Fortnite: 10 Best Ways To Use The Chiller Grenade

The Chiller Grenade has already been vaulted after one of Fortnite's many patches, but the few months we had with it taught us a lot about its utility. The Chiller Grenade functions as a mix between a Chiller trap and an Impulse Grenade. If a player is caught in the radius of its blast, they will be boosted away from the place of impact.

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However, the effects of a Chiller will take place for seven seconds afterward. That means whoever you throw this grenade at will slide along as if they were pushed on ice. Though the Chiller Grenade is sadly no longer with us, we may see its return one day. With that in mind, read on if you want to learn the best uses for the tiny snowman head clutched in your character's palm.

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10 A Simple Knock Backwards

The Chiller Grenade does not deal damage the way other grenades do. When using it, always consider using it as a mobility feature instead of a damage dealer. That said, the Chiller Grenade is fantastic as a tool for giving yourself some breathing room.

If you're feeling a little crowded by foes and you can't build walls around yourself fast enough (or you don't have enough materials), toss that Chiller Grenade at that cluster of opponents. It will knock them back and slide them away from you, giving you time to either build a fort or get the heck out of Dodge.

9 Boost Off A Ramp

Fortnite gives players the ability to build ramps in order to increase the height of forts they might be building. However, every creative player dreams of doing more with those ramps. Thanks to the Chiller Grenade, players can use those ramps to boost themselves up and away.

Players already figured out how to use Chiller traps to achieve the same result. The Chiller Grenade just requires more skill. You have to toss the grenade near yourself and a conveniently built ramp. As you might surmise, this requires oodles of precision. And please bear in mind the fall damage you might take from flying and subsequently falling.

8 Deny Your Enemies Their Cover

Taking cover when under fire should be second nature to any Fortnite player. Without nearby cover or building some of your own, your health will be whittled down to nothing. Of course, it can be annoying when you're trying to bring down an opponent and they take cover right when you could have brought their HP all the way down. One handy Chiller Grenade could solve that problem.

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If you toss one near an enemy taking cover, the resulting blast and slide will boost them out of cover against their will. As they slide out from behind their walls, you and your team can pepper them with projectiles until that's one less player you have to worry about.

7 Give Yourself Some Extra Vehicular Cover

Chiller Grenade effects work on your fellow team members, enemies, and vehicles. That means you can knock and slide yourself, your opponent, or a car any which way you want. While you may be tempted to restrict your Chiller Grenade usage to actual players, don't neglect the vehicles scattered around the map.

Use the Chiller Grenade to shift these vehicles around. You can make your very own cover without having to farm materials from your surrounding. You can also surprise enemies around the corner by shoving cars in their faces.

6 Chuck Your Enemies Into The Sky

Sending your opponents into the air takes some thinking ahead of time. Build a ramp in a perfect location for maximum air height. Draw your enemy toward it without getting downed. Circle around so he or she is in between you and the ramp. Finally, toss that Chiller Grenade and send the poor fellow soaring.

As you can probably tell, this move takes a lot of scheming and perfect timing. Consider pulling it off with another team member or using a Floor Freeze Trap (if you have one available) to keep your enemy trapped in place before you throw the Chiller Grenade. You will be hard-pressed to attempt this all on your lonesome.

5 Lend Your Friends A Speed Boost

Playing Fortnite with friends is the true way to play the game. Nothing can beat engaging in a Battle Royale with your best buddies by your side. The Chiller Grenade can be used on your friends in order to give them a helping hand. Since it deals no damage, the Chiller Grenade is the perfect tool for moving your friends away from harm.

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If you notice they're having difficulty with some other players, you can surprise them and their foes by launching a Chiller Grenade in your friend's direction. It will explode, shoot your friend away from his or her attackers, and give your team the element of surprise. Just be sure to let your buddy know what you're planning to do.

4 Corral Your Opponents Into One Convenient Spot

The Chiller Grenade's utility, as you have most likely figured out by now, is all about the movement it forces from other players. Using the Chiller Grenade to move your foes into a centralized location is the ideal strategy for this item. Coordinate with your team to move your enemies into one spot and then down them all.

Two members with a healthy supply of Chiller Grenades should be in charge of boosting opponents to one spot. Another friend with great aim should be in charge of downing them as they come into range. If you want to go the extra mile, rope another team member into building walls around your helpless, sliding foes in order to truly trap them.

3 Slide Enemies Onto Spike Traps

Combine the motion of Chiller Grenades with the damage of Wooden Floor Spikes. Construct a chamber or another enclosed area and cover its interior surfaces with spikes. Bait an opposing player toward the entrance. Once they're nearby, use a Chiller Grenade to force them to slide onto the spikes.

Wooden Floor Spikes deal damage over time and they also slow players who are on top of them. If you are lucky, players shot into your trap will be downed once they're inside. Just remember to keep the entrance to this trap as wide as possible so that you have a larger margin for error when you try boosting an enemy inside.

2 Catch Someone In A Shooting Gallery

This particular trick needs two players with arms full of Chiller Grenades and one player with phenomenal aim. It also mostly works on a single opponent. Locate an isolated enemy and position your two Chiller Grenade team members on either side of them. One after the other, have them throw Chiller Grenades at the enemy, timing their throws so that the slide effects occur right next to each other.

This will cause the hapless victim of your trap to start sliding back and forth, caught in an endless side-to-side motion. This will leave them wide open to getting shot by the final member of your team. This move should only be attempted if you have the resources and a cruel desire to shove in the face of your opponent how skilled you are.

1 Mess With Your Friends

Video games are all about having fun. Sometimes, the best kind of fun you can have with a game is pulling pranks on the friends you're playing the game with. Fortnite has a wide realm of possibilities available for ways in which you can mess with your buddies.

The Chiller Grenade is definitely one of the best. Since it doesn't deal damage on its own, the Chiller Grenade can be used to move your friends when they least expect it. Technically, you are not directly harming them with this move. You're just giving them a nudge. However, this single nudge can lead to destructive, and hilarious, consequences.

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