Fortnite Chapter 2 Guide: How To Find The T

How to find the T in Fortnite Chapter 2, and how to complete the weekly challenges leading up to it.

It's hard to believe, but if the letters players have been collecting are anything to go by, the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is almost over. A new unlockable loading screen has been released each week and since the season is now in its seventh week, the time has come to seek out that second T. As with the previous six letters, finding this T will not come easy, and there are a number of hoops to jump through before it will even become visible.

Most of those hoops involve completing challenges. Epic has released a new set each week and players need to complete at least eight of them before the new loading screen will be unlocked. Eagle-eyed players will then be able to pick out the hidden letter on the loading screen and go find it. Don't try to do that before completing eight challenges though as even if you do suss out where the letter is hidden, it won't be there.

via Epic Games

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Trick Shot Challenges

This week's challenges have been dubbed the Trick Shot challenges and feature a combination of tasks most players will accomplish without even trying and others which will need a little more planning ahead. Visiting three named locations in a single match, and dealing 500 damage with shotguns are two examples of challenges in week seven which should just happen without players having to think about it.

Most of the others will require being a little more switched on. Dance at the Pipeman, the Hayman, and the Timber Tent, for example. We're assuming those dance moves can be busted across three different matches rather than all in the same round. There are also a couple of trickier challenges such as eliminating two opponents while your HP is below 50. That may happen naturally, but if it doesn't, players might want to drain their health intentionally in order to up their chances of completing this one.

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Study The Loading Screen

Once eight of the Trick Shot challenges have been completed, players will unlock the above loading screen. Of the seven released so far, this one is probably the one we had to stare at for the least amount of time. The teal T is between the two fighting players, off in the distance under the bridge. The trickiest part is distinguishing where on the map that battle is taking place, and thus knowing which bridge to search under.

via Epic Games

As is given away by the trees surrounding it, the bridge can be found in Fortnite's Weeping Woods. Head under the bridge and the T should be there waiting for you providing you have completed eight of the weekly challenges. With that, seven of Fortnite's eight letters should have been collected. If you're still missing one or two, be sure to check TheGamer for tips and walkthroughs on how and where to find them. Players have until the end of the season, whenever that might be, to get the job done.

That just leaves the E left to find and at the time of typing this, that loading screen is not yet available. The eighth set of challenges will unlock later this week and when they do, players will be able to complete them and find the last letter of the season. We hope Fortnite brings the format back for Season 2 as we have thoroughly enjoyed our letter hunts these past two months.

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