28 Awesome Fortnite Cosplay That Are Better Than The Game

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the world by storm. Epic Games may not have inaugurated the battle royale genre, but the developer has capitalized on this trend like nobody's business. Stuck in an overstacked category filled with imitators and wannabes, only PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is equipped to challenge Fortnite's monopoly, and the latter seems to have the former's number.

Spinning-off from Fortnite: Save the World, Epic's vivid shooter has proven to be a massive hit on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Due to matches lasting a predictable amount of time and the gameplay's immediacy, Fortnite Battle Royale is an ideal game for brisk viewing sessions. For better or worse, Fortnite holds no surprises. Aided by its free to play price tag and the fact it is far more polished than its main competitor, Fortnite Battle Royale rolled the red carpet and invited the entire world!

When discussing cosplay, gameplay means virtually nothing. Fortnite Battle Royale's matches attracted the masses, but the game's creative character designs led to the foundation of a dedicated cosplay community. Considering most of the roster's members have yet to utter a sound, Fortnite's popularity is impressive! While they hardly compare to Overwatch's personable heroes, Fortnite is packed with fashionable and instantly identifiable faces!

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28 Dusk

Via instagram.com/sylvercy

Sylvercy's Outlander perfectly captures Dusk's venomous beauty and sophistication. Fortnite: Save the World is slated for a full release in 2019, but Epic should extend the characters' backstories or provide them with something resembling a personality. Dusk is a creature of the night who packs a dangerous bite, but the Sanguine's incredible design is wasted on a blank slate. Now, in all fairness, these type of models are fantastic for cosplay purposes; nonetheless, Fortnite's awesome skins could use a bit of substance.

27 A Heroic Contribution

Via deviantart.com/castiel77762

Introduced as a reward in Season 3, Rust Lord is a culmination of multiple pop-culture references. Forming part of the Storm Scavenger set, the skin bears a striking resemblance to Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord, who also sells salvaged items to make a quick buck. Faithfully re-creating Rust Lord's marvelous appearance, Castiel77762 went above and beyond in pursuit of cosplay brilliance! Our inner Cinema Sins cannot help but point out that the jacket is slightly too crisp and clean to perfectly replicate Rust Lord's look. However, that is just a minor nitpick.

26 Construction Complete

Via instagram.com/tacticwarpanda

Due to the spin-off's remarkable reputation, Epic's original survival game has been completely overshadowed. Fortnite: Save the World is merely a footnote in the franchise's legacy, but there is a lot to like about the co-op player-versus-environment shooter. Split into four classes, gamers need to work together to survive wave after wave of zombie-like creatures. Okay, the concept will never win any awards for originality, but the gameplay more than makes up for the derivative premise. Representing the Constructor subclass, Chelsea War Panda is a worthy spokeswoman.

25 Armed And Ready


Reaching Tier 87 in Fortnite's Season 5 awards players with Rook's epic outfit. The battle royale mode is free to play, but there is the option to purchase a Battle Pass, an item used to progress through levels and unlock new content. At the end of a season, this resets and a new subscription would be required. There is also a free option, but progression is extremely limited. Going by Ally Bross' awe-inspiring cosplay, it is safe to assume that she bought the Battle Pass. Money well spent.

24 Raven

Via instagram.com/lochraxx.cos

Bringing to life Fortnite's most charismatic playable character, Lochraxx has impeccable taste! No roster would be complete without an anti-hero, and Raven fits the bill nicely. Favoring to keep his opinion to himself, the Soldier represents a rather enigmatic figure, and the lack of a backstory further enhances Raven's mystique. Who is he? Is he human or something else? Can Raven be trusted? These questions have yet to be answered, but the character's larger-than-life persona more than makes up for any holes in his characterization. Occasionally, we merely want to shoot some husks and look cool while doing it!

