The 25 Worst Fortnite Items Everyone Uses (Even Though They Have The Worst Stats)

Fortnite: Battle Royale has caught on like wildfire and a lot of players have weapons that they swear by and will defend to no end because it fits their playstyle. Whether it is some obscure projectile or a unique way of using a utility item, some of these items can be a legitimate threat against the enemies if used at the right time. However, if one were to look at the actual weight of these items in terms of statistics and in-field testing, they would find that a lot of these should not really be used as much as they are.

That is what these entries are all about, weapons that players seem to continue to use despite them being proven as practically ineffective in terms of numbers.

As always, this is just an opinion piece but it serves as a guide for beginners if they are starting the game and other players are attempting to goat them into using these weapons they are not accustomed to. Therefore, this list will provide a number of helpful insights into the intricate inner-workings of Fortnite and highlight some real underlooked facets of the game.

It should be noted that all the different tiers will be considered as they all hold a different place in a lot of circles in the community and should be noted for the sake of continuity.

Get your gliders out, pick a landing spot and check out twenty-five of the worst Fortnite weapons that people still use.

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25 The One No One Likes


Let’s start off with a classic gun that has been debated in many circles as a supposed “accurate” weapon. Some will swear by the assault rifle with scope and say that the slow fire rate and low damage per second is just a way of distributing the best quality of the gun; the accuracy. But the fact that it does only 30 damage per shot means that the gun will take at least 4 bullets to finish someone who DOES NOT have shields equipped (which would mean 8 bullets). Seeing as the gun fires at a steady 2 bullets per second, it could take a full 4 seconds to kill someone IF all the bullets land.

Sure, headshots would expedite the process, but seeing as the game’s core mechanics include building, there are a whole bunch of better weapons with efficient stats that could destroy walls and land some insane numbers in terms of damage. It seems like the only real reason to hold onto the thing would be to keep a gun with a scope on it to see the surrounding areas a little better, but at the same time, there are much better weapons and objects. This is one of those weapons that should not be in your inventory unless it is absolutely necessary.

24 The Better Version Of The Worst

YouTube: Amentube_tv

Same with the weaker predecessor, only the purple variant of the same weapon is almost exactly in line with the earlier one, only with an added bit of damage.

This makes it STRICTLY useful for long-range warfare but it does not pack the punch of a sniper rifle or even a high-level assault rifle.

The damage does not make the gun any better and it still remains one of the weakest weapons in the game. Since firing the gun from the hip is extremely inaccurate, it leaves the player to try and scope in on the enemies. This makes it STRICTLY useful for long-range warfare but it does not pack the punch of a sniper rifle or even a high-level assault rifle. Same with the rare assault rifle with scope, there is not much to gain from using the weapon unless it is the only option available. The gun is in desperate need of a buff and the fine folk at Epic Games are usually very secretive with the processes behind updating the game. We will probably not see a change to the weapon anytime soon as there are other things that the developers want to focus on but it is still something that the fans have been clamoring for.

It is time to buff the assault rifle with scope and make it great again! (or in this case, make it great for ONCE).



Ah yes, the jetpack. The jetpack is brand-spanking' new to Fortnite: Battle Royale and it was once seen as a mythical item that would never touch the servers of the game due to its overpowered nature. Even the famous streamer Ninja said on his Twitch channel that it would never see the light of day when it comes to the main game. Well, it finally did and the results were less than stellar, to say the least. Sure, a lot of the fans have been excited to use it but when it comes down to it, the jetpack is an overrated jump-pad that sticks to the player. First off, the jetpack has a fuel system that cannot be replenished by any means and must be replaced in order to continue to be used. Second, it restricts your ability to aim down the sights on a gun which drastically reduces the abilities of a player in terms of being able to mow down enemies.

Sure, you can close the distance really quickly with the jetpack but it does not mean much unless the player has an RPG. See, the rocket launcher in conjunction with the jetpack makes for a deadly duo. Seeing as the RPG alone is enough to end anyone, it really makes the jetpack stand out as more of an accessory for the character rather than a game changer like it was rumored to be.

