Glitch: Fortnite Players Are Being Turned Into Flying ‘Dementors’ After Hiding In Dumpsters

A Fortnite x Harry Potter crossover event would be something beyond our wildest dreams, but this wasn't exactly what most would have had in mind.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is in full swing and it's as if the old island never existed. We're joking, of course, but the brand new island is getting more and more familiar with each passing day - and that goes for the other new elements of Fortnite that have come along with it. Fishing for guns, manning speedboats, and leveling up in a whole new way is already second nature.

When a game makes so many changes all in one go, there are going to be issues. The luxury of a game like Fortnite, and pretty much any other that is based almost entirely online, is that developers can release imperfect games and fix them later. It's the job of the players to find the issues, report them, and then they will be fixed.

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Enter the strangest problem/glitch on Fortnite Island to date: a dumpster that turns those who hide within it into some sort of floating Dementor-type creature. A Redditor stumbled upon the issue and uploaded a video of the mysterious glitch happening to them in-game. The player hops into a dumpster to hide, an intentional addition to Fortnite ushered in by Chapter 2, and then floats up into the sky in a purple puff of smoke.

For players who were around when Shadow Bombs were available on the island, it sort of looks like the same effect that the item had on players. However, this time, players are floating straight up in the air. On the bright side, if you were hiding from a tricky opponent when leaping into the dumpster, then consider your escape a success. On the downside, once the newfound Dementor effect wears off, you'll plummet back to Earth with a bang and lose all of your health.

The Reddit post has already been flagged by Epic, so chances are high that by the time anyone reading this goes dumpster diving, its magical effects will have been patched. Don't let us stop you from giving it a whirl, though. Then again, considering the drop suffered after the player's brief period as a Fortnite Dementor, we're not sure why anyone would want this glitch to stick around.

Source: Reddit

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