23 Sweet Cosplay

Via deviantart.com/hannaheva

A cross between an anime character and the witch's house from Hansel & Gretel, Zoey burst onto the scene during Fortnite's Season 4. Unfortunately, this walking sugar cane provided to be a rare treat, as the skin is no longer available. Described as "candy-coated chaos," which could very well be the greatest thing ever written in a video game, Zoey is essentially a Harley Quinn who is addicted to sweets rather than the Joker. Frankly, Zoey leads a healthier lifestyle than the former doctor. Do not be fooled by the candy cane and the colorful outfit, HannahEva's Zoey is far from sweet.

22 Drift

Via twitter.com/Justgibsonnn

A pre-eminent YouTuber and Twitch ambassador, Gibson dabbles in cosplay and, usually, knocks the competition out of the park. Another skin with an awesome design and no accompanying personality, Drift arrived in Season 5 and boasted six unique looks. As players gain experience and progress through the various stages, Drift's armor is continuously enhanced. With regards to this specific tribute, the cosplayer opted to focus on the skin's fourth style. The first level to add a mask to Drift's design, Gibson's captured the moment this skin went from forgettable to incredible!

21 Spray Paint

Via instagram.com/kawaiiwaiku

Who says fans cannot influence their favorite products? One of the license's more identifiable skins, Teknique's concept originated in a Reddit post by u/iBolts. After adding a couple of touches and enhancements, Epic debuted this outstanding outfit during Season 4. Fortnite boasts dozens of skins, but only a handful are popular among cosplayers. Obviously, some recreations are more demanding than others, but certain costumes simply click with the fan base. All things considering, Teknique's gear is relatively unspectacular, but the simplicity works to its favor. Brittany pulls it off!

20 Hammer Time

Via instagram.com/akhee_cos

The little additions make a world of difference. When scrolling through hundreds upon hundreds of similarly themed photos, anything out of the ordinary will spark a reaction. Obviously, this is not always a good thing, but AKHEE's knight is definitely a welcome surprise! Where to even begin? How about the very tip? Serving as the cherry on top of a refreshing cosplay sundae, AKHEE's hat is astonishingly eye-catching. Even though the costume is without fault, the prop steals the show! Deep down, we realize that thing is only plastic, but the hammer is pretty convincing!

19 The Unwritten Rule

Via deviantart.com/lamikol

Projects sold on a roster of playable heroes and villains must include a ninja. Failure to adhere to this unwritten rule could lead to disaster. Why do you think Battleborn flopped? Not enough ninjas! Wisely, Epic Games circumvented this issue by outright dedicating one of Fortnite's four classes to Ryu Hayabusa's brethren. The game's commercial performance speaks for itself. As a tribute to the stealthy heroes who helped secure Fortnite's place on the throne, lAmikol found her coolest sword and transformed into a warrior of the night!

18 Redline

Via instagram.com/the_sarcastic_ginger

One of Season 5's rewards and a member of the soldier class in the main game, Redline Ramirez is someone who excels in close quarters combat. Fortnite Battle Royale's extensive map is hardly ideal for this type of warrior, but heroes are little more than window dressing in the spin-off. With regards to Fortnite: Save the World, Redline with a shotgun is an effective combination capable of ruining any husk's day. Speaking of winning combos, Gingy and Redline were made for each other!

17 Sparkling

Via instagram.com/shan.mortimer

Regardless of one's personal opinion on the franchise, there is no denying that Epic Games has done a fantastic job marketing Fortnite. Even though Shan.Mortimer is merely replicating a skin and not a character, Sparkle Specialist's design boasts enough personality to leave an impact on players. Overwatch's roster contains someone to suit anyone's fancy, and Fortnite nearly scratches the same itch. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' realistic aesthetic does not lend to unique or creative skins, but the same cannot be said for its cartoony competitor.

16 Father & Son

Via twitter.com/cosplaygeist

Finally, Hollywood is answering the public's pleads to produce a Guardians of the Galaxy and John Wick crossover. Wait, is that only us? A father and son team with a solid portfolio, Cosplay-Geist brought to life two of Fortnite's movie-themed skins. Stepping into the shoes of the older gentleman, Cosplay-Geist's creator presents a dashing figure as The Reaper, a stylish skin introduced as part of the Hired Gun set. The younger member of the team proved to be a great match for Rust Lord.

