The 25 Best Items In Fortnite (And How To Get Them)

Fortnite hit the video game industry with a huge bang, becoming the most played shooter game on the market, ranking higher than the likes of Call of Duty, Destiny, and Battlefield. The online game is free-to-play, another reason why players are more than intrigued to give it a go, and boy do we bet the developers, Epic Games, wished they put a price on it (however the commitment of in-game purchases from players have made sure that they’re doing successful enough). The paid products (standard and deluxe edition) are different to the free-to-play version (Battle Royale)– the original, strategy-focused, survival action game known as Save The World, allows users to play in cooperative mode, and work together to defend themselves against zombie-like creatures.

Fornite gives a very similar vibe to Minecraft and even —in its own special way— other survival games, featuring cartoon-like visuals and building with materials, combined with surviving against foes people and firing top of the range weapons. Fortnite: Battle Royale mimics the standard game format, spawning one hundred players worldwide into one match. The last person standing wins, and to keep players engaged, they must keep away from the progressively growing storm that shrinks the map, forcing players to get closer and closer to each other.

So what is it that makes this game so popular? To the point where it has actually hit the news that parents are concerned for their children. We’ve put together the top 25 items you will find in Fornite (and how to) – combining the essentials and rare epic, and even legendary items you might not have got hold of yet!

25 Burst Your Ammo Through This AR With Heat Detection

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This powerful weapon came to Fornite during the update (June 2018) that brought new weapons, locations, and items for players. Quite obviously the greatest thing about the ranged weapon is the thermal scope attachment, allowing players to tag their enemies using heat signatures. In addition, the rifle can also highlight loot chests and enemy supply drops, so you can hide far, far away and be able to plan your next move quickly and quietly. The weapon is only available in 'epic' (purple)  or 'legendary' (orange) variants, and can be found across the map in floor loot, chests, and supply drops - keep an eye out so you can grab this one first!

24 I've Been Locked Inside Your Heart-Shaped-Box, For Weeks

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The crossbow is available in both versions of the game, and was added to Battle Royale during the Patch 2.4.2 update, originally skinned thematically to Valentines Day holiday. The arrow-firing weapon can be found in both epic (purple) and legendary (orange), but was recently removed for Season 4. However players have been raging on the internet about bringing the weapon back - let's hope they do because we really miss it!

23 Fancy A Weapon Which Is Small, Yet Powerful?

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The Hand Cannon and its many variants is based on modern revolvers such as the Taurus Raging Bull. The rare item was only available in Save The World (but has now been added to Batte Royale), and can be easily found in the Vindertech Store in all basic and daily Llama Pinatas, and generally in chests, loot, and from fallen enemies.

It may be slow, but it will knock back targets with its heavy blows.

The cannon is available in epic and legendary, and rather like the revolver, one shot can cause excpetional damage.

22 Launch Yourself Into The Colourful Skies

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This Epic item is one that will stick with you to the end of the game once obtained. The launch pad has unlimited uses, and can be triggered by any player. Hands down one of the funnest items in the game, blasting you through the air over enemies (or a great use to outrun the storm!)

Activate your glider while in the air to have a second chance at skydiving!

The item can be found mainly in floor loot, and sometimes supply drops. It is classified as a trap, so requires materials in order to build it. A great tool for infiltrating enemy fortresses.

21 Make Real SCARS On Your Players With This Legendary Weapon

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The best AR you can get your hands on in the game - The SCAR (it even sounds brutal!)

The weapon comes in both epic (purple) and legendary (orange). It is unlikely you'll come across a legendary version, and if you do, you're one lucky player and are in for a jackpot. The AR is extremely powerful, firing at mid-range for maximum effectivity. Search loot, chests and fallen enemy for this weapon - it may take a while, but it's totally worth it.

20 Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away

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Jetpacks are a very limited, legendary (orange) item found in Fornite. Epic Games finally announced jetpacks in the v4.2 update, and have changed things pretty significantly.

Fly up high in the sky to find better spots, and see what other players can't.

The jetpacks can only be found in treasure chests, and because they're legendary items, they will be hard to find. You must explore every inch of the map, and try and get to those chests before anyone else does!

