Fortnite: 25 Weapons And Items That Are So Strong They Should Be Banned

In recent times, a new genre of shooting/survival video games have popped up. Back in the day, it was either first- or third-person shooter, and while those categories still apply, the new genre is now called Battle Royale. The concept is very simple, instead of your traditional multiplayer game modes like team Deathmatch or free-for-all, where the objective is to rake up as many defeats as possible, this task revolves around being the last surviving person among a group of players. Several other games have been introduced in this genre, specifically PUBG and H1Z1; however, Fortnite decided to try something unique to stand out among its counterparts by introducing cartoon-like graphics and the building gameplay mechanics.

In simple words, being a skilled shooter does not guarantee you a win in Fortnite. This, combined with the fact that Fortnite ended up being free to play, meant that the game shot up in popularity quickly, becoming a global phenomenon in a very short time span. Since then, its developers, Epic Games, have introduced a number of weapons and items inside the game, all of which affect the gameplay depending on how you use them. Some of these can be quite powerful, even in the hands of those who are new to the game, which is why we decided to compile this list of 25 overpowered weapons and items inside the game. So, whether you're new to Fortnite or already a veteran, this list will have something for everyone.

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25 Remote Explosives

via: playreplay.com.br

Also known as C4 in most first-person shooter games, the remote explosives in Fortnite have been quite broken, which led to Epic Games tweaking them in some patch updates. Building structures are one of the most important techniques of being a pro in Fortnite and remote explosives were used as a straight up counter to that strategy.

Before the tweaks, remote explosives could easily destroy structures, so the team decided to reduce its damage area from 600 to 520 units and increase the damage area from 400 to 520 units when used on players. These modifications help keep balance and the item true to its purpose.

24 Port-A-Fort

Via forbes.com

The first thing that every pro player stresses while giving out tips to newbie Fortnite users is to learn how to build. It's the biggest difference between Fortnite and other games of the same genre.

Epic Games decided to come up with this item that helped newbie players gain a sudden height advantage over pro players. Basically, the Port-a-Fort is an item, which when thrown, builds a tall structure in a matter of seconds and is well protected, helping the player gain a massive advantage over surrounding opponents. As you can imagine, this particular item caused an outrage on twitter.

23 The Chug Jug

via: reddit.com

The Chug Jug is one of the most overpowered consumable available right now. The only downside to it is that it requires 15 seconds to be consumed, meaning it's not a viable option during fights.

However, say you come out of a fight, which left you with low hp and no shield, when consumed, the Chug Jug fills both hit points and shield to the max, bringing you right back to where you started before the fight. Players who build well and quick can also use this during fights under the right circumstances, although it may seem tough, it's not impossible.

22 Med Kits

Via artstation.com (thomas fopaino)

As you can guess by the name, this item is used to heal a player's hit points. Although Bandage Wraps can be used for the same purpose, Med Kits fill up 100% of your hit points in just 10 seconds.

What makes it overpowered is that you can stack three of them, meaning that you can have one during and after a fight and still have one left for future encounters. The Med Kit is a very simple and easily found item and it is one of the most effective ones to emerge as a winner after battles.

21 Shield Potions

via: reddit.com

This is the counterpart to the small Shield Potion, which basically shields you for less amount of points in the game. The Shield Potion gives you 50 shield points and consuming two of them can help you get 100 shield points, while the small Shield Potion only lets you go up to 75 shield points.

It's a rare item, but relatively easy to obtain as you can also get it from vending machines in the game. Like Med Kits, these can be stacked up to three and it only takes five seconds to consume, making it a viable option to regain shield points during fights.

20 The Bush

Via polygon.com

The bush is one of the most hilarious consumables in the game. When consumed, the Bush helps players camouflage and camp effectively by crouching and looking like a regular bush when opponents are nearby. Although camping is one of the most hated tactics in the world of shooting games, quite a few players have been known to consume this sneaky item.

Another way this can be used is to sit as a bush when two opponents are having a face off. Once their fight ends and the winner is low on ammunition and hit points, you can easily catch them off guard and win the game.

19 Legendary SCAR

via: pcgamer.com

The SCAR is basically an assault rifle, with the design being based on the real-world weapon of the same name. It is good for medium-range combats; however, it also excels from close range where shotguns are usually considered the better option.

These assault rifles have a short reload time of 2.1 seconds, and a magazine size of 30 bullets, making them viable for longer battles as well as short battles. The SCAR gives 36 damage on body and 72 damage for a headshot, which means you could actually two-shot an opponent if you have impressive accuracy.

18 Epic Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Via polygon.com

When the game was new to the scene, this was literally the best Sniper Rifle out there, but then the Heavy Sniper was introduced and this one is now close to the second spot. The Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle was recently removed in patch 5.40, but the Epic one still does a lot of damage.