22 Rare For The Wrong Reasons

YouTube: Viindiictive

Some of these entries will be seen as an unpopular opinion, but these opinions are not without a hefty amount of research. And with some research, it is clear that the burst assault rifle is NOT on par with the standard, semi-automatic one.

Only the pros can utilize the gun, and the difficulty of its learning curve is still felt in team fights as streamers and pro-Fortnite players will always miss a couple of bursts.

Why is it inferior to the standard one? Well, it is simply because the three round burst is too quick, while the breaks between bursts are too long. The balance is an issue when it comes to close range and long range battles. Some of the pros have sworn by the burst but that is the essence of why it is unbalanced. Only the pros can utilize the gun, and the difficulty of its learning curve is still felt in team fights as streamers and pro-Fortnite players will always miss a couple of bursts. It just seems so inefficient in comparison to firing the standard assault rifle as you can pause yourself and regain 100% accuracy after each individual shot, allowing for a more precise way to end your opponents. To each is his or her own, but for the sake of this list, the burst assault rifles will be exposed as a truly inferior option to the legendary SCAR.

21 The Shiny New Toy


The rare, uncommon, and basic editions of the burst assault rifle have been staples to the game for a long time coming. They have practically been around since the beginning of the game’s inception. That is why it was exciting news for fans when the developers announced that an epic and legendary version of the gun was to drop during the opening weeks of Season 4.

The small image that was released with the news revealed that it was going to look like a FAMAS, a gun that gained notoriety in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as a reliable burst weapon that was usable in just about every situation that the game can throw at you.

Sadly, the epic burst was not the same as MW2’s weapon, and it has actually become a topic of intense debate among Fortnite players as it varies on how people feel about it. It is the same with its weaker predecessors where the balance on the fire rate has handicapped it to be inferior to the other assault rifles. The only redeeming factor of this gun is the fact that a headshot will land you a clean 70 if you can actually hit them, which theoretically means that you can take out anyone with one burst but like most things, it is easier said than done.

20 Might As Well Tell Everyone Where You Are


This was a very interesting addition to the game. At the start of the fourth season, the players were treated to a video that revealed that a meteor shower had changed the landscape of the game (literally).

When players first found the crystals, it was an exciting way to play the game as it gave you a sky-high jump and removed all fall damage from the game.

The developers spawned a bunch of craters on the map and even replaced an entire area with a divot (RIP Dusty Depot). When players first found the crystals, it was an exciting way to play the game as it gave you a sky-high jump and removed all fall damage from the game. Sure, it was temporary, but it was also extremely satisfying to finally have something that speeds up the character. A lot of fans thought that there was going to be some sort of legendary Slurp juice that was going to give you a speed boost but instead we got this.

So why is it overrated? Well because the players that use it also get a bright blue/purple glow to their entire character and an obnoxiously loud sound effect that continues until the end of the effect of the crystals finally wears off. Finally, when it does end, it makes a large sound effect that cues anyone around you as to where you might be. It ends up being a huge disadvantage and it only really comes in handy when the player is trying to get from one point to another in quick fashion.

19 Almost The Worst


When it comes to the most disappointing weapon in the entire game, the minigun is a great nomination for that infamous title. The problem with the minigun is the fact that it does so little damage, in general, that it completely misses the mark when it comes to its intended purpose. Most people will say that it is meant to destroy buildings because of its fire rate but that only really comes into play in one situation. That situation is if you can trust a teammate to focus an accurate weapon at someone who is actively trying to build a base of some kind.

However, there are a whole bunch of explosives and powerful rifles that can all do that along with doing it in a faster fashion. There is not much of a reason to have a minigun, other than to look cool like a character from Predator but it just does not compete with other guns. This is another weapon that is in the same boat as the burst assault rifle where they are in desperate need of a buff. NOW! Fans really want to see the minigun become another feared weapon but it is understandable that Epic Games has become worried about balance since the Homing Missile debacle.

18 Just The Worst


So the epic version of the minigun is trash, right? Well if you thought that the legendary version was going to be an upgrade, then you would have been sadly mistaken by the “explosive” weapon that is the legendary minigun.