19 Become Superior With This Legendary Consumable

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Chug Jugs are legendary (orange), consumable healing items in Fornite: Battle Royale. The only downfall is the item takes 15 seconds to plug down, so it is crucial to make sure you're hidden out of enemy sight before using it. The item grants full health and shield, making it a pretty impressive addition to the game.

Glug, glug, glug, the chug jug jug.

The rare item can be found in the obvious places, floor loot, chests and supply drops. Run safely across those fields!

18 Blast your Enemies At Close Range

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The heavy shotgun is a brand-new weapon to arrive in Fornite: Battle Royale, ranking with the highest range in comparison to other shotguns in the game. The legendary weapon (highlighted orange, found in treasure chests or supply crates), is the first legendary shotgun (also available in epic - purple). With a damage rate of 77.0, this kind of weapon is great for close-up combat, assuring that it will painfully blast your enemies to the ground so you can steal all of their items. Win!

17 Take A Break, Perhaps Stop At A Cosy Campfire?

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The cosy campfire is available in both Save The World and Battle Royale. The item is a healing floor trap, allowing players to rest nearby and regain health (even if they're on the other side of the wall!)

Heal yourself and teammates without having to use bandages. 

Making its way to be the most useful trap to have come into the game, the blue item (rare) can be found anywhere in the map, predominantly in chests or dedicated trap spawns. You can drop it anywhere, even in battle, and it will heal you, and anyone if range for 25 seconds before it despawns.

16 Take Out Your Enemies Quietly... Shhhh!

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The silent weapon is best used for medium to long range combat, and is available in both epic (purple) and legendary (orange) versions. The suppressor combines the advantages of a regular pistol, with a silencer attachment that allows players to take out enemies quietly.

A great choice for stealth attacks - hide in a secure spot to attack players without them seeing where it came from. 

The handheld weapon can be acquired in floor and chest loot areas, and with one hundred other players in the game, you'll have to be fast.

15 Why Carry Around A Shield When You Can Just Drink One?

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Shield Potions are another one of our favorite items, that ensures players will get the protection they need against other players. The rare consumable healing item can be located in floor loot, treasure chests and supply drops, and are usually pretty easy to find if you aren't new to playing Fornite. The item takes five seconds to consume, and will grant you with 50 shield points, they also have no cooldown rate. So you can drink one, then immediately drink another  - just like a refreshing pint in the sun!

14 We All Loved Trampolines As A Kid

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The bouncer trap is a new, rare item, which came into the game during a content update (v4.3) in early June 2018. The item spawns in packs of three, and can be found in treasure chests, supply drops or supply llamas (another new addition to the game, spawning only at three llamas a match containing a HUGE amount of supplies and materials!)

The Bouncer Trap combines two old items (horizontal and vertical traps).

The trap gives you immunity to damage upon landing, and depending on the way you hit it, can blast you in various directions. An amazing item that is a lot easier to find than a jetpack!

13 Get A Taste Of The Real Battleground Experience

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The rare rocket launcher can only be found in Save The World, (there is also a legendary version) and is located in the Vindertech Store, along with various other ranged weapons.

Who doesn't love firing a rocket launcher? 

The weapon is great for targeted numerous enemies from a distance, especially if you're a player who doesn't like to play things safely. They are annoying though, especially if players fire them without giving others a chance, because lets face it, get it by one of these and you aren't going to make it!

12 Starting To Feel A Bit Weak From All That Defense?

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This one has a Left 4 Dead vibe to it. Apart from the similarities of them being survival shooters against zombies, they also both feature med kits - an essential item to staying alive in the game. Med kits restore all lost health, but provide no shield. They are located mainly in floor and chest loot, but can be found occasionally in supply drops. The maximum you can carry is three, providing you with all the energy you need to win.

11 Sick Of Throwing Grenades? This Will Do The Job...

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The grenade launcher is a good replacement for grenades and one of the best weapons as it doesn't require any ammo. The rare explosive weapon rapidly consumes its durability, knocking out groups of enemy within your raidius. There are epic and legendary versions, dealing high damage, and can blow up enemies from several metres away, having a longer range than your standard grenade. They're great for damaging enemy forts, and fortified watchtowers - find one of these bad boys in floor loot and treasure chests.

10 A Throwable Item For Those Feeling Tired Of Building

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A new item added to Battle Royale: The Port-a-Fort resembles a cube, and when thrown creates an actual fort, turning into a large metal structure  - the strongest material in the game. They're of the purple (epic) rarity, and enables players to carry five at once, saving a lot of time building one yourself.