15 Technique

Via facebook.com/nicolewinterscosplay

League of Legends and Overwatch's cosplay communities cover a wide spectrum of characters, but a pecking order does exist. Conventions are seldom left wanting for Tracers or Jinxes, but finding a Jarvan IV or a Junkrat is simpler said than done. Due to the roster primarily functioning as skins, Fortnite distills this popularity contest down to its purest form. Teknique dominates the charts, and FindNicoleHere serves as merely an illustration of the outfit's charm. With the exception of the gas mask, Teknique's clothes can be collected from most gym bags.

14 Survival Of The...

Via instagram.com/darthlux

Dressed as the Survival SpecialistDarthlux has this match in the bag! Frankly, the odds are firmly stacked in her favor. Fundamentally, the battle royale genre is based on equality. Sure, veterans of the game have a better chance of avoiding certain pitfalls that commonly eliminate those less experienced, but Fortnite presents a level playing field. The Survival Specialist is clearly better equipped to survive one of these matches! With a name like that, this skin is akin to playing on easy mode.

13 Raptor

Via Reddit.com

Council of the Broz created this high-quality Raptor cosplay. Unfortunately, their Instagram page seems to have followed the Dodo bird into extinction. Thankfully, the internet tends to maintain a detailed record of any uploads that happen to grace its pages. Depending on the situation, such a feature might be viewed as a negative, but this is not one of those instances. A member of the Soldier class, Raptor's clean design makes up for the character's distinct shortage of cosmetic highlights.

12 Exploding Onto The Scene

Via instagram.com/littlejem

LittleJem's portfolio is a treasure trove stuffed with detailed and diverse cosplay outfits! Whether a fan of Pokémon, Fate/stay night, or How to Train Your Dragon; LittleJem covered all her bases. Amassing a portfolio in the hundreds, it was only a matter of time before the prolific cosplayer turned her sights to Fortnite. When placed next to some other skins, Brite Bomber's goofiness can be difficult to effectively translate into reality. Suffice to say, LittleJem found a way to make it work!

11 Metal

Via deviantart.com/melafide

Melafide picked up a can of paint and created magic! Added to the roster for 2018's Blockbuster event, Chromium Ramirez is a cooler version of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' T-X. Looking past the shiny metallic exterior, basically, Chromium is Bullet Storm Jonesy with a fresh coat of paint. Consequently, there is little incentive to purchase this particular character; nonetheless, Ramirez' design is pretty awesome. Why settle for surviving the apocalypse when there is the option to accomplish the same task while dressed like a Terminator?

10 Dark Voyager

Via instagram.com/laughoverlife

Laugh Over Life realized everything is improved by introducing a sci-fi element. If Michael Corleone expanded the family business to Mars, The Godfather would be the indisputable greatest film of all time. Earth is fine, but space contains literally thousands of planets: Imagine the possibilities! Lays would need to invent so many new flavors. Forming part of the Space Explorers set, Dark Voyager is an enigma, and we are not talking about the skin's non-existent backstory. Hailing from the vast darkness of deep space, this galactic traveler may not come in peace!

9 Out Of This World

Via instagram.com/robot_giggles

If Dark Voyager symbolizes the unknown, then Dark Vanguard serves as the first line of defense against an alien menace. Now, in all fairness, the latter may refer to humans. Traversing the outer limits, presumably, in the name of science, Epic's explorer appears better suited for space than a battleground. Battle royales are won by those willing to blend into the environment, and orange bushes are somewhat rare. Dark Vanguard may glow like a neon sign on a battlefield, but Robot_Giggles shines like a star at conventions!