Yes, despite being listed as an explosive in the game, it is a far cry from being explosive. Starting off, it is almost identical to its epic predecessor. Then, it fails to do its job once again. The minigun should do a lot more damage than it does and it should be even faster than it is right now. Overall, it needs a huge overhaul in order for it to be competitively viable in normal gunfights because it really only comes in handy in the most unlikely situations.

Oh, and it has to be mentioned that the minigun also makes you slower than any other weapon in the entire game, which effectively handicaps the player with a slow gun that fires weak bullets and makes the user of the weapon a sitting duck for all to snipe, explode, and shoot at. That is why the minigun deserves to be on this list, but in reality, it just might be the worst weapon in the entire game since the demise of the crossbow.

17 We Are Feeling Lucky


Ah yes, the hand cannon. One of the newest additions to the game, the hand cannon was introduced in the third season of Fortnite: Battle Royale and has become a fan favorite as an optional replacement for the sniper rifle or a backup sidearm for close range battles.

One might be wondering: “why is it on this list, then?” Well, it is really not as good as it has been built up to be. The hand cannon has one of the slowest fire rates in the entire game, for one. Furthermore, the need for heavy ammunition makes it so that the gun will eat through the ammo if it is the only weapon you find. It is also very difficult to steady the gun in a crouched position as the reticle blooms extremely quickly. Headshots are very rewarding with the hand cannon, however, which makes it pretty good if you can get land the critical shot but at the same time, the slow fire rate makes it a gamble for close quarters. That kind of one-shot accuracy makes it so that shotguns are favorable in close affairs, but that assault rifles are better for long range. It just feels like a handicapped weapon, much like the minigun.

16 Disappointing To All Lovers Of Shotguns


Shotguns are a mainstay in Fortnite. Generally speaking, shotguns are the most versatile weapon to have in the entire game for multiple reasons.

Most professional streamers and tournament players also skip out on the gun, which has left a question mark hanging over the entire affair.

The building mechanics of the game allow the player to close the distance between opponents that are far away, and even the common shotguns can suffice with a headshot as the spread allows for massive damage numbers. The heavy shotgun is a strange case, indeed. On one hand, it is quicker than the pump shotguns but not as quick as the tactical shotguns. It is stronger than the tactical shotgun, but not really faster. This makes it stuck in this weird middle ground and most players will usually stick to the pump and tactical variants, despite the game valuing the heavy shotgun. Most professional streamers and tournament players also skip out on the gun, which has left a question mark hanging over the entire affair. Epic Games is usually very transparent with how they plan on listening to the fans and they have been adamant about the heavy shotgun is not nearly as powerful as the other two.

15 No Game Is Complete Without Them

When it comes to a weapon that is hotly debated among Fortnite players, the standard grenades are one of the most debated. Grenades are listed as a common item and are the quintessential grenade that almost every shooter must have. The grenades are your average, run-of-the-mill explosives that have a timed explosive and can bounce off of surfaces. The real problem with grenades is that they have a really long time and it is extremely difficult to get the grenade to destroy buildings from afar. Experienced players have gained a knowledge of arcing the grenade perfectly, and can even bounce the grenade off of walls to strategically do damage. But those are only the most skilled players and seeing as it is one of the most common weapons to run into, it usually leaves newbies with nothing to work with.

Just think of the following situation; two players land on two weapons, one is three grenades and the other is a shotgun. The shotgun wins every time. It does not matter if it is a common shotgun or even if it is a shotgun, as long as it is a projectile weapon, the grenades are always inferior. Just chuck ‘em at something when you find them.

14 What Exactly Can You Hunt With This?


Okay, now this one is sure to drive some dedicated fans nuts! The green hunting rifle is terrible. The blue variant is not much better but these guns are essentially glorified muskets and are just awful. They only fire one bullet, do not have the scope or power of a bolt-action sniper rifle, and cannot be hip fired at all. There is a better gun for every scenario and it would appear as though as a lot of streamers have decided to get good with it and pull off quick headshots.

