Fortnite Leak Reveals New Weapon: The Flintlock Pistol

Data miners looking through the files from Fortnite's latest patch have found evidence the game is planning to add a flintlock pistol to the weapons lineup. The update, which also added the Baller vehicle, contained an image file for a new weapon icon that resembles a pistol held by Blackheart in the Season 8 loading screen.

There are no clues from the patch itself that reveal how the flintlock pistol can be used in combat. However, while Fortnite is probably not placing too much importance on historical accuracy, players can look at how the real flintlock pistol was used for some hints.

The flintlock pistol icon found by leaker HYPEX

Forbes magazine has guessed that, like it's real life counterpart, the flintlock pistol will be used for close range and high damage. The real flintlock pistol was used from the 1600s to the 1800s, mostly for organized duels. For pirates, the weapon was used when boarding ships to keep enemies at bay (pun not intended).

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If Epic Games intends to follow history, then the flintlock pistol will probably be a slow-loading, closer range weapon with high damage output. Of course, how the weapon performs will have to be balanced with the rest of the game, so it's likely some adjustments will be made, especially since the original flintlock could only carry a single shot.

via Forbes

Although it's not game-breaking, the new weapon promises to require a little more skill and tactical thinking to use than fast-paced, high-damage output weapons like the submachine gun or the assault rifle.

The flintlock pistol, found by leaker HYPEX, would fit this season's pirate theme, and is another in a list of items hinted at by the Season 8 loading screen. The loading screen also teased the Treasure Map and the Baller before their release, so it's possible there are more items in the image that will make their way into the game.

The most likely candidate is a bow held by Ember, which has not yet been seen in the season. There is currently nothing known for sure about the weapon, aside from what it looks like.

The flintlock pistol will be coming to Fortnite sometime next week, and Ember's bow will likely be soon to follow.

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