The 10 Best Fortnite Skins, Ranked

One of the best aspects of Fortnite is the multitude of outfits and costumes you can acquire or purchase. The best part is that those skins don’t affect gameplay, beyond making your character look awesome during a match. There’s a range of skins for every player, and more and more come out with each passing season and Battle Pass.

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Here's the big question, then: which skin is the best of all? We've taken a look through every option, and now present to you our findings on which Fortnite skin is the winner of the much-desired Victory Royale.

10 Peely

A classic skin, Peely is a banana outfit, with a fun, friendly face to complete the look. Peely is a part of season 8, which premiered on February 28 this year, but he’s a bit tricky to get. You have to complete weekly challenges in-game to get to Tier 47, at which point you’ll finally unlock this funky banana.

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Peely also has a neat feature called “Reactive,” in which the skin changes over the course of a match. In this case, the banana will ripen and darken as the match continues and you get closer to the Victory Royale.

9 Ghoul Trooper

One of the earlier skins from Halloween 2017, this lovely lass features minty-green skin and ghoulish glasses over a more traditional and familiar Fortnite outfit. Because she was released so early in the game's history and was only around in the Item Shop for two short months, fans have been clamoring for Epic Games to bring Ghoul Trooper back.

Rumors have been circulating that she’ll make a triumphant return come Halloween, but who knows? She’s definitely got the popularity—it wouldn’t be surprising to dive into a match and see a sea of Ghoul Troopers if she comes back!

8 Galaxy

Undoubtedly one of the most intricate skins to come to Fortnite, the Galaxy outfit features a man entirely made up of stars and space, all in purple and blue tones. Lights swirl around his head and throughout his body as he runs across the map, making the effect when playing him that much cooler.

Galaxy was part of a Samsung promotional event, in which those playing Fortnite on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 could get him for free. That makes this spacey lad an exceptionally rare find now that the promotion is over!

7 Brite Bomber

Who’s this funky gal clad in rainbow hues? It’s none other than Brite Bomber, one of the more colorful skins to find in Fortnite. Her pink hair and purple gloves match her bright shirt, which features the Loot Llama—as a unicorn!—leaping through a neon rainbow.

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The best thing about Brite Bomber is that she can be purchased at any time from the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. There’s no specific season or promotional event she was a part of, so feel free to head on down and peruse the shop to snatch up this sweet skin!

6 Raven

Two purple, glowing eyes peering out from beneath a dark, brooding cape… That’s the Raven, one of the most popular skins in Fortnite. Featuring tons of spiky feathers to match the bird he’s named after, the Raven is here to make a statement.

After buying the Raven, you also gain access to the Iron Cage back bling, which pairs well with any outfit. The Raven’s popularity is also clear in the fact that the Frozen Raven --an additional style for this outfit in chilly blue and white colors-- was released on December 23 last year, just in time for the holiday season.

5 Skull Trooper

One of the most easily-recognizable skins from Fortnite, the Skull Trooper is exactly what he sounds like—a skeleton with a great mask and some sweet boots. He was originally released with the Fortnitemares update on October 24th last year, but he can still be bought from the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Skull Trooper also has three different styles, including a purple coloring variant that came with the original Skull Trooper skin. Unfortunately, that style can’t be accessed by players now, but there’s a third glowing green style available too that’s just as awesome on the battlefield.

4 Red Knight

Bold, brilliant, and battle-ready, the Red Knight is a classy but fierce look. Featuring red-accented armor, complete with a helmet and luminous red eyes, Red Knight is a fearsome foe to behold. Though she premiered at the tail-end of season 2, she isn’t a season exclusive and can be found in the Item Shop --usually as a featured outfit-- for 2,000 V-Bucks.

Red Knight is also the so-called “red menace” of Anarchy Acres, a former zone on the map from seasons 1 to 4. It was renamed Lazy Links in season 5, becoming Lazy Lagoon in season 8.

3 Omega

Omega is the final tier in the season 4 Battle Pass and a sight to behold. This skin features customization which allows the player to swap out his armor pieces at will (and even change the light accents running through his outfit). Those armor pieces include a chest plate, leg armor, arm armor, a helmet and four different light accents, all unlockable in that order. The lights can be red, orange, purple or green, making Omega a super-versatile suit.

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Beware, though: as cool as Omega is, those light accents can be seen from a mile away on the map. Watch out!

2 Ruin

As we get closer to our number one skin, we have to take a look at one of the most intense skins in Fortnite: Ruin. With a name like that, this outfit has to be intimidating, and that spiky armor with the lava-inspired accents definitely make for a scary costume.

He’s the most recent release on this list, having landed in the game just a few short days ago. Ruin can be unlocked by completing 55 of the season 8 Battle Pass Discovery Challenges. He’s definitely worth it, though, as you can get Back Bling and a Pickaxe by unlocking this awesome skin!

1 The Reaper

For our number one spot, we had to go for the ultimate classic, The Reaper. Though he may not feature as many of the cool effects or colors as the other skins on this list, he has made a huge impact in the Fortnite fandom. Part of the Hired Gun set, the Reaper takes on the appearance of John Wick from the movies of the same name, right down to his distinctive suit.

He’s the tier 100 skin from the season 3 Battle Pass, so it takes a lot of effort to obtain this outfit. It’s worth it, though, simply to stroll through a match looking like Keanu Reeves!

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