Fortnite Leak Reveals Halloween Skins For V6.02 Patch

Fortnite's v6.02 patch leaks revealed players that a lot of frightening Halloween-themed items are on their way to the island.

Fortnite's v6.02 patch leaks revealed players that a lot of frightening Halloween-themed items are on their way to the island.

Fortnite is absolutely free for anyone to play. If you have a console, a PC, or even just a smartphone, you can join the millions already playing the game that has taken the world by storm. With anything like this, free to everyone, many people understandably ask the same question. If it's free, how are they making all of that money?

Well, in Fortnite's case, it's pretty simple. While the game itself is free to play for as long as you wish, if you want all of those extra skins and outfits, you're going to have to cough up some cash. Nothing you buy will improve your in-game performance, but it's hard to resist not buying yourself a battle pass at the very least.


The latest patch for the game marks the return of a very popular Fortnite character, Skull Trooper. Unsurprising, considering the time of year. Dataminers have also unearthed some more info on skins and items that will become available in the near future, and it seems as if Halloween is going to play a big role on Fortnite Island this year.

via Epic Games

The skins above are known as Hollowhead and Jack Gourdon, respectively. Fortnite's developers, Epic, usually add one male and one female skin at a time, so it's assumed that Hollowhead may very well be a Jack Gourdon upgrade, at least according to Forbes. The skins below are simply being referred to as Scourge and Plague. Not only are they obviously supposed to be plague doctors as is evident from the masks, but they also bear a remarkable resemblance to certain Bloodborne characters.

via Epic Games

But wait, there's more. A female character called Bullseye is about to join the battle too. Not Halloween-themed from what we can tell, but still a welcomed addition. Along with all of that, the above skins will have their own unique pickaxes, most have their own backpacks, and there will even be a couple of creepy gliders added to the Fortnite store. Keep your eyes peeled as we head towards Halloween because Fortnite is about to get spooky.


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