Unofficial Fortnite Event Dubbed 'Fyre Festival UK' As Disappointed Fans Take To Social Media

Fortnite-themed event that was held in the United Kingdom was blasted on social media due to its inadequate facilities and poor planning.

Fortnite Live is a series of outdoor events in England, organized by the Exciting Events company. It should be noted that Fortnite Live is not connected or officially endorsed by Epic Games. The promotional material for Fortnite Live stresses that it is strictly a fan event, inspired by love for the game. The Fortnite Live event was held on February 16th and 17th in the city of Norwich, England and had been heavily promoted since it was first announced in 2018.

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It seems that the organizers of Fortnite Live were unprepared for the size of the event, as there was less than twenty staff catering to an event with almost three thousand attendees. It was due to this staff shortage that people had to queue for several hours before being able to enter the event. (via. The Guardian)

When the attendees finally entered Fornite Live, the queues continued, as some of the promised activities were only able to handle a few people at a time: a go-karting attraction only had four go-karts; an archery event was only able to run with four children at a time; a climbing wall could only handle three.

The promised "Cave Experience" event was just a tunnel with a slide that was running through a trailer van, which cost £20 to enter.

The poor quality of the attractions and the endless queuing resulted in a furious backlash against the event on Facebook and Twitterespecially on the official Fortnite Live event page. An official apology was posted to the Fornite Live event page by the organizers, which was met with scorn in the comments section.

As one commenter put it, "I love Fyre Festival UK."

The organizers themselves are putting a positive spin on things. They write, "The surrounding publicity has seen Fortnite Live featured on BBC News, EDP and The Sun newspaper even arrived to take a look around!"

The backlash against Fortnite Live hasn't done anything to slow down Exciting Events, as more of them will be held in the future. One will be happening in Spalding in late March, and another in Newark-on-Trent in April (you can buy tickets on their official page). It's possible that the negative response from the Norwich event will push the organizers to be better organized for future Fortnite Live shows.

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