Fortnite Developers Are Ever So Humbly Expecting 250 Million Players On Android

Fortnite will finally make its debut on Android some time this summer and the game's developers are expecting as many as 250 million new players to join the fight.

Despite only recently celebrating it's first birthday, Fortnite has very quickly become a global phenomenon. The battle royale version of the game is now available on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iPhone, and as of June had been installed an incredible 125 million times. Not bad for twelve months work.


The notable absence from the list of consoles and devices above that you probably noticed is Android. Fortnite is still not available for download on Android devices, however, it will be by the end of the summer. The release has already been shrouded in controversy though as the game's developers, Epic, have revealed that it will not be available for download via the Google Play store.

The reason behind that decision is due to the fact that Google takes 30% of all sales made through the store, an amount that Epic has labeled disproportionate. That means Android users wanting to play Fortnite will need to download the game from Epic's website. Despite the lack of a middleman and the extra know how that will be needed to access the game, Epic's founder Tim Sweeny has high expectations for the Android release.

Sweeny told Variety that he and Epic are expecting as many as 250 million downloads on Android. "Fortnite brings the game’s full PC and console experience to Android; of the roughly 2.5 billion Android devices, we estimate around 250 million are Fortnite-ready," Sweeney revealed. That's 10% of all Android devices, so pretty ambitious numbers. The game has already broken the 100 million download mark on iOS though, so it's no secret that Fortnite has a large number of fans dying to play across all platforms.

Just a year into its existence and Fortnite is on the brink of conquering the only platform that it hasn't yet enjoyed success on, and that's only because it hasn't tried. There are also plans to let Android users play with users on other platforms, but apparently not to begin with. Either way, if you play Fortnite, there may soon be around 250 million more people coming your way, so best get to practicing.


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Fortnite Developers Are Ever So Humbly Expecting 250 Million Players On Android