8 Shadow (Cos)Play

Via instagram.com/kawaiiwaiku

Prior to earning all the money in the world, Epic Games dipped its toes into the MOBA market with Paragon, a venture that has proven to be less than fruitful. Fortnite's commercial success rendered Paragon obsolete, and the studio ultimately opted to shut down the servers. Launched in 2016, Paragon amassed a small but dedicated fan base, but they could not save the MOBA. Based on Paragon's Countess, Fortnite's Shadow Ops pays tribute to its fallen comrade. Nice gesture, but Shadow Ops is no Countess.

Cosplay by Brittany.

7 Ready For Battle

Via twitter.com/Pocket_Jen

Even though an argument can be made for Teknique ranking among the simpler outfits to recreate, that should not be taken as a dismissal of the effort or work put in by Jenni Sand or any other cosplayer. Enthusiasm warrants respect. Whether dressed as Samus, Dark Samus, or Zero Suit Samus; the person is putting themselves out there. Nerd culture has achieved mainstream status, but the simple act of cosplaying opens the floodgates to criticism, and low effort costumes tend to attract quite a bit of flack.

6 Double Team

Via deviantart.com/sonicthehedgehogsth

When it comes to SonicTheHedgehogsth's photo, more is certainly not less! Featuring a guest appearance by Bolibarius as Abstrakt, the pair opted to split the workload and join forces in covering the street with graffiti. As the old saying goes, two sprays are better than one. Unsurprisingly, Fortnite's online cosplay scene is oversaturated with female models, but each design tends to possess a male equivalent. Inaugurated earlier this year, Abstrakt and Teknique originated from the same pack. They were made for each other.

5 Bird Of Prey

Via instagram.com/corriscosplay

Corris Cosplay pushes to the forefront Raven's mischievous side. Fortnite: Save the World boasts four hero classes: Soldier, Constructor, Ninja, and Outlander. This categorization grants a basic impression of a character's role in a team, but Fortnite's heroes are further split into 74 subclasses. Raptor and Raven belong to the same general group, but their abilities differ due to their subclasses. Classified as a Soldier but preferring to act like a maniac with a tendency to cause explosions, Raven injects a touch of unpredictability into proceedings!

4 Rabbit Season

Via instagram.com/marialejandra_figueroa

Yes, Bunny Brawler is a skin that exists. Following in the footsteps of Blizzard and most other successful multiplayer titles, Epic Games releases temporary outfits as part of special holiday events. If we squint hard enough, Marialejandra_figueroa's bunny costume might just qualify as an ingenious act of camouflage. Sometimes, hiding in plain sight is the only option! Unless utterly certain they are facing an enemy, nobody is going to risk shooting a rabbit. What if it happens to be duck season? The backlash would be intense!

3 Master Of Disguise

Via deviantart.com/saftigesgnu

Due to the sheer number of available skins and the characters' somewhat similar proportions, SaftigesGnu could feasibly be referencing multiple outfits. Going by the sleeveless white top, Master Grenadier seems like a solid fit for this particular photo, but the lack of googles raises some doubts. Fighting with no headgear and a similar top, Commando is also a viable option, although the soldier's shoulder tattoo is a significant component of the skin's composition. At the very least, we can all agree that Saftiges Gnu's photo is spectacular.

2 One Of The Troops

Via instagram.com/cricsesilva

Fortnite Battle Royale offers dozens of unique looks, but the vast majority of the choices are merely alternatives based on a category's default model. Concentrating exclusively on characters with a unique aesthetic, the roster shrinks by quite a margin. For example, the Soldier class presents the same character in various colored tank tops. The more eccentric variants may dye the warrior's hair in a shade of light blue. Consequently, the standard models tend to be the most popular among cosplayers. Stuck in the middle of a firefight, Cristiana Silva is dressed to win!

1 Teknique

Via instagram.com/yukikitsunebi

As this article's principal player, Teknique is the perfect final entry. Pulled in for a close-up and backed by a colorful background, Francesca embodies the street artist in all of her glory. At the height of its power, cosplay celebrates the subject of interest and serves as a magnet that brings together a fan base. Eventually, Fortnite's star will begin to fade and, ultimately, give way to another light source. Until then, conventions are destined to feature countless survivalists and colorful heroes!

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