Sure, they look impressive but we are talking about a gun that is almost the exact same thing as the people who would quick scope on Modern Warfare 2. This gun is almost always just for flash, with its only real redeeming factor being the fact that its quick-aim makes it a very comfortable way to aim down the sights. Ninja might have a gripe with this opinion, but it is in the numbers when it comes to how it stacks up against the other sniper rifles. Things might be different in a mid-range battle, but usually, any regular sniper rifle will usually do the trick in terms and put down a hunting rifle user quite easily.

13 Launching Nothing But Trouble


If you were to find a grenade launcher in the first, opening moments of a Fortnite game then you would lose to just about anyone with another weapon. Unfortunately, the grenades take an absolute eternity to explode once they are fired and they are very easy to dodge. Think Junkrat’s grenade launcher in Overwatch but with a much larger explosion.

It sounds like a good deal on paper, but they are really only used for one thing, and that is exploding buildings. They admittedly do a great job at that, but seeing as that only comes into play in the last parts of a deathmatch, it is usually just a great way to limit the mobility of anyone else in the playing fields because the grenades usually provide themselves as mines. This makes it difficult for anyone to try and maneuver around the floor, but this kind of difficulty is just way too much to handle for most players. The gun is just a handicap for anyone who gets it. Once again, this is where the rocket launcher would be touted for the way the gun actually works as a way to defeat other people and serve its destructive purpose to end other people in your way.

12 The Classic

YouTube: Coco Franky

Unpopular opinion: Slurp Juice is the worst consumable in the entire game. A lot of players will tout the abilities of the power-up and how it adds 25 health and 25 shields, but it takes a full 10 seconds for it to activate all the way.

It just does not help anyone and all it really does is provide another cool way to get shields early in the game.

This makes it almost completely useless for anything except running through the storm without a worry. Popping a Slurp Juice during a battle will do almost nothing for you since the small amount of health and shields it gives you takes forever just to activate. Before you can get the full benefits of it you will catch a shotgun blast through the wall. Whenever any professional player stumbles across them they immediately take it and move on with the game. It just does not help anyone and all it really does is provide another cool way to get shields early in the game. If the rumors are to be true, then Slurp Juice will be replaced next season with a new consumable that will serve its purpose better. The Slurp Juice might be one of the quintessential aspects of the game when it comes to a popular aspect of the game, but it is all hype and no bite.

11 Make Your Own Darn House

YouTube: Fortnite FFM

The Port-A-Fort is one of the most unique items in any game. It immediately makes a one-by-one building that has a ramp on each side and a jump pad at the bottom for players to easily get to the top of the fort. The problem with the item is that it does not do anything outside of add a fort. Due to the quick building mechanics of the game, it is easy to make a one-by-one fortress in a few seconds, so it immediately comes off as superfluous in the process. High ground is one of the most important aspects of having a gunfight in the game and it makes it a lot easier to get it, but the real handicap stems from the fact that the Port-A-Fort takes a whole slot in the inventory. Perhaps it would be a good idea if the Port-A-Fort was a piece of equipment then it would be the perfect way to make it a truly perfect item that could end up being a cornerstone of the way the game is played. That would make the game faster since people could hold another weapon instead of sacrificing their inventory space for just to hold it.

10 Sticky Grenades That Disappoint

YouTube: Fortnite FFM

The clingers are one of the most disappointing aspects of the entire game. Not quite up there with miniguns but they hardly serve their purpose as the only sticky grenade in the entire game.

The main reason is the sorry-looking arc that the grenade makes as it floats through the air.

A sticky explosive is always a classic addition to any game, it adds an unpredictable element to the warfare. So when the clingers were announced, the endless possibilities were racing through the heads of a lot of players. Unfortunately, it has not been as good as other ones like the sticky plasma grenades from Halo 3 and there are a bunch of reasons why.

The main reason is the sorry-looking arc that the grenade makes as it floats through the air. It is not nearly far enough to get a Peyton Manning-esque throw across the map to stick someone. This makes it relatively useless in the second half of any battle royale. The secondary reason for the way the clingers have been so underpowered since they released in late Season 3 is that they do not instantly end people with full shields. See, even in games like Halo 3, they value the difficulty of sticking someone to be enough to destroy someone because they understand the difficulty of actually hitting them.

