Fortnite's Infinity Blade Has Already Been Removed After Just A Few Days

After being introduced just a few days ago in Fortnite, Epic Games has decided to Vault the Infinity Blade, a weapon many fans said was unbalanced.

The Infinity Blade was introduced to Fortnite in patch 7.01, on December 11th. After just three days, Epic Games has decided to Vault the melee weapon. The company explained why in a tweet.

The Infinity Blade was an interesting weapon, as it granted the user an extra 100 health and shield. It does a large amount of damage, and enables the player to leap long distances. It could only be found at Polar Peak, and only one Blade was featured per match. In many ways this weapon was overpowered, even when compared to the Quad Launcher. The only caveat was that the player could not hold any other items (aside from building materials), but even with that, many players thought the blade was too powerful for balanced matches. Epic has a solid track record of listening to its players, so it makes sense that the company would Vault the weapon.

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Although some may be disappointed with the Infinity Blade's Vaulting, there are still many other things to have fun with in Fortnite's latest season. Season 7 features the biggest map changes since the arrival of Paradise Palms and the desert area back in Season 5. Snow and ice now cover the south-west region of the map. From Happy Hamlet to Frosty Flights, there is a lot of new stuff to explore. There's even a new vehicle to ride in: the X-4 Stormwing. This plane enables the player to fly around the map and shoot down enemies from above.

Arguably the most ambitious aspect of Season 7 is the implementation of Creative mode. Now, players can create their own maps to battle in. There is a lot of tools at the player's disposal, enabling many possibilities. It's a fun mode for friends to come together and battle each other, taking a break from the usual Duos or Squads battle.

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Overall, Season 7 has been a nice contrast to the horror themed Season 6. The snowy part of the map is well designed, and even features some Christmas trees. Although it appears this is the end of the Infinity Blade, we are still very early on, so it's always possible that Epic will bring another notable weapon.

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