’s a higher likelihood you’ll find better gear in treasure chests. These are usually hidden at major points of interest.

If you instead stumble upon a chest that’s already been opened, keep an eye out. This means someone has already been there, and it’s in your best interest to consider that they could still be nearby.

7 Use Those Shield Potions

When you stumble upon a shield potion, don’t let it just sit with your stuff. Drink it!

Your health is represented by the green bar whereas the shield is represented by the blue bar. When you get attacked, your shield depletes first, which means your health bar will stay untouched if you’re able to escape a sticky situation.

There are different sized shield potions, so while not every one will allow you to max out, it all helps.

6 Balance The Best Gear

If you manage to stay alive for a while, you’re going to come across more gear than you can carry. A good strategy for beginners – after using up all shield potions and healing items to put your health to the max – is to carry a couple of top-quality guns and at least one healing item and shield. While traps can be helpful for fort protection, it oftentimes takes newbies too much time to figure out how to create a solid fort for it to be worth it. After all, the key to Fortnite is to move quickly. You can still win with just a gun.

5 Stay Out Of Sight

While a seasoned player will be facing the action head-on, it might benefit you to stay in the shadows for a while. If you hide from your enemies rather than going straight at them, there is a higher chance they’ll eliminate each other before they can eliminate you. If you find yourself in a faceoff and don’t have a lot of experience, they’re probably going to come out on top.

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While you can’t avoid all your competitors forever, staying out of sight will definitely have you lasting much longer.

4 Keep An Eye On The Storm

Dying by getting caught in the storm is a beginner’s mistake – and now that you know that, you can avoid it.

The safe zone continually shrinks throughout Battle Royale, and if you find yourself in the storm instead, you’re going to be eliminated. You have a timer that alerts you when the storm is going to shrink and a map that shows you where it is shrinking to, so make sure you’re paying attention.

If you wait until the last second to run out of the storm and believe you can make a straight shot to the center, you’re going to be in trouble because of the topography you didn’t take into account. Instead, pay attention to mountains and bodies of water on the map that might be in your way so you can allow yourself enough time to get to the safe zone.

3 Watch Out For Players’ Forts

If you see wooden buildings full of staircases that stretch into the sky, you're probably looking at your competitors’ forts. Be warned: If you go near them, you will die. People who have been playing Fortnite for a long time get really good at building structures, and from their vantage point in the sky, they’ll be able to shoot you down while from the ground, you won’t have a chance.

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If you see a player's fort in the distance, just avoid it. Find another way – especially when you’re starting out.

2 Pay Attention To Your Competitors

Yes, yes – it’s best to avoid other players as you start out, but you’re going to come in contact with them sooner or later. Watch how they play, and you’ll learn a lot about strategy.

In fact, once a player shoots you down, you’ll have the opportunity to watch them compete from their point of view. Rather than clicking past this and starting a new match, take the time to find out why they’re winning. What do they do differently that has kept them in the match this long?

Everyone has a different play style, and the best way to develop your own is by taking a few pointers from those players who have been around a whole lot longer.

1 Make Your Own Forts

Players can use their pickaxes to harvest resources like wood and stone. These materials can be used to construct walls, ceilings, floors, and stairs. It’s good to get in the habit of collecting resources now because as you become more advanced, you’re going to want to start building structures on the fly that help you scale mountains, get into hard-to-reach loot, and create cover. Building structures quickly takes some practice, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

Soon all your seasoned competitors won’t be the only ones with some crazy looking forts; You’ll be the king of your own castle.

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