9 Old Faithful

Facebook: TheFortniteMeme

Bandages are the only item in this, but an absolutely essential part of the game and most people will not hesitate to stack as many bandages as possible. They help when you are in the storm, as they heal up 15 health and do it in 2 seconds, and as mentioned before, they can be stacked up to 15 to ensure you have enough, but there are some serious flaws when it comes to the bandages.

First, you can only use bandages to heal up to 75 health. Second, they are the only option for healing on-the-go besides Slurp Juice, the almighty Chug Jug (which will not be on this list) and medkits. Medkits heal all the way to 100 but they take quite a bit to activate and Slurp Juices regenerate over a few seconds. Above all this, they cannot be stacked to more than 2 or 3, depending on the object but it is still inconvenient in comparison to how the bandages are. Some have said that the way that the healing and shield items work is essential to the flow and timing of the core mechanics, but it just comes off as a way to slow everyone down.

8 The Best Kind Of Music Is Trap


Bet you did not see this one coming! That is right, the steel trap. Equipment is not exactly a weapon, but seeing as this piece of equipment is meant to do damage and is an offensive part of Fortnite, it makes it onto this list.

The steel trap is supposed to do 75 damage or so, which means that it would take three traps to take out someone that has full health and full shields. Sure, it is pretty strong in early game scenarios where you can trap unsuspecting enemies that would not see it coming but when it comes to serious fights, they are strictly just a precaution for anyone in a precarious position that needs to reinforce the security of their forts. There are the people that try to build a trap with the jump pad inside of a building that leads to a bunch of traps, but the only people that fall for that kind of stuff are really new to the game. It cannot really stop anyone in the way it is supposed to, it just does a lot of damage that could be an inconvenience to most players. In a way, it is efficient at slowing down the game but it surely is not worth the trouble most times.

7 Push Overs, Come Together

YouTube: Fortnite FFM

The pulse grenade is a special case on this list. It is really hard to look at the statistics of a weapon that does not do any damage, but there is something particularly troublesome about the pulse grenade. The grenade merely moves characters in an intense distance at a fairly fast speed. It can be used to knock off enemies from ledges or to propel yourself from one place to another. As is the case with most of the obscure weapons that have made this list, only the professional players have really grasped the concept and most other people fail to use it on every level.

It does not go very far, and it explodes almost immediately so it does not give the player enough time to really plan their movements unless it is a simple jump. Then, it usually knocks people too far and due to the landscape of Fortnite, it usually results in the opponents finding their footing in an adjacent mountain or building. It just does not do much, and while there are a few amazing plays with it out there on the internet (especially with the power crystals), when it comes down to it, it is just a fancy accessory.

6 Wield The Power...?


Just the very fact that this exists in the game is an anomaly. It might be something that is pleasant in terms of the fanservice and how fun the core game was.

At first, he was feared and vilified by the community for being difficult to defeat.

The game mode called Infinity Gauntlet was an extremely limited time event that featured the famed accessory from the Marvel comics and movies. The mode dropped the gauntlet somewhere on the map for someone to hold and wield its power. Picking up the gauntlet turns the character into Thanos. He cannot hold any items and cannot heal his health, but can regenerate his 500 shields through defeating other players. His abilities allow for him to jump in the sky, shoot a laser, do a ground-pound slam and punch his opponents into a new time zone. At first, he was feared and vilified by the community for being difficult to defeat. This was changed during the event and Thanos was left in a very weak state. Usually, becoming Thanos resulted in defeat since he could not regenerate health and shields on his own accord. On top of this, Epic Games decided to cut the event short, which allowed for only a handful of people to master his difficult learning curve.

5 Not Always A Party For Everyone

YouTube: Fortnite FFM

The boogie bomb is difficult to take track of. Essentially, It temporarily disables crouching, sprinting, all weapons and buildings, while making the affected player dance a funky dance for 5 seconds straight. It is really good at humiliating your teammates (as it is one of the few weapons that can actually affect the people on your squad) or trolling some of your unsuspecting enemies before blasting them away with a conventional weapon that does actual damage. Outside of those two situations, however, there is not much going on for the boogie bomb when it comes to its impact in a fight.

