Fortnite: The 10 Best Forms Of Transportation, Ranked

Here's our ranking of the top ten best transportation methods in Fortnite to stay one step ahead of both enemy squads and the storm.

Fornite is the game of the century, enticing players with its comic-like graphics and battle royale playing style. People are also intrigued by the several options players have in terms of transportation across the map. The storm is fast and players' legs are slow, which is why these items and vehicles are so important.

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Anyone who plays Fortnite knows how damaging the storm can be, probably having died due to its purple haze on more than one occasion. Whether its a difficult fight or extended looting, everyone needs a faster ride on occasion. Keep reading to see our hierarchy of the top ten best methods of transportation to extend your Fortnite game a little while longer.

10 Rocket-Ride

Rocket riding is risky business, but it can come in handy when attempting to save teammates from the storm. There are those who sacrifice themselves, sending off their buddies with their rocket launcher into the luscious fields ahead of them. Others use the guided missile launchers to save their downed buddies from dying to the storm. They would guide it into their teammate, picking them up and carrying them back out into safety so they could pick them up. It may not propel an entire team, but it can save some players from extinction.

9 Shopping Cart

These were fun to use and helped speed players up if they faced a lot of downhill treks to the circle.  The shopping carts were loud, but they could be used to effectively transport a duo. A friend could shoot and build to protect another while they made their grand escape, but the noise and lack of speed are what put it towards the end of our list. When used in the right situations they could be considered helpful, but usually, when running from enemies they acted as more of a hindrance than a saving grace.

8 Pirate Cannon

Pirate Cannons can be a useful way to shoot out of harm's way, but shooting in the right direction is a different story. They are hard to maneuver on their own, but it is possible. They are best used to avoid a storm rather than an enemy team or player due to its slow nature.

Players can load themselves into the cannon and shoot themselves out, or they can have a teammate do it for them. Rocketing out of the pirate cannon, players will be sent spinning in the air for ten seconds or until they make contact with the ground. They are unreliable, but they can launch a player further and fast than a shopping cart, which is why they rest at number eight.

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7 Glider

This refers to the item players can pick up off of the ground, not the one given when using a launch pad or leaving the Battle Bus. Gliders do require players to build themselves a ramp if they want maximum distance, but it also provides them with a safety net if a structure is knocked out from beneath them. The only downfall is that players cannot split this item with their Fortnite Squad, but many use it to build into the sky to spy on the competition. When rushing to help a teammate, it can be helpful in decreasing the time it takes to reach their location.

6 Drift Board

The Drift Board is a one-man transportation machine, as it propels players across the landscape with boosts to make the trip even shorter. They can jump and climb mountains more easily than the Quadcrasher. It is lower on the list though for its lack of protection and low health, as only a few shots will cause it to disintegrate. Drift boards are also extremely loud but are usually at accessible locations around the map. They may not carry your squad or be the safest piece of equipment, but they will get casual and pro players from point A to point B in style.

5 Rift-to-Go

These might be at the top of some gamer's lists due to their ability to transport a player out of any sticky situation, but they can still cause more trouble than good. When a Rift-To-Go is used, it places the user in the sky, allowing them to redeploy their glider, but it does create a lot of noise and light, which alerts others to the location. They are useful in the beginning when players have a long run ahead of them, but in most other cases it is just another elaborate way to get killed.

4 Quadcrasher

A Quadcrasher allows a player and a teammate to hop aboard and speed off into the sunset. It can smash through most things, creating a path even in the densest of areas. It can also be used as a weapon, throwing players into the air when it rams them, causing them to incur fall damage upon contact with the ground. It can be used to climb up mountains when used in tandem with the boost to gain an advantage, but some are too tall and will cause players to waste precious time rolling down its side.

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3 X-4 Stormwing

The X-4 Stormwing is a plane, and it can carry an entire squad on its back. It is versatile, as it can perform aeronautical tricks on the way to a destination, but it is a large target for other teams to shoot at. If it is shot down while players are still aboard, it will damage everyone as it explodes into oblivion.

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It was helpful in avoiding detection at times when players used it to skirt the edge of the island beneath the line of sight to avoid the shots of enemy squads. Other players enjoyed the dogfighting aspect of these planes, manning the inaccurate guns to shoot at foes below or ramming into teams to destroy their health.

2 All Terrain Kart (ATK)

The All Terrain Kart was by far the best way to transport an entire squad party across the map. It allowed injured players to heal while the other was driving, and provided fire support from the two wielding guns in the back. It was a bit difficult to obtain boost, as it was achieved through power sliding, but it could be managed by skilled players. Players could even switch places while the cart was in motion, and the roof acted as a bounce pad, giving passengers the opportunity to jump into a team head on.

1 The Baller

The Ballers are the entire package; gamers have a blast when using their grappler to latch onto other players or their surroundings. These grapplers give the user the ability to swing through the trees like Tarzan and scale the highest mountain peaks with ease.

This vehicle is also difficult to destroy, taking several hits before it finally breaks. Players have used these to hide on the side of mountains or off of the edge of the map to avoid detection, hanging by the thread of their grappler as they wait for the action to begin.

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