Fortnite "Chapter 2" With A New Map Leaks Through Apple's App Store

Tired of dancing randomly with tacos in your hands at Greasy Grove? Turning into objects when crouching in Moisty Palms getting on your nerves? Miss the cratered remains of Dusty Depot? Well, be prepared for a clean slate, because Season 11 of Fortnite is getting an entirely repurposed map.

The leak, provided by the Italian Apple games store, showcases some interesting new content, specifically three in-game characters peering out into an unknown riverbed leading off into the wilderness (accompanied by what appears to be a building in the distance). Plenty of in-game signs, such as rifts and other oddities around the present map have alluded to big changes. While the dome-like specialty locations, such as Moisty, Greasy, and Gotham City, were neat new touches to the game, they haven't been enough to satiate exponential change for the more avid players.

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With the special event "The End" coinciding with the literal end of Season 10 nigh on October 13th, there's bound to be some news released by Epic Games, though it's obvious Fortnite is in for some extreme alterations. Specific among them isn't only a massively revamped arena, but the tagline of "Chapter 2," as well, ushering in a new era for the game.

Due to Apex Legends' new map and character additions, which led to a boost in players, it makes sense that Fortnite would want to answer in stride. With their unknown plans for the upcoming Chapter 2, it's clear Epic wants to change Fortnite's outward perspective. It's no longer about adding Mechs and Batman to the mix. This time around, Epic wants to evolve on their franchise in ways unimaginable. They chose the spookiest time to do it.

Though Epic has yet to announce the official release date for Season 11, it's clear they're biding time as the special event soon heads underway. Some interesting bits of code were discovered in the 10.30 update, which included currently unknown area names like Cape Cod,  Weeping Woods, Power Plant, and more. Whatever Epic has in store, it sure will be epic in its own right. Fortnite typically packs a punch when it comes to new releases and big reveals, evidenced by unheard-of crossovers with the likes of Batman, Stranger Things, Jurrasic World, Marvel, and Borderlands. Even amid the bubble of Apex acclaim after its release, Fortnite didn't waiver. Epic merely cherry-picked most of the other game's better components for a more well-rounded Battle Royale experience.

With Epic coming under fire for matchmaking, which they defended with fairness in mind, as well as a plentitude of lawsuits, specifically the most recent claims of video game addiction, it's clear the company has something to prove, especially when it comes to their most beloved IP.

As the specialty event "The End" begins October 13th, in line with the finality of Season 10, it will be interesting to see where Fortnite ships the bus off to next.

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