Some would argue that a good boogie bomb can stop the most professional players in their tracks but at the same time, the timing of a boogie bomb probably means that there are a bunch of better options when getting the one-up on other players. However, unlike the other weapons on this list, the boogie bomb will probably always be cherished for its place as a funny but only relatively effective weapon in the game. It truly belongs and people still use it despite it having some bad stats. Unless you consider 5 seconds of dancing to be a good statistic (and on some rare occasions, it is).

4 The Slowest Explosives


If there were ever a useless weapon in combat situations, it would be the remote explosives. They take a long time to set up and do not do much damage. On top of that, the player cannot use a weapon and detonate the bombs at the same time.

If they did a little more damage, it would be understandable.

Sure, they can make for some funny moments if done on a new player who thinks they are absolutely safe. However, it is just much more satisfying to use a real explosive like the grenade, which is not exactly all that great of a weapon in of itself, but it is not listed as a rare item like the remote explosives. It might seem like this list is being harsh against the explosives department, but the reality of the matter is that only the RPG excels as the real tactical explosive that trumps all the others by far. That is why there is such a huge downgrade when it comes to the other explosives and mainly, the remote ones. If they did a little more damage, it would be understandable. Having a low blast radius does not help, and while it might look cool to destroy buildings with it, it usually is not worth it.

3 The Useless One


The submachine gun has been the absolute essence of useless since the very beginning days of Fortnite. It is so bad that Epic Games had to make it stronger recently, and NO ONE cared. That is right. The fans clamored at it so much to the point where Epic Games tried to intervene and it still did not work. It has been debated as to where the submachine gun is supposed to be used, but really it only works on an unsuspecting person who is a few inches away so that each bullet hits.

The spread on it is ridiculous. Firing more than a couple bullets at a time makes it fire crazily. Some say that it is useful for destroying buildings but as mentioned in the minigun segment of this list, there are a bunch of better weapons that can be used for this purpose. The only real good thing that the submachine gun does is use up light ammo, which is relatively useless unless you can find a suppressed pistol. When it comes to projectile based weapons there is no worse gun in the entire game. Unless we are talking about another gun that uses up light ammo…

2 Another Useless One


And here we go, the worst gun in the entire game. The suppressed submachine gun is so terrible on so many levels. It is inferior to the regular submachine gun in terms of damage, with its only upside being the fact that the silenced barrel of the gun makes it a little difficult for the savage players of Fortnite to hear where you are. But even when it comes to that, making yourself obvious to everyone else on the map can actually be a plus when it comes to most situations since having the high ground is so valuable in the entire game.

The worst injustice about this gun, is that it would be a pretty cool idea to have a silenced gun that is automatic. Unfortunately, there are no silenced assault rifles yet, but maybe an epic or legendary version of the suppressed submachine gun will give it the glory that it deserves. Maybe an epic or legendary version of the gun would look like the UMP45 from Modern Warfare 2, but with a suppressor. In that game, the suppressed submachine gun was versatile, quick to use, and efficiently powerful. Hopefully, the fans will finally get what they have been asking for and Epic Games finally adds a new version to this sad excuse of a weapon.

1 The Weapon That Broke The Game


Okay, so the list is about the WORST items right? Well, the homing missile is the only weapon on this entire list that is actually just way too overpowered. It broke the entire meta of the game as any unsuspecting player can just get bombarded with an instant-demise rocket that can be homed in from a far distance.

That is why the homing missile deserves this top spot!

It was fun to use, but it felt like a cheat code had been activated and that the missile was just overpowered to the point where no one really liked the weapon. It was that bad, or good, rather. Once an item has broken the way the game is being played, it takes away the competitive nature of the atmosphere and just springs the fandom into a toxic frenzy. That is why it was a good move for Epic Games to promptly remove the gun from the game, as it was just too easy to use and made it unfair for skilled players. The weapon was an insult to gaming logic and should have never been added into the game. It completely removes all chances of survival when it comes to a battle with someone who has it, and someone who does not. That is why the homing missile deserves this top spot!

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