Fortnite's Equalizer Glider Features A Warning That A Nuclear Missile Is Coming

Fortnite players have stumbled across evidence that points to an impending nuclear attack on their beloved island.

Fortnite players have stumbled across evidence that points to an impending nuclear attack on their beloved island.

Fortnite ran into a little bit of controversy to kick off the new year. Players who ventured down onto the island over Christmas had the opportunity to participate in the 14 Days Of Fortnite. A two-week series that featured a different challenge to complete every day with various rewards at the end of them. A novel and fun idea.

However, there was a bit of a mix up when it came to the end date of the promotion. After the time to complete the 14 challenges was cut short in the eyes of players who had been told they had longer, some people naturally got annoyed. That's because they missed out on the chance to attain the Equalizer Glider, Fortnite's reward for anyone who managed to complete all of the festive challenges.


Due to the crossed wires, Epic has now gifted the glider to anyone who managed to complete any one or more of the challenges. It's a snazzy bit of kit, and turns out it may be a lot more meaningful then any of us expected. Upon closer inspection by some fans on Reddit, it has been discovered the glider may actually feature a warning of what is to come, possibly to see in season eight.

via fortniteintel.com

As you can see in the photo above, the glider has what appears to be a yellow canister attached to the bottom of it. In the photo below, which is a screen capture of when the glider bugged in-game courtesy of Fortnite Intel, that cannister had an ominous message printed on it. It reads "Warning! Nuclear missile launched!" Not good.

via fortniteintel.com

If there is indeed a nuclear missile on its way to Fortnite Island, longtime players will know that it won't be the first time the map has been struck by one. However, players theorizing what all of the above means have been quick to point out that the last missile, sent by The Visitor, was not a nuclear one. The island being struck by a nuclear missile could very well mean it disappears altogether and is replaced with a brand new map.


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