Fortnite Devs Suing YouTubers For Allegedly Using And Distributing Cheat Software

Fortnite developers Epic Games are suing two YouTubers for copyright infringement due to them allegedly using and selling unauthorized cheat software.

If you're anything like us, your Fortnite matches revolve around you seeing almost no one before you die and hitting the ceiling if you rack up more than one kill. Most of the time, your death will come at the hands of someone who has killed eight others before you and can build massive structures at the speed of light.

Sometimes, our demise in Fortnite can leave us pretty riled up. In fact, that feeling isn't reserved to Fortnite alone. It applies to almost any competitive online game. If we lose, especially in a certain fashion, we immediately assume that our opponents are cheating. No one can be that good, right? Well, some people sadly are that good and much better than we are. However, some are indeed cheating.


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When it comes to players who have found ways to cheat on Fortnite, the likelihood is that they won't be doing it for long. Fortnite's developers, Epic Games, do not take kindly to cheaters. In fact, Torrent Freak revealed this week that Epic is suing two YouTubers who have allegedly been using and distributing unauthorized cheat software. The YouTubers in question are Brandon Lucas and Colton Conter, better known to their subscribers as Golden Modz and Excentric.

In the complaint submitted by Epic, the company accuses the YouTubers of "copyright infringement, breach of contract, and tortious interference." In a video that has now been taken down, Lucas speaks of an offer where he will give away free "magical powers" to a few lucky players. In a more recent video that is still available, he discusses Epic's recent actions. You can watch the video below.

As we said, Epic does not take cheating on Fortnite lightly. On top of taking action against the two players mentioned above, Epic also acquired anti-cheat company Kamu earlier this month. Kamu's software has already been used on Fortnite before now, but will obviously be used more extensively going forward now that its developers are under the Epic umbrella.


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