Fortnite's Giant Cube: What We Know, And Conspiracy Theories Explained

What is up with the giant purple cube that has mysteriously appeared on Fortnite, where is it going, and what will happen once it gets there?

For a game that's as simple as 100 players landing on an island over and over again and fighting until only one person remains, Fortnite sure knows how to keep us interested. From the missile launch that caused the strange rift in the sky to the meteor that turned Dusty Depot into Dusty Divot, there always seems to be something big going on in the game.

The latest mystery to arrive on Fortnite is the giant purple cube that is slowly making its way across the map. As you can see from the tweet below, it has already traveled quite a distance since it first appeared on August 25, 2018, but there is still no clear-cut answer on where it's headed or why it is headed there.


Those of you who have interacted with the cube will know that it can be a lot of fun, but also dangerous if you approach it in the wrong way. Get close enough to it and enter it's field and the gravity changes, allowing you to jump higher. However, strike and it will strike back, throwing you quite a way. If you manage to land on top of it you will be thrown high up into the air and die when you hit the ground so yeah, don't do that.

The most fun part about a Fortnite mystery is the conspiracy theories that come along with them. According to Polygon, some more dedicated players have datamined Fortnite's game files and discovered something to do with a lake, theorizing that the cube will create a new body of water on the map once it reaches its destination. A wilder theory is that the cube has something to do with the tesseract from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a cube that once housed the space stone. Thanos has appeared in Fortnite before, so why not? It also looks a lot like the "games" that dropped in the '90s TV show Reboot.

As always with peculiar happenings in Fortnite, we are simply going to have to wait and see what this is all about. The cube is going somewhere and we won't know where exactly until Fortnite wants us to find out. It keeps us excited though, and after a season of many changes on the game, it looks as if the cube is going to bring about a few more before it comes to a close.


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