The 5 Places You Can Now Go Clay Pigeon Shooting In Fortnite

Fortnite has added clay pigeon shooting locations, and our map shows off every place you give it a try.

Most of you will know that Fortnite is not all about shooting people, far from it. You can now add clay pigeon shooting to the long list of other activities.

If you think that Fortnite is simply about 100 players landing on a map and killing each other until only one of them remains well, you'd be wrong. There are different modes to play, various challenges to complete, and even an array of other activities dotted around the map. Fortnite's developers, Epic are always adding new things to the increasingly popular battle royale based game.

Season five of Fortnite has been bringing a whole lot of added extras along with it. Aside from the birthday celebrations going on right now, players have also been able to shoot some hoops on basketball courts around the map. It was even a battle pass weekly challenge to do so.


via Epic Games

Now there's another, very different sport you can take part in on Fortnite, clay pigeon shooting. The latest update has brought five clay pigeon shooting locations along with it. If you like the sound of this then keep an eye out for a lounge area like the one pictured below which comes along with the clay pigeon launchers. Having trouble finding them? Just take a look at the map below courtesy of Forbes.

via Epic Games

To have a crack at clay pigeon shooting on Fortnite, activate the machine, aim your gun at it, then try to hit the disc that fires out of the launcher. If you hit it, the score on the machine will register a point and fire another disc. Once you miss, it will reset back to zero. As you can see, there are two slots for scores so you can compete with a friend if you have one handy.

So far, season five is shaping up to be a pretty exciting one for Fortnite. The map has drastically changed, there is a real, useful vehicle to drive, and some new activities to do. There's still a long way to go though and who knows what else Epic has in store for us. For now though, get out and shoot those clay pigeons and also find those birthday cakes if you haven't already.


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