The best part is that most people are accustomed to the mechanics of the gun, since it has been there for a long time. It has a massive damage of 110, meaning with good accuracy, there is a chance to one-shot an opponent, provided they haven't consumed any Shield Potions.

17 Legendary Rocket Launcher

Via metro.co.uk

The Rocket Launcher can be a game changer, especially at close to medium range, where the opponent doesn't have much time to build or move around. The Legendary variant does a massive 413 damage to structures, which means you can build on height advantage easily or destroy protective barriers built by opponents and then shoot them down.

Another great thing is that your teammates can actually ride the rocket, and thus, fly through long ranges while shooting down opponents. Overall, this weapon is great for long range fights and for rapidly destroying structures to get a clearer aim at your opponents.

16 Rare Pump Shotgun

via: polygon.com

There have been a few new shotguns in the game, but the Rare Pump Shotgun is still an effective option for close range combat. It can deal 85 damage points with a fire rate of 0.7 seconds, but comes with a reload time of 4.6 seconds, which is a bit much.

If you have clear aim and great accuracy, one shot can easily remove the shield of an opponent. The Pump Shotgun had a small buff in patch, 5.30, where the equip time was reduced by 0.06 seconds, putting it at 0.88 seconds. Shooting with the Pump Shotgun first, then switching to a better fire rate weapon is an effective strategy to win fights.

15 Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle

via: steemit.com

To win a game in Fortnite, building well is essential. During skirmishes and battles, gaining a height advantage over your opponent or hiding behind a wall is needed to use Med Kits or Shield Potions. Using the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle helps you counter your opponent's building by letting you see through walls.

It's the best weapon when players around you are building forts and you 're either short on material or just got blown to the ground. Adding to the scope, the Legendary variant inflicts 72 damage points from a headshot; so if you’re accurate enough, you can easily two- or three-shot an opponent for victory.

14 Heavy Sniper Rifle

via: battle-royale.cz

This is one of the best weapons out there, but to balance it out, the reload time has been kept really long at 4.05 seconds. The Heavy Sniper Rifle is a high-risk, high-reward kind of weapon: needing pinpoint accuracy in order to dish out a whopping 375 damage points on a headshot. It can also take down a wooden wall with just a single shot. So, if you can trust your aiming skills and find a good camping point, then this is the gun to go with to win games.

13 Epic Tactical Sub Machine Gun

via: youtube.com (MGE Gibs)

The Tactical Sub Machine Gun is one of the spray and pray guns in Fortnite and it's best for close- to medium-range combat and skirmishes. Shotguns do a good job at close range, but the Tactical Machine Gun does the same amount of damage due to its high rate of fire.

The high fire rate is why this weapon is most successful and it's able to help you outgun most of your opponents. It has a magazine size of 35 and a short reload time of only 2.2 seconds, which helps you keep chasing opponents and gunning them down even if you miss a few shots.

12 Light Machine Gun

Via machinedotesports.com

The Light Machine Gun is a great weapon, and unfortunately, even though it was vaulted in the Battle Royale Mode, the Light Machine Gun is still available in the Playground Mode. This weapon excels at close to medium ranges, but not longer.

Even at medium range, it loses accuracy due to recoil; however, this can be overcome by firing it in short bursts for maximum accuracy. The best part about this gun is that it has a magazine size of 100 bullets, meaning you can easily spray a lot of ammo without reloading. This saves you a lot of time, which can be used to build and fire simultaneously.

11 Suppressed Assault Rifle

via: en.softonic.com

The Suppressed Assault Rifle is a newcomer to the game, but it's a good choice among the collection of assault rifles available to players in the game. Its damage is only second to SCAR within the assault rifles category and it can still do 66 damage from a headshot, which is pretty decent considering that this is more than half of a player’s hit points.

The best part of the rifle is that it is very accurate. Because it is a suppressed weapon, it's easier to land those headshots and get the most out of your ammo.

10 Legendary Dual Pistol

Via metabomb.com

This item is not only powerful, but it also looks stylish even in the animated and lively environment of Fortnite. The mechanics of the Dual Pistols resemble the “Ebony and Ivory” guns from the Devil May Cry franchise.

This item deals very heavy damage and, as the name suggests, inflicts double the damage of a single pistol. One shot on the body can take out half the hit points of an opponent, and two headshots will completely shred off the shield and leave the opponent with just half of their hit points, which is then an easy finish to win the fight.

9 Heavy Shotgun

via: ca.ign.com

The Heavy Shotgun deals a lot of damage, especially when you are at close range with high accuracy at your foes head. While it may not be as damage-heavy as the Pump Shotgun, it still has a higher range, which means you can distance yourself from opponents and still come out on top while using a shotgun.