A quick defensive position upon impact. 

The three story fort can be found within chests, floor loot, and supply drops across the map. A handy item if you aren't particularly great at building structures during combat!

9 How Many Bandages Can You Fit On One Arm?

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One of the extremely common, but easily best items in the game. Bandages are what you are going to want to collect and keep on you as they can be exchanged for med kits, and are generally useful for a quick health boost during combat, despite being the lowest-tier healing item in the game. Available amongst floor loot, in chests and supply drops, bandages are something you will easily come across a lot, giving you a quick 15 health increase.

8 Its Size Just Doesn't Do Justice To Its Power

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This epic and legendary variety weapon is exclusive to Battle Royale, and man do we love it! It's the perfect weapon for close to mid-range attacks, that will eliminate your targets immediately with its ability to fire all ammo without reloading.

Be careful - this weapon leaves you exposed while firing. 

The submachine gun fires light bullets, and doesn't overheat, and is the perfect weapon to absolutely shred your enemies and their forts and chuckling at their misfortune.

7  Potions Aren't Just For Fantasy Games

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This epic consumable can be found in chests, supply drops and supply llama's. The potion provides health regeneration and a shield, one health and one shield per second of slurping (for 25 seconds). It is best to use this item when both your health and shield is low (rather than one or the other), to avoid wasting the rare item, and ensuring complete affectivity. Only one slurp juice can be active at a time, so only save it for when you really need it.

6 Blame it on the Boogie

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This rare consumable grenade is by far one of the greatest items in the game. It is thrown like your average grenade, however, it makes any players in the blast radius start getting down and boogying, and it looks hilarious!

When players are dancing, they're prevented from defending themselves.

Players are unable to build, use items, or fire weapons when they're busting some moves. They're usually found in chest loot and supply drops, but there aren't many of them - it's a case of first come first served...

5 A Mary Poppins Experience

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This item allows players to elegantly glide around the virtual skies, with that little extra weather protection. It's fairly easy to acquire if you're good at playing the game (or just lucky). Simply win a solo match, and the item will be added to your collection. However, winning a solo match will only mean you can use it in solo matches, meaning you'll have to win a squad match to obtain the umbrella in squad matches. You get the picture, right? Get out there and rank #1!

4 One Of Your Five A Day

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It may not seem that apples are one of the best items in the game, however, they are a necessity to game-play, being a consumable item that grants you health. They can be eaten almost instantly, so if you're in the middle of combat and your health is down, this is the item that will keep you going - healing up to 5 of your health. Apples can be found anywhere, and there will never be a shortage as they are mostly found underneath trees and in clusters on the ground. Make room, because there aren't always medkits lying about.

3 The Perfect Hiding Spot (And Also Kinda Creepy)

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If you're a stealthy player who likes to keep their distance from the battle, then hiding in a bush is your best bet. Bushes are scattered across the whole map, and are a great hiding spot for players to run out of combat on low-health, and bandage themselves back up again. You could also hide in a bush for most of the game with a sneaky sniper rifle, and you'll probably never get noticed. HOWEVER, there aren't just bushes on land - you can also obtain the legendary bush item, which is a one-time use camouflager that allows players to wear it. Although, if spotted, damage will be taken, watch your back...

2 The Game Would Not Be The Same Without This Essential Tool

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Where would we be without this item?

The pickaxe is the weapon we start off with, and the weapon that stands by us throughout each match, helping us mine and break materials, and building everything we need in order to win. The pickaxe can be upgraded in the main game, allowing players to salvage their materials at a faster rate. In Fornite: Battle Royale, the tools skin can be upgraded, and cause damage if you're in a position where you've run out of weapons. Although it may not be the best in the game, Fornite would be useless without this item.

1 A Classic Weapon

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This weapon comes in many varieties (uncommon, common, and rare), but in a recent update was released in the variants we wanted the most, epic and legendary. The Burst Assault Rifle is a favored choice by a large percentage of players global. The variations can be found in floor loot, treasure chests, supply drops, and vending machines. The AR is the easiest handling and most entertaining weapon for combat. It has greater speed, reliability, and accuracy than any other AR in the game.

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