The firing rate is also better and it has great headshot damage; although a headshot can be difficult to land with a shotgun at times. It has a decent magazine size of 7, meaning you can land a shot without having to reload, which is again, a good advantage and makes this an overpowered item.

8 Legendary Grenade Launcher

Via polygon.com

The name of the weapon is self-explanatory; it basically lets you launch grenades toward your opponents instead of manually throwing them. The good part about the Grenade Launcher is that it has a longer range than manual throws, so you can just sit back in cover and keep on bombarding your enemies.

If you keep on spamming this weapon, it can easily take down structures helping you destroy your opponent's cover. It is especially effective in scenarios where an opponent traps themselves in their structure and doesn't have the time to edit their building to leave, trapping themselves with one of your grenades.

7 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

Via dailymotion.com

The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is not the best sniper rifle available in Fortnite; however, when used correctly, it can be very deadly. Compared to other sniper rifles in the game, it has lower damage, but possesses a larger magazine size of 10 compared to higher damage rifles since it's considered a rifle for people who miss a lot of shots.

Also, the reload time for this sniper is close to 2 seconds, which is almost half of the overpowered Bolt-Action sniper rifles. This rifle can be used to suppress your enemies at longer distances and may be used to scare enemies off and secure defeats.

6 Guided Missiles

via: youtube.com (TmarTn2)

Guided Missiles fall in the explosives weapon category and are very similar to the Rocket Launcher. There are numerous reasons why this weapon is one of the strongest in the game. Firstly, it can do a lot of damage to structures, which is 400 damage points per missile, helping you bring down buildings and gaining the height advantage over your opponents.

It also has a short reload time, which is 2.2 seconds compared to other weapons such as snipers. The key to this weapon is to find cover before launching the missile; if you can do that, then you're good to go. The fun part is that the missile can be ridden the same way you would with the Rocket Launcher, and so you can also use it to scout enemies.

5 Building Mechanics

Via ginx.tv

While not exactly a weapon, this is perhaps one of the most overpowered skills in the game. Why? Well, it is the core mechanic that Fortnite is built upon. Building basically has four types of structures: stairs, floors, walls, and a ceiling.

They can be built using four different materials, which are collectible from various sources on the map, including the environment such as structures, trees, trash cans etc. Anyone who learns how to build well can come out on top in fights. The buildings can also be edited, which then leads to some great tips and tricks like trapping players chasing you or even hiding yourself to heal or reload.

4 Boogie Bomb

Via reddit.com

The Boogie Bomb is a really fun weapon to use, but it's another game changer. It can be thrown just like a grenade, but anyone in the blast radius of this bomb is then forced to dance for five seconds until and unless they are damaged, which also includes storm and fall damage.

During the dance, the affected player cannot build, fire, or use any kind of consumables. The Boogie Bomb can be stacked up to 10 times, and when found from loot, it has a count of two. It's basically a grenade with a disable, helping you get time to reload, aim better, or just heal yourself and turn around a lost fight.

3 Crossbow

Via imgix.com

The Crossbow is another weapon that is available in quite a few games within the genre. It is a classic weapon and is often seen in games or movies in which the storyline revolves around ancient monsters or vampires.

The Crossbow was vaulted in patch 4.0, but then it made a return in patch 6.20 where it was renamed to Fiend Hunter Crossbow. The Crossbow is quite similar to a sniper as it has longer reload times and smaller magazines, but the part where it excels at is damage. You can use it to one- or two-shot your opponents, provided you have the accuracy, and win fights without spending a lot of ammunition.

2 Impulse Grenade

Via player.one

The Impulse Grenade is another different type of grenade serving a unique purpose; however, it has been vaulted and is now only available in Playground Mode. Basically, the Impulse Grenade, when launched at opponents or even yourself, does not do damage, but instead, pushes away cars and players in the air to a certain distance.

If you're in a tough spot or losing a 1v1 fight, you could just throw this at any opponent and launch them away, then maybe snipe them from range. The second condition is that you walked into the wrong place and are now surrounded by enemies, so you could just throw this at your location and then bounce away from the fight to escape.

1 Minigun

via: metabomb.net

The Minigun is a unique weapon and it is great for close battles, especially where the opponent begins to build. It takes out structures effectively, especially the weaker ones. There is a catch to it though: the Minigun takes a little while to start up before it can shoot, which may be a drawback when your opponent has a weapon with a good fire rate.

However, when the Minigun starts to fire, it is unstoppable since it directly feeds in bullets, so you do not need to reload it like other weapons. The key to using the Minigun to win fights is to switch between a gun with lots of damage mid fight, so you can use this to break down structures. When the opponent does not have any cover left, use a weapon with high damage